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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OH MY GOD... what the f am i thinking for not reviewing this manga yet..??

Score: 10/10 no doubt!! idk why but everytime i read the chapter, i go all doki doki. lol

Plot: 8/10
The plot is just like another typical student-teacher love. But what makes it interesting is that how they are married and the teacher always did many perverted things but he always avoids a 'kiss'. The meaning behind it will be revealed in chapter 32. ;)

What makes it interesting and fun to read is the comedy they put there and the MOE moment they insert in almost EVERY chapter. So which is why it makes me go all DOKI DOKI. Like this one:


Gosh there are just too many bishies in here!!!!!!! I love the girl too. I can't complain! I mean, come on! You've got 2 hot siblings!

Kazuma Ojiro aka sensei

Trust me, he's just too perfect as a man.
The reason why i like his character is because he's KIND OF like the man i wanted. When you read u'll understand.

and lol. I always love it qen his delinquent side awakens: 

  The ex-biker gang, Kazuma. 
Now ended up as a teacher. lol

 His half-little brother, 
Shouma Ojiro.

No, don't be deceived. 
Since i like him so much, i tried to put up a picture where he looks nice. 
But this is his true self:

Yup, that blunt, cold icy expression..

But you just gotta love him if you read the manga. He's tsundere type. and yes he got a lot of fangirl around the school!
and you'll love EVERY action, EVERY movement he does! It's just too awesome and unexpectedly romantic!
For example, when Meg tried to 'seduce' Kazuma: 

But i gotta admit, i love Shouma x Meg couple ;)

There are many other characters but these are the two that i love the most!!
I'll make another post later when a new chp comes out! ;)

Btw, for more manga recommendation, go HERE.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Score: 8/10 because of the 3 seiyuu (Daisuke Ono, Hiroshi Kamiya, Jun Fukuyama)

Plot: 5/10
It does have a plot, but for some reason i just couldn't give it a high one. But i gotta admit that it is funny for most of the time, but it does not make me LOL.

Songs: 7/10
Their op and ed songs are not the type that you will like when you hear it for the first time, especially when you're not watching it. But after watching the 2nd episode, i'm starting to like it and find it funny.



Characters: 10/10 I love all the characters!

Takanashi Souta  
(CV: Jun Fukuyama [Kuroshitsuji's Grell, Durarara's Shinra])


This guy is Souta, the main character.
When i watched the first episode, i thought he's gonna be another dork character in an anime, but no! He's worse than a dork, in a funny way.
HE LOVES SMALL AND CUTE THINGS! as in.. small.. small, small in size.
Which is why he loves Popura because she's small or the harsh word : S H O R T.

My favourite quote of him is when he said: "Kids are cute but when i thought the fact that they will grow up, it disgusts me.."
Really showing his love for small and cute things~

and he's so cute when he was small~~

Yup, his siblings and parents made him crossdressed when he was small.
But even now when he crossdressed, he still looks AWESOME:

But i admire his little sister for some reason:

Jun Satou  
(CV: Daisuke Ono [Kuroshitsuji's Sebastian])

Does he reminds you of this guy below?

Gosh! They really look alike! The only thing that's different is the eyebrow, Sanji has a curly one! Their personality is also a complete opposite. 
Sanji is a perv while Jun is cool. But both are the same when it comes to girl, they kinda fail:

Both are unrequited.
At least Jun is not as pervy as Sanji. hahaha

I myself.. hmm.. I do like Sanji too.. but after seeing Jun...

 I'm in!!!!!

bye sanji..

Hiroomi Souma  
[CV: Hiroshi Kamiya [Durarara's Izaya, Arakawa Under the bridge, Bakemonogatari])

My favourite of all!!!!
I started to wonder why Hiroshi Kamiya always voiced this kind of guy.. kinda typical Izaya.
He looks very nice outside but he learns everyone's dark secret and threaten them with them to do his work and other stuff. LOL
In real life you might hate this kind of person, but in anime they're the best!!!!

an example:

Jun found out that Yamada been packing the fridge with her Natto.

