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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This girl..

Yup. I have been thinking about this for a long time but never actually had the intention to write but oh well.. i think it's better to write it just to get rid of this stupid feelings.

First of all, i love her acting.

second, i don't hate her.


Somehow whenever i saw her photos or videos in a non-drama/movie, during a press conference or whatever it is.. I just think that she's fake.
Listen, i know that she's casted in a drama with JYJ Micky, but it's not like i'm jealous or anything about it. It just reminds me of her and made me think about this again.

She seems to be the type of girl who's pretty but weird (personality wise).
This thought came up when she withdraw from East Of Eden by saying that she can't get in depth to her character. Ookaayy.. i can accept that but i can't either. I found it weird. It's just as if she's 'oh.. acting is all i have!'
Kind of like a drama queen or as if it is so dramatic..

So now she finally appear in another drama with Yoochun. I'm sure she's taking advantage of it too. She knows that being in the same drama as Yoochun will increase her popularity..
But oh please.. If a fangirl attack you, don't imagine that Yoochun will protect you and start all this actor-actress forbidden love 'scandal'.

Well i hope my impression of her is false..

But i love her more when she haven't done her plastic surgery.

But this picture.. made me think about my impression again.. sigh.

LDH: Isn't it..?? Tee hee hee... *cutely*
YC: Yeah.. whatever..

Like that.

But i can't wait to see her acting again :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Well i know that it's been a few days..
i wanted to post a lot of things about this but nah.. maybe not.. i was too shcoked as well.. some of my Jap friends are suffering there.. ;(

For a second, i was thinking about jj once too.. =='
I was hoping that he won't be there at that time, and yeah thank God he wasnt.

I'm not gonna say much here but i hope the people in Japan will stay strong.

[TRANS] 110320 Jaejoong's Studying For The Future

>> Monday, March 21, 2011

With regards to Jaejoong's new drama offers, he said, "I've received many new acting proposals, so everything's currently in the midst of fervent discussion."

He also added, "I'm also taking acting, English, golf, and other classes that I'm interested in. Spending my time on studying, it adds to my experience and will become an aid to my future activities."

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits:
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Gosh! go boy!!!

Go and learn English!! English is a very universal language!! 

actually, it's good bcus i might be able to talk to u comfortably in the future then.. HAHAHAHAHA
 or you can learn Chinese, so you can talk with my mom more comfortably too.. HAHAHAHA

ok scratch all those. I'm sure i'm not the only happy fangirl here!! hehe..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Score:  9/10
There are a couple episode that i don't 100% enjoy.

Plot: I don't think i could describe the plot here. But it's a about three troublesome triplets. It includes about their daily life at school, teachers, friends, and their dad.
It's funny how they started season 2 with Gachi Ranger,

yeah, that episode left me like this:

and ended it with Gachi Ranger too.

At first, i found the opening abit annoying but after listening to it a couple of time, i memorised it straight away and love to watch the opening. haha

But the ending is a NO..

I don't think i have to write alot about this one. Just refer to my old post about this HERE.
In this season 2, i don't see much of Kuriyama-sensei here. I was kinda happy because her voice was annoying as heck..

But we learn more about other characters here like:
Miyashita, who's forgotten by everyone, including me. I forgot her name when i was about to type this.. haha

also, Satou's fans. We could see more of their craziness here.

 They are kind of freaky to me..

I'm starting to like Chiba's character in here too.
He's one of the troublemaker and pervert in the class but he made everything so fun to watch.
but i ship Futaba-Satou couple. I LOVE THESE TWO!


However.. Poor Yabecchi.. whether it's season 1 or 2, his love towards Kuriyama-sensei is still unrequited.. maybe this will goes on forever.. ha.


There are 8 episodes in total for this season, not including the upcoming special episode next week.
and like i've mentioned, there are a couple of episode that i didn't completely enjoyed. But my personal favorites are:
- episode 2: Yabecchi's lonely Christmas and how he got caught by the triplets' dad again.

- episode 3: talking about H U M I L I A T I O N...

- episode 5: everything about it was funny..

- episode 6: especially the section about the snow pee.

- episode 7: The santa part was great.
the ending part about when they were cleaning the poll was HILARIOUS. Also, the small segment of musical after that part was funny too.

I was actually very upset that it ends so fast... I was hoping it would last until episode 13 or more than that.. It's the only anime that could make me laugh for real.  

