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Wednesday, July 1, 2009



If ur gonna ask me how was it.. i gotta say it was extremely good.
and if ur gonna ask me to choose b/n the 1st one and the 2nd one... i can't choose since i forgot what the 1st one was like.. hahahahaha

Transformer was really good.
They don't have many dialogues like narratives and most of them consisted of actions, and i love it so much.
It was kind of violent tho~ Maybe for the technology folks.. haha
See how they stabbed and scratched and gouged and slashed and burn the robot's parts l
ike the 'eyes', 'cheeks', etc..
If that actually humans, that would be gruesome..

Since i love action movies, i would give them 9.5/10
where does the 0.5 gone to? Mehh.. err.. umm.. well... they just don't deserve the 0.5 since it seemed to be very easy to defeat the enemy..
For some people it seemed hard, that's because they used tactics etc, thus it seemed to be hard.

"If you were in that situation! You will not think it's easy, u dumbass!!"
Yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. whatever.. it's not like i will *ever* (stress that please..) be in that kind of situation, u freak.
"You must be blind for not giving them the 0.5 they deserved!"
Chill man.. It's not like i am a professional critics or sth.. and my eyes are bad but not
to the point that it is blind.
Any other complaints?

Oh and before the movie, i had dinner with my HS friends at Oriental Spoon and then transformers! yey!!
and we tried 삼겹살 (SamGyupSal) as well, it was good,, damn,,

Yes it was good, BUT (there's always a 'but') it was pretty disappointing.

They didn't serve us the complete ingredients. In the picture, you can see pork belly, onions, tofu, and kimchi.
We do get kimchi, but that's a side dish..
All we get is the pork belly and the lettuce with sauce: chilli and the normal korean bbq sauce.

I thought we would get gochujang, but we got the chilli sauce. The chilli wasn't good either, it was sour.

Eating 삼겹살 reminds me of my 2nd affair who has a deep love towards 삼겹살 . haha

Oh and i saw that trailer 2012.
Seline told me that it's predicted by the mayans, and i should search it in wikipedia. Guess what, i don't understand a single thing abt mayans since i skipped the whole page.. too many writtings.. do i look like the type who would read those chunks of letters??

K so, my point is that, if you believe that it is true, deep down in your heart, then it really gonna happen. Maybe this is a test from God.
If the world really ends at 2012, gosh.. i have so many things i haven't done yet.. graduate uni, work, dream work, dream guy, husband, kids, etc, etc, etc...
I don't believe that.
We'll just see what's going to happen.
Talking abt this make me shiver alrdy.

1 word for today to 'that' person: Sorry. It's hard.


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