Souma jumps in, trying to be a good person by stopping Jun who was 'scolding' her.

and this is where his true selves revealed...

Reporting Yamada's crime so far with that smile, which led to...

Taneshima Popura

Awwwwwww i swear, this is the cutest girl in the anime!!! So chibi and kawaii!!! Goshh!

She might look like a grade schooler but she's actually in high school, alot of people has mistook her for elementary though.
Jun and Takanashi often tease her with her height.

and that hair looks so fluffy!!! I want to ruffled it like what Jun did to her.

and styling it..

Jun's hand is very skillful..

Todoroki Yachiyo

The mother-like normal worker who carries her sword with her all the time.
I thought she was normal... but no.. T^T
If i was served by a girl like her i might be startled when i saw her sword.. 
Apparently Jun has feelings for her.. but she's kinda lesbian towards Kyoko, the manager.

But i'm loving the DARK YACHIYO

Mahiru Inami

You can see that she's a shy girl and all~ and a man-phobia

Whenever she sees a guy, she'll itch to punch them like the picture above. She punched Takanashi, her crush, while blushing.. LOL

Shirafuji Kyoko

 The manager of the shop. She was an ex-yankee during her high school times, and she helped Yachiyo when she was 'bullied'. Thanks to that, Yachiyo really looks up to her and follows her everywhere to the point that she started to like Kyouko.. =_=

She's a glutton too.

Yamada Aoi 
(CV: Hirohasi Ryou [Baccano: Chane])

Out of all the girl characters, her voice is my favourite. Not too cute.. sounds normal yet girly at the same time, and i'm loving it.
She's the only one who could win over Souma. hahaha ;p
Won't say much about her bcs it's gonna be a spoiler :D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not as in becoming their girlfriend or anything, JUST MEETING THEM in person!!! ask for sign.. photos.. phone numb-

Anyways, here's the reason why this kind of thinking has build up again in my thoughts since that 'DAY'.

So my housemate flied back to Hongkong on the 20th and yesterday we talked on the phone.
After we talk talk talk talk and talk.. She then remembered something.
I haven't been following TVXQ's news lately so i don't know what they are up to. Did Yunho or Changmin went to Hongkong recently or anywhere in the part of China?
Is it the SM Town?

Because my housemate told me that, when her cousin are on the airport, she saw them. But she isn't their fans or anything, so she doesn't give a shit and just walked even though her eyes are actually stuck on one guy. For some reason, i guess it's Yunho. My housemate was sure that it is not JYJ because i've been complaining about them to her this whole time, so she knows which one her cousin is talking about. So the choices went down to only Yunho or Changmin.

So, what happenned was.. Her cousin was walking (duhh) at the airport, going towards the exit gate and.. Yunho/Changmin was walking EXACTLY behind her!!!!!!!


that moment.. my inner feeling was like  
how could she just ignored it like that...

Urgh.. oh well.. =_=


i find this quite funny.

No, not a racist statement. But it's just fun to share.
Go here: click moi!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Found this while watching Working!! anime 

Yuya Matsushita - Trust Me [PV]

Yuya Matsushita - Bird [PV]

No matter how beautiful the song is.. i always have a complaint regarding Yuya's PVs.
I mean Bird is a ballad.. slow song.. and the PV was good at first until i see the dance part..
oh goodness.. is he trying to insert a dance in every video he has? Dance is fine.. but his dance is too fast for a ballad song.. =_= which when i saw it totally ruins the mood..
sigh.. i know he's a gd dancer, but still, showcase it in another happy song..

and Yuya, trust me, let go of that piercing, or move it somewhere a little to the front part of ur nose, because in a flash it looks like a pimple. =_=

But i love you + ur songs! <3

Yuya Matsushita - Honesty PV

Love the beat!!!

His voice is really the type that I can listen to all the time~
so soft~ fuwaaaaa

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weird Dream


anyway since u will never know how ur dream starts, i'll just.. start?

Ok so what i know was that i received a news from someone that Jonghyun (!) was captured by this certain person. Apparently this person is someone who's SUPER dangerous. Kind of like at the Jack The Ripper level i guess..

