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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Harry Potter + Junsu

Yup, just watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.tday..
I already know what's going to happen (Dumbledore killed) bcus of sensei..
I can't give big score to Harry Potter this time: 7.5/10
It was good, but not as good as how i expect it to be, it's totally focused on the 'actual' plot.
You know how they tried their best to cut as much as they can from the book to make it fit into the movie..? I didn't read the book but i guess since they cut alot of them, they try to fill the missing spot with comedies.

Also, i think Jinny is abit aggresive... =.=
i thought she's a pure, smart, talented girl..

Ron's temporary girlfriend is cute at the beginning, but slowly she pissed me off even bfore she officially dating Ron. Oh i'm not Ron's fans, I'm (somehow) prof Snape's fans. hahaha

Just for my opinion as someone who read too much manga.. i think Harry is a busy-body.

He kept on going here and there. Like the scene in Weasley's house. If only he just stayed there. Be a good kid, sometimes there are things kids shouldn't have to know~

I'm just hoping that the next one would be good. No further comment.

But still, i enjoyed it.

More videos of Junsu's cuteness!!! or more like his dorkiness..

1st video..

2nd.. being bullied..

haha i know i know.. i've been searching too much of Junsu.. =.=

please please please please...
give me some strength and luck and everything for me to make this small video. give me all the best ideas.. so that i could stand right in front of you and look at you face to face..


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