One Piece は も すき!!

Friday, July 31, 2009


Busy day tday..
i woke up earlier than i thought i would be bcus of my hsmate and her friends giggling in the morning.. =.='
2 missed calls on my phone, i didn't pick it up.. too sleepy + cbf..
Yet the 3rd call is a private number and i know surely who would it be bcus the only one who would call em so early in the morning is either my workplace.. or my manager: eric (since he got so many morning shifts)

I had the premonition that i will be asked to work (always).. but still i picked up the call.
I told him that i can't bcus i have Jap tutor at 12 but later i accepted his request to help him at the store for 1 hour since he told me it is very busy.
Hahaha funny to know that he actually is not working as well, it is his day off, but the manager this morning panicked easily.. She said it's busy even though it is only 5 customers in each line.. =.='
So then, i have to get ready in 10 minutes and get into his car (one way) and go straight to maccas and start helping them. I'm not helping them serve or cook.. but sorting out the deliveries we received.. MWAHAHAHA

What makes me (slightly) mad is bcus the amount of the deliveries is not as much as i thought it would be or as what she told us.. we finished it within 30 minutes.. Then Erci and me heading towards the food court for breakfast... Since we both just woke up + DAMN hungry..
I ate Seafood curry laksa.. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
I love seafood!!!

after that he sent me to state library for my Jap tutor bfore he went home... and so my jap lesson proceed!!
That's my day activity for tday.. I supposed to be going clubbing tday.. but cbf..

Anyway, i read "Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu" looong time ago, and i just read the latest 2 chapters..

Man idk why i am pretty addicted to this manga, but it is not my favourite manga list. I mean, the story is pretty much.. I can predict what will happen next.. The girl's behavior is kinda annoying sometimes..
But i think what makes me like this manga is bcus it is a first-love story..
Her first time having a boyfriend etc.. it is such a good manga for someone like me who never had a bf bfore.. haha (for those who had as well)..
where's my future bf?? lol

I'm going to start making the video tmrw.. and hope all the best for me.. Maybe i should drink a little bit so my shyness will be gone (even though i never feel ashamed..)
Wish me luck (or not).

Closer.. closer.. closer.. no!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

annoyed again..

Girls girls girls girls..

If my patience (from reading manga + movies to keep me entertained) is not exist now, i would've cut ur fucking throat already..
Just.. Could you stop yapping and laughing, you fucking crows!
ARGHH! your laugh and so-full-of-accent-english hurts my dear ear!
Yes, your country does use english alot more than my country.
I mean like, if i go for a vacation to your country, i can speak english like almost everywhere, anywhere, and anytime. It's like english ruling over your country already..
Your grammar is better than us, but your speaking is far poorer than us?
I mean, your accent.. Even though i am not supposed to say this bcus englishis my 2nd lang.. i swear, i can't stand your accent.
Hearing those everyday.. urgh.. makes me wanna puke..
I just hate those laugh of yours, squeals, and shriekes..
Seriously, i really feel like i want to cut your throat.. or maybe i could mute it with a 'throat remote control', i wish doraemon exists and able to give me this...


Another one..?
How many friends are you going to bring into my house huh?!
You should at least tell me if someone is going to stay over or sth.. Fuck u.
This is not your damn house, and what?
Tmrw morning your going to go to your work at like.. 7 in the morning.. leaving your friends behind in this house.. for like.. hmm. i don't know.. the whole day until they know what time i'll be home?
Fuck u
fuck u
fuck u

It's okay, i'll have my revenge tmrw.
Just wait.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another dream!

These days.. sleeping has always been the best time for me.. (bcus bishies are entering my dream.. =p)

Ok so.. This time the dream is about me working in an elegant cafe.
The cake display fridge located right next to the entrance door.
(The light grey is the cake display fridge)

Yeah, so, there are a few customers there and i am working as well. I can't remember clearly who's working with me, but i do remember one, and he's the highlight. He is Miyano Mamoru!!!
(Seriously, idk why he appeared in my dream..)
And he's wearing the work uniform, those typical cafe waiter uniform, exactly the same like in Ouran.

The funniest thing is when a customer came in and looking at the cake. I'm not sure if the custumer had place their order.. but somehow Mamoru slide open the fridge door and he actually go inside the small fridge! Amazingly, it fitted him..

