One Piece は も すき!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Ok, when we are talking about dream, it means dream as in our aim, not dream at night.. hahha
kk, back to the topic.

Seriously, everytime i read recent TVXQ's news about their mirotic concert, i am so amazed by their accomplishment for this long.
How they started from scratch to be an artist in Japan, and how they dream of being able to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome (is it really that hard to gt one in tokyo dome?), and how their dream performing in Tokyo Dome is nearing. Which means that it will come true soon.
Thanks to that, i kept on thinking about my own dream. Do i even have one?

Maybe i do, but even if i want to reach that, i kept on being reminded about the real world, how my dream wouldn't be able to support my life, and it's a long way for me to be successful.

k, forget that.

Just wondering wth is Junsu doing on the 1st pic??

Yes, and please replace me with the doll there.
But not in that form, just my form would be good.
my normal human form.
my normal human abilities etc.. hahahahaha

I think because a few weeks ago, i've been sleeping at 2am in the morning, i'll always wake up at 10am. But it changed not to 4am-3pm... =.='

Well.. During the whole night, i keep on logging in to this blog of mine + youtube.. it's like my current life.
I'm still waiting for the acceptance of my new job (gotta call them in 3 days).

I feel bad for my housemate though..
I don't know if it's my speaker problem or my ear's problem.. My speaker seems to be very loud that it could reach the living room, or even to her bedroom.. idk.. hahaha
Hmm.. Since waking up at 3pm makes me uber lazy.. i'm trying to fix it.
but HOW..?

This is pretty random..

So i was having a chat with my friend about Michael Wray, the winner of Hell's Kitchen season one, about how he moved from a restaurant to other restaurant because he gets bored easily + he wants to know each restaurant's style.

And yeah, i told him how i love to be like him but i am contented with my current job in McDonalds..
and this is what he told me:

"klo misalnya JJ itu peringkat pertama smthing precious di hati lu... McD gw yakin nomer 2"

Which if being translated becomes:
"If JJ is number 1 in your heart dictionary of preciousness... McDonalds would be the 2."
Quote?: 'Jonathan Harly' (i did like what u told me to, referencing.. lol)

Anyway.. JJ,, if someone doesn't know.

He is a 'pretty' guy in a Korean Boyband called DongBangShinKi, or in short TVXQ. Name is JaeJoong.

Oh and a warning to you readers (if i do have one.. ;p)
Be careful since in the future edition of my blog posts might mostly consists of this guy, my ( i wish) husband.

What comes into your mind when you first read my title?
Like, 'ooh.. this girl must've drop her phone a few times..'
Well.. That's a part of it.. haha

Actually, currently, i have 2 phones: Iphone and Sony Ericsson k800i.
My sister bought Iphone for me and let me use it (without me asking her to buy me one), maybe at that time, somehow she is in her right mind, and her mood was good.
Anyways, so.. just
2 weeks after i got the phone, i unintentionally BROKE it.

This is the short story..
I just finished my college at around 4pm and trying to catch the bus with my friends.
The bus is right in front of our eyes, and when i saw the driver's face, seriously, it is like he's giving me a signal that he is going to drive away soon.
So my friend, Michella, was like "Let's run".

At first, i refused to, since i am lazy..
But in the end, i have no choice but to run with my friends. All of them just WHOOOSHH running. Ok so, somehow i managed to run faster than them. But then i heard something seems to drop from my bag, but i was so concentrated on running, until Michella called me.
"Oi, isn't this your iphone?"

I quickly turned around to see my black iphone lying on the road, dead.
Luckily, it's only the screen that's cracked, but everything is working perfectly.
Sometimes i would boast the crack on the phone to my friend by calling it a gift from spiderman,
since it looked like a spider web.

Ok, so normally, if you drop your phone, or broke something that is given, you would feel bad wouldn't you? But me.. My feeling is totally different..
The first thing that comes through my mind is that, "Shit.. My sister is going to kill me..."
I stressed this again, i was scared, not sad!
And yeah, at night, to get rid of my stress, i went to a karaoke with my housemate and her place.
When Kelly Clarkson's 'Because Of You' comes up, i decided to sing it and change the lyrics from:
'Because of you, i never strain to fall from the sidewalk..' TO
'Because of the bus, my iphone cracked...'
I know that it doesn't make sense.. but it gives a part of my fear.. hahaha

Ok so, the story continues.. After i 'cracked' my Iphone, i am back to use my old phone 'Sony Ericsoon k800i' Who's known to my friends and family that it always stays strong because it never broke even after i dropped it from the 5th floor.
Sadly.. just a week after i use it.. it's broken..

Damn it.. Iphone... Sony Ericsson (you betrayed me.. lol).
Ok this doesn't make sense...