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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looking back..

Hello againn!!
Omg i'm still awake even tho it's 5:41am here in Melbourne.

Anyway, i have another work yday.. 4-11pm.. but i ended up staying back until 1:30am. Wonder why? Bcus my manager offered me a good deal.
If i stayed back, i don't have to work tmrw.. which will be a loooonggg busy shift that i know i will lose my temper anytime.. ahaha

But yeah.. it wasn't that bad today. And i found out that my friend decided to move out from his parents' house and find own apartment which located exactly behind my apartment!!
Yey.. i can borrow more One Piece from him.. mwahahaha manga freak time~

Talking abt manga.. I realy
.. don't have any manga to read.. My reading list so far are:
1. One Piece

2. Psyren

3. Nurarihyon no mago (mind thinking if i am a guy or after seeing my 3rd top list? XD)

4. Chocolate Cosmos

5. Fairy Tail (k ppl.. it really is 'tail' not 'tale')

6. Faster than a kiss
Any other
good recommendation? hmf.. yes, i haven't read Bleach.
I did read Naruto but i stopped since i think it gets boring.. One Piece is better FOR ME. OKay?? So don't start cursing me off.. haha
and a little sneak peak of my manga folder....

As you can see i have One Shots and OnGoing folders. The one with ♥ means that it is complete. I don't care what genre the manga is and for boys or girls, i will read it as long as it is good. Same as music.

Talking about manga + anime, i gotta talk about Fanfictions! I started looking back at those time.. around 2006.. where i fell in love with Ouran High School Host Club (picture above) to the point that i make a fanfic myself. It was also my first time reading fanfic.
I started off writing it using 'you' as the point of view bcus of what i read first. I'm pretty much the type who will stick to whatever i've learnt FIRST. Call me old-fashioned.. haha Anyway.. i LOLed so much when i read my fanfic again, i had so many grammar mistake. Seriously! I wrote that fanfic during those times where i came to Australia. And omg i really have a bad grammar. Surprisingly my readers are giving me pretty good comments. (
I can understand why they love my story (not being cocky), i mean during the 15th, it's the time where my brain works really well with imagination. And i do have lots of ideas and i poured it all into the story without hesitating. Sometimes you would think that "Oh.. if i put this. the readers might not like it", but me just keep on writing and writing. Yet sometimes i overdid it. Thanks to my fangirling over a character in there, Kaoru (the one on the left, he has a twin).

I just love making stories that is unexpected, you can't predict what's going to happen next. That's one of the praises i got from a story reviewer.

I wrote fanfic in Winglin and Quizilla (before).
The thing that i love about quizilla is that, they will show you how many people are reading your story and keep a record of that, like every chapter. Thanks to that, you can see if people will keep reading your stories till the end.
Also, since they don't have a comment section for each chapter, readers who truly loves your story will make an effort to send you a message just to say 'thank you' and tell you how much they love yoru story. I love getting all those messages since i know that they do truly like it.
Unlike in Winglin, some authors will only update the story if they get at least 5 comments (if you now who i am talking about fellow wingliners..)
In other words, they are forcing the readers to give them comment. Sometimes the story is good and since you like it you have to left comment to make the author update the story, and sometimes i can't think of the comment i should left in there since i used it all up + (if) there's nothing great with the chapter. *sigh* Now, i write Kpop fanfic, i noticed that i still have so many grammar mistake (maybe here as well), but at least it is not as bad as that fanfiction of mine.. hahaha

Now i am carving for spicy octopus in Oriental Spoon. I'll try to getone trmw and post the pic here!!

I didn't know what ur doing tday, but hoping that u'll have a good rest and take care of ur health. kk.


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