Because the thing is whoever is being captured by him will be tortured and their head will be cut and he will took their brains out.. Dunno what for.

I recall that Jonghyun was in a dungeon with someone else (still alive) with this crazy guy. Both of them were cruxified..? But their hands and feet are not nailed, but being hold by a handcuff to the wall. Both of them were beat as well..

Anyways this creepy guy was saying something to them before snickering while showing his sharp knife, after that it went blank.. just like in a movie. I assume Jonghyun got cut by him as well as the other guy.

Another weird thing, i have friend (in the dream) who lived in an apartment on my opposite, exactly in the same room as my friend N. But it is not N, it's someone else. It seems like i know him but once i woke up, i forgot who he is.

So i talked about him about Jonghyun and we both are somehow trying to figure out a way but i didn't know that this friend has already caught by the guy.
Apparently his brain has been implanted a chip inside or something else.
I don't know what happens next but what i know is that the creepy guy is actually a teacher/lecturer who got pissed by his student. So what he said to Jonghyun and the other guy after they got their brain taken out is that: "Look at this pieces of brain you have, why don't you use it??" something like that..
Yeah and Jonghyun was half alive! i was like 0_0 motherfjajhdaj!

Ok so, there was a part where my mom was here with me, but she seems to be safe, and she knows whats happening so far. So i quietly went to an area near a lake to find their hideout but i was caught as well. Godknowswhathappennedtomeafterwards.

So fast forward.~~~ it seems like my brain has been implanted by a chip too and i am ALIVE!
But i don't see anyone i know who experienced the same thing as me..

I was in a mansion with one little girl, who seemed to be the owner. She was asking me and other guys/girls there to play a game. She will asks her birds (how uncool is that?) to carry an envelope and flies while we have to catch it and get the envelope that has a cheque in it. Apparently i was super eager and I'm kind of leading in the game.

Later when i was about to get one envelope from a bird who landed in a room that has another door on my left side, a dog came running to me.
I think that the dog was commanded by the little girl to somehow interrupt in the game.
The dog was supposed to attack me and took the envelope away from me, but when it was about to do so.. It stopped and grabbed hold onto my leg. It wagged its tail while whining. I got a bit confused. Then the dog somehow trying his best to point at the door on my left. A dark wooded door. Looks expensive.. i guess..
The dog also sniffed on the door and kept on barking but not as loud to tell me to open the door.
Just by seeing the door, i knew that something is in it.. maybe the bodies of the other people i can't find...?
Weirdly, by having my brain implanted a chip shouldn't make me think that way and i should be like a doll, but i have this kind of thinking somehow..?
When i was about to open the door, the little girl came and stopped us by calling our name. Knowing it is dangerous i quickly acted as if i was about to pick up the dog not the door.

Later she came to pick up the dog and hold it in her arm. She was smiling but the dog was trembling in fear.
She was like, "How silly can you be? It's only a meat storage."
Then she left while her eyes are glaring at me, as if telling me to stay away from that door.

Then i woke up.

I assume the door is really where Jonghyun and the rests are being stored.


Hello again.

*ahem* i know i should be studying for my exam right now, but i stole my precious two hours to relax to play this game :D

Im currently at the peak of my stage where i only have to click a button to get my ending. But i couldnt help to post a review here already! (another excuse to get away from my study)

Anyways, one thing you guys should know first, im not reviewing the game as in telling you guys the route and everything. You can always find that in 4shiki, a blog dedicated to reviewing otome games. You can only found the 2nd one there, im still looking for the 1st one too.

Oh and im playing the english version. I tried the Japanese one, and i couldnt understand most of the things. Gotta learn and memorise some kanji...

Ok first, Plot: 4/10
I can't really give this a high score since I don't think there is a thick plot in here. We basically are supposed to "live" our life daily. But the small plot is only at the very beginning before we play the game. There's this young boy the heroine met at the church behind the school, and i'm sure the game is asking you to find out who they boy was (my guess is Hazuki).
The score for every character's CG is included too. There are no *touching* moments there nor any suspense. It's just so so.

