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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Bang Parody!!

Big Bang releases another parody (think it's quite old tho~ since it si from their concert DVD)
But TOP always plays a tsundere..
Their manager actually appeared!!! The one that's big and fat at the very beginning.
Yang Geun Suk also appeared as the other guy, short one.. lol sorry mr YG.

SeungRi's outfit cracks me up, and his acting totally shows his ENORMOUS (did i spell it right?) confidence.
DaeSung.. LOL LOL LOL his ahjumma hair and his outfit. TOP said that he looks like an ahjumma, but to me, he reminds me of the prince and the pauper - he's the pauper..
TaeYang.. i gotta say that he's trying too hard.. he can't really act i guess.. he's just being his normal self but in a funny way..
Boss - TaeYang's puppy - LOL he's playing the piano with top. kawaiiiiiii~~~~~

03:28 i think JiYong is wayyy to skinny..
04:21 i like the sudden dramatic part of TOP.. even though it's only last for 4 seconds.. lol very random
05:46 yuck.. =v='
Lol i think Mr.Yang will beat TOP after the filming of the parody.. kkk
andi love it when TOP said, "Give me the phone, baby".


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