The customer + me + other workers were shocked by his action.
He then crawl inside the fridge from one end to the other end, knocking down some of the cakes in the fridge.
Somehow, the scene replayed back from where he started going inside the fridge. Then again, he crawled. But this time, only 1 cake that is destroyed, I remember clearly.. It's the Green Tea Cake!!!! NOOO~~

I haven't tried the green tea cake bfore.. maybe this dream is telling me to try it! haha
It is round, just like the one in the pic.. but the design is a bit different...
oh and after that, Mamoru got out from the fridge after going to the other end with the green tea cake on his hand in a perfect condition. That's all...

is it possible for me?
Maybe i shouldn't let my hopes up.. but it's too late.. =.='

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yup, just watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.tday..
I already know what's going to happen (Dumbledore killed) bcus of sensei..
I can't give big score to Harry Potter this time: 7.5/10
It was good, but not as good as how i expect it to be, it's totally focused on the 'actual' plot.
You know how they tried their best to cut as much as they can from the book to make it fit into the movie..? I didn't read the book but i guess since they cut alot of them, they try to fill the missing spot with comedies.

Also, i think Jinny is abit aggresive... =.=
i thought she's a pure, smart, talented girl..

Ron's temporary girlfriend is cute at the beginning, but slowly she pissed me off even bfore she officially dating Ron. Oh i'm not Ron's fans, I'm (somehow) prof Snape's fans. hahaha

Just for my opinion as someone who read too much manga.. i think Harry is a busy-body.

He kept on going here and there. Like the scene in Weasley's house. If only he just stayed there. Be a good kid, sometimes there are things kids shouldn't have to know~

I'm just hoping that the next one would be good. No further comment.

But still, i enjoyed it.

More videos of Junsu's cuteness!!! or more like his dorkiness..

1st video..

2nd.. being bullied..

haha i know i know.. i've been searching too much of Junsu.. =.=

please please please please...
give me some strength and luck and everything for me to make this small video. give me all the best ideas.. so that i could stand right in front of you and look at you face to face..

Big Bang releases another parody (think it's quite old tho~ since it si from their concert DVD)
But TOP always plays a tsundere..
Their manager actually appeared!!! The one that's big and fat at the very beginning.
Yang Geun Suk also appeared as the other guy, short one.. lol sorry mr YG.

SeungRi's outfit cracks me up, and his acting totally shows his ENORMOUS (did i spell it right?) confidence.
DaeSung.. LOL LOL LOL his ahjumma hair and his outfit. TOP said that he looks like an ahjumma, but to me, he reminds me of the prince and the pauper - he's the pauper..
TaeYang.. i gotta say that he's trying too hard.. he can't really act i guess.. he's just being his normal self but in a funny way..
Boss - TaeYang's puppy - LOL he's playing the piano with top. kawaiiiiiii~~~~~

03:28 i think JiYong is wayyy to skinny..
04:21 i like the sudden dramatic part of TOP.. even though it's only last for 4 seconds.. lol very random
05:46 yuck.. =v='
Lol i think Mr.Yang will beat TOP after the filming of the parody.. kkk
andi love it when TOP said, "Give me the phone, baby".

Monday, July 27, 2009

Junsu LOL

These 2 days, i've been searching more abt JunSu than JaeJoong.. (sorry JJ.. T^T)
and since he's in charge of gags in the group, i can find funny videos of his very easily.
Idk much abt him, but i think he's eager to learn English since his debut right..
I hope he can learn English like what he wanted to (but he learn Jap instead.. haha), it's funny how he didn't improve as much as i think he would (lol).

He only know simple english!!
but it's so funny when YooChun asked, "... What abt you?"
And he answered, "OK!" so happily.. LOL!! Cuteかわいい cute cute!!
かわいい!! かわいい!! かわいい!!!!!!!!!
(i like to use kawaii better than kyopta, idk why)
and another cute Pronounciation!!

JaeJoong and Junsu this time~!
I have to say it honestly, JaeJoong's pronounciation is better than Junsu there.. But he said 'hate' and 'have'. And i think he finds it hard to spell 'r'.

Junsu is funniest!
"That's rubbin salD in the OOND"
XD XD XD XD Junsuuuu!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Should i take yday's dream as a sign that i might win?? lol

but even if it is, i think i won't be able to join it anymore..
goodbye my dream..

'Milk Club'

I'm copy paste-ing this from my other blog.

Hmm.. Maybe i should join this club created by:
LeeTeuk – president
YooNa – vice-president
TaeYeon – manager

The thing that i don’t understand abt this club is.. What are they depressed abt?

LeeTeuk… maybe it’s bcus u’ve been a superstar for so long and ur seeking freedom.