The ecchi in here was enjoyable to watch, like it didn't go over the top, and i love their 'misunderstanding' concept. I even texted my friend like, 'What am i supposed to watch when Mitsudomoe ends..?' LOL
That is just how much i love Mitsudomoe. But WHY? WHY DO THEY HAVE TO END IT SO FAST? You think a special episode could make it up?? NO!
Sigh.. oh well.. But i do enjoyed all the episodes both from season 1 and 2.
I hope there will be another anime like this in the future, or they could just make a season 3! :DDDDD

Thanks for the hardwork people!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

So a few posts ago.. i was writing on how Jaejoong has been focusing too much and i haven't seen Vick at all..

Guess God answered my prayer..

Jaejoong posted a pic of Vick!!

(Jaejoong) Here’s Vic, who I haven’t seen in a while (5:19pm KST)
(Jaejoong) Here’s Vic, who I haven’t seen in a while (5:19pm KST)

noi'mactuallyhappierbecauseitseemsasifheknowswhatiwant.bahahahahahaha okay i'm insane.

 Oki! Let's try this! I'll bold whatever i've done/doing. just for fun ;)

  • when math doesn’t make sense anymore. 7-1=0, 5-1=0 
  • to know the correct answer to the question, “What time is it now?”
  • to learn the Korean language solely from music and dramas
  • when you start comparing every guy’s body to either Taeyang’s or Jaebeom’s.
  • to make it your life mission to see TOP shirtless
  • to want to be older, just for Taemin.(I am already older than him.. mwahahaha!)
  • to believe that Rain is the person who actually makes it rain
  • to love Korean cellphones better than American phones
  • to refer to your favorite idol as your husband/wife
  • to enjoy fan service provided from “couples” within a group (i dont really use the term couples.. unless i'm referring both at once.)
  • to randomly break into “ssanti” dances for boy bands
  • to be loved for boy bands to have straight guys
  • to dress up as girls
  • to know every single name of a group with an outrageous number of people
  • when bad news about your bias makes you want to shoot something
  • when you start pronouncing LEADER as LEADJA
  • when you star spelling SHINY as SHINEE
  • when your grammar becomes so horrible, you say, “WHERE U AT?!”
  • when you want “Wedding Dress” to be the song you walk down the aisle to
  • when BIG BANG is not a theory or a TV show
  • to get everyone dried mangoes for Christmas
  • when you have no idea what’s going on in Hollywood
  • when you think Edward Cullen has nothing on Jaejoong
  • everyone knows your ideal type of boyfriend/girlfriend to be Korean
  • for your family to look at you funny when you laugh at the computer
  • to think that Seung Ri is cuter than Justin Bieber.(my personal opinion, none of them are cute)
  • to spam tweet anything that’s Korean when you want
  • to move to Seattle
  • for girls to be good at rapping for idols
  • to be eccentric and different for colored skinny jeans to look amazing on guys
  • when you try to start a flash mob
  • when you go from wanting to travel to Hawaii to South Korea
  • when your phone goes RING DING DONG whenever you receive a call
  • when you have a folder on your computer specifically for your favorite artist
 Score: 12/34

So.. this is an old article but..

note: I know this fanmeet was from awhile ago, but it was so hilarious I couldn't help but share it with you guys. ;)
During the signing event, fans in the crowd began to chant for Jaejoong to take off his sunglasses. Because the chants made quite a raucous, Jaejoong misheard and thought the fans wanted him to take his belt off so that they could see what brand of belt he was wearing.
While he started to unbuckle his belt, he mumbled and whined, "why is everyone so perverted...?"

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans: princessepiggy @ DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights
I found this cute ;) 

Friday, February 18, 2011






Why everytime? everytime my fav artist performing, i'm always not there???! ARGH!!

It's okay... calm down me.. calm down me..

I just hoped the Indonesian won't do anything stupid again like last time with SHINee.
I'm indo too but please, have some manner.

Imagine, klo lu lukain JYJ lg, siap" aja indo jd sala satu most hated fans di kamus Cassiopeia, 

so please, BEHAVE!

But actually i was hoping all 5 of them as TVXQ will be there. To be honest, i don't like most JYJ songs. So it would be great if they could perform their bestest as 5 instead.
I'm the type who loves to boast about my fav idol or person or sth. So since TVXQ is my fav idol, i only want to show them off when they are good. Yeah, I'm saying that JYJ is not good as 3.. =_= well yeah their performance but not the songs.

JYJ has more contact with fans these days, wouldn't that make it boring for fans?
back when they were TVXQ, fans are crazy over them bcus it's so hard to approach them but now that they are like this, it seems as if they are easy to approach.

Also, i know that having crazy fans are scary like being stalked and shit, but reality sucks because that's what helps them make money.

Don't tell me you guys don't know how they run Crebeau..