Art: 6/10
The art is fine but maybe because i've been reading too many manga, i was expecting something cooler. Some boys are not as bishies as how i expect them to be. Guess this game depicts the reality?? lol

Overall enjoyment: 8/10
Even though there's no plot or anything, at least there's a little genre of strategy here. You need to fulfill a certain degree of level (academic, art, charm, etc) to get the guy you like, and obviously it's not easy. But this is the type of game where you can finish a guy's route within a day. So if you are trying to go for all the guys' route, might took you less than 9 days straight.

1. Hazuki Kei

The cover boyyy~
At first i wasn't really interested in him but since he's one of the only 3 bishonens i can find in this game, i decided to go for him. His route is actually not bad, after dating him a few times, i actually 'enjoyed' it.
I like his personality too: can't say 'no' to people, he pays alot of attention to style.
But he's such a pain in the ass when it comes to getting his affection up. He's one of the hardest one for me, but i managed to get him :DD

2. Himuro Reiichi 

The homeroom teacher.
Normally, i wouldn't go for a teacher but again.. he's one that will caught your attention at the beginning of the game. Most of the times though, i can't stand his super serious personality, and his questions during our 'study trip date'.
But he's really fun to chase. You know the moment where you worked hard for something and later you felt super happy when you get a reward no matter how simple it is :D

3. Suzuka Kazuma

The... Jock..? No, the sporty one.

Even though it says that he's the jock on the web, i can't say that he is so. I don't see many fangirls squirming around him or anything. But i do believe that he is really good a basketball and suck at studying.
I love his outgoing personality. If all of the characters here are real people, i think i would get along with him more than anyone. He really is the type that will have fun with you whereever you go. 

4. Wataru Hibiya

I'm sure that he should be the shota type but his face is not telling me so.
He's a year below the main heroine, and a Hazuki-wannabe.
Apparently he's been tryign to copy and aspiring to be someone like Hazuki. Like, he actually take a few photos of himself mimicking Hazuki'd model photoshoot. XD
But i found that very cute. I don't mind having a kouhai like him. :)

5. Mihara Shiki

One of the guy i most wanted to avoid. 
For some reason he's pissing me off.. for being too easy?
In the game, there's a 'skinship' section where you can poke the character anywhere using your stylus or mous if you are using an emulator. The skinship also boost / lower the character's affection level, depending on where you are touching and how often it is. 
Anyways, this guy.. Whenever we go on a date.. Whereever i'm 'touching' him, he was like.. urgh.. flirting but in a disgusting flanboyant way.
If you are calling this the prince type, i demand SUOU TAMAKI NOW!!

6. Sakuya Morimura

The Megane character.
He's nice.
He's very nice.
He's super duper very nice!
nothing much that i can say about him since those 3  sentences that i just typed describes him perfectly.

7. Madoka Kijo

The.. idontknow.
At first, i thought he was the rebellious character but eh no?
When i followed his route and getting to know him, i find out his past and it's just so.. sad... ;(
He's such a nice guy too!

8. The REAL rebellious guy.

Handsome right???? yup, only in this picture. In  most of the CG, he looks so so to me. But he's AWESOME!

8. Amanohasi Ikkaku 

OMFG i almost choked on my drink when i found out that he is one of the eligible bachelor!
I mean, he's the school principal which in another word, he is 40+, which means he's a pedophile if he dates the heroine, and which people will think the heroine is a gold digger for dating him!

But i gotta admit, he's the REAL prince type in this game. Get lost, Mihara.
The way he speaks is very polite and formal, and always referring the heroine as 'milady'.
sigh.. if only he was 20 years younger and look as handsome as Tamaki, i'll pursue him.

9. Chiharu Aoki
Cute! XD
But chasing after him is tiring because i have to go shopping.. shopping... shopping.. shopdfsn.. asjdkasjdn...

I don't have much to comment about the girl characters here, since none of you otome would be interested anyway. 
Overall, this otome game is not bad.
I haven't played much of otome games, and this game is my 10th one if you allow me to count harvest moon ;)