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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another dream!

These days.. sleeping has always been the best time for me.. (bcus bishies are entering my dream.. =p)

Ok so.. This time the dream is about me working in an elegant cafe.
The cake display fridge located right next to the entrance door.
(The light grey is the cake display fridge)

Yeah, so, there are a few customers there and i am working as well. I can't remember clearly who's working with me, but i do remember one, and he's the highlight. He is Miyano Mamoru!!!
(Seriously, idk why he appeared in my dream..)
And he's wearing the work uniform, those typical cafe waiter uniform, exactly the same like in Ouran.

The funniest thing is when a customer came in and looking at the cake. I'm not sure if the custumer had place their order.. but somehow Mamoru slide open the fridge door and he actually go inside the small fridge! Amazingly, it fitted him..

The customer + me + other workers were shocked by his action.
He then crawl inside the fridge from one end to the other end, knocking down some of the cakes in the fridge.
Somehow, the scene replayed back from where he started going inside the fridge. Then again, he crawled. But this time, only 1 cake that is destroyed, I remember clearly.. It's the Green Tea Cake!!!! NOOO~~

I haven't tried the green tea cake bfore.. maybe this dream is telling me to try it! haha
It is round, just like the one in the pic.. but the design is a bit different...
oh and after that, Mamoru got out from the fridge after going to the other end with the green tea cake on his hand in a perfect condition. That's all...

is it possible for me?
Maybe i shouldn't let my hopes up.. but it's too late.. =.='


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