SNSD, sick of ur anti fans? Then quickly fix that personality of Tiffany. Or moving agency might actually help you a lot.
The reason why u have so many anti fans is bcus of Tiffany’s stupid behavior + ur in the same agency as TVXQ, SuJu, SHINee, etc (fans won’t admit it but it’s the truth).

What amused me is that YOOCHUN actually joined this. Why? idk.

Onew maybe bcus if the incident lately, also tired of his work.

But i can’t think of anything of YooChun. Don’t you guys think that TVXQ is the master of hiding personal things? haha good for them. I’m just hoping that they all would feel better soon, or maybe not until i feel better myself. =.=

(sorry allkpop i’m taking ur pictures)

Next, about this rumours on Waii and 2pm Junsu.. (if it was TVXQ Junsu, i’m sure that Waii would’ve been soul-less by now) no comment. I’m just waiting for the real answer. Not only from JYP (who alrdy did), i’m waiting from the others as well.
When i listen to Waii songs, it’s seems to be good, like RnB. However, not impressive enough to the point that i would like it.
Hope that Waii is happy now that she got more attention from ppl all over the world. I mean, the amount of ppl who hate her is obvious. But out of all those ppl, they might start liking her songs (since it is RNB) (oh, and only apply to die hard RnB lovers). Be happy Waii, your original purpose came true by 10%, nope maybe 5%?

It’s so unprofessional of her to be posting all of her complain in facebook. I mean, why don’t you just get a blog or sth, where ppl won’t know that it is you? Do you really want your friends to know all this? Or let the strangers in ur facebook know about this as well? (You know those chicks who added ppl randomly just to add up the number of friends they have..)
Also, i really hate the way she type in facebook. Pissed me off man..

do u think i wana say tht ur my bf? HEL NO! I already hav too manyANTIS! and so on and so on and so on.”
Waii, it won’t hurt if you type a little bit proper.
‘HEL’ still can be read as ‘hell’ but the thing is..

You almost shorten everything into numbers or 4 letters. My eyes hurt, my head hurts by reading your writing.
Or is it bcus you can’t type for shit?

Oh and you want to say, “if you don’t like it, then don’t read it?”
Isn’t attention what you want from us? So i’m giving you some attention by reading those. Happy? Hope so.

Oyaji gags

this really made my day again..

Love this oyaji gags, not bcus it is Junsu who said it, but i love this gag:

僕はたまごものきみも好きです けどきみも好き。
(Boku wa tamago mono kimi mo suki desu kedo kimi mo suki)

The 'kimi' after tamago means the egg yolk, and the 'kimi' after 'kedo' means YOU.
So if being translated, become:
I like the yolk in the egg, but i like you even more.
lol XD

But maybe partiallu it's bcus of the way Junsu said it, he actualy point to the audience and his expression was priceless.. lol

Also, JaeJoong's gag is my fav as well.

person: どうゆこと? (douyokoto)
JaeJoong: しょうよこと。(shouyokoto)
Douyukoto means something like "What's going on?"
Shouyokoto means "That's whats going on." which sounds like shouyukoto, or SOY SAUCE!!!
not sure if 'shouyo' alone means soy sauce, if it is, it's gonna be "soy sauce business" LOL

Arghh.. and today's lesson in my Japanese tutor.. omg.. so many kanji that i have to memorise.. damnit.
next week.. have more vocab and verbs to do...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

sweet dream,,




a sweet dream last night..

But i cheated in my dream.. hahaha sorry-

akyakyakayakaykayakyayaykyakaykaykaykyakya shouldireallybehappyforhavingthisdream?ohmyemtothegeeifeelliketeeheeandthumpthumpwheneveriseehim now,thankstothatdream.ifeelhappyandbadatthesametimeandnowiknowhowbadiamforbreakingsomeone'sheartsoeasily,verymelike.

k, enuf for my weird blabbers..

Friday, July 24, 2009

My morning (12pm)
started with my version of bento..
i made sweet potato rice.
It's supposed to look like this:
But mine ended up like this:

It's supposed to look yum and brighter, but thanks to my webcam , it makes it looks gross..
I'm amazed how the sweet potato in Australia are sweet~~
and and.. what i like abt this rice is that, the rice tasted normal, but the sweetness only stays in the sweet potato.

Here's the quick recipe:

It's pretty much the same like how you cook rice, but u add some sweet potatoes in it + a pinch of salt. and cook it like normal.

hahaha pretty useless recipe..
But you can create a colorful rice for bento with sweet potato too. It will ended up like this:

can't hold it-


I really want to winnnnnn!!!
who doesn't wanna..?
but the video.. the video..

Thursday, July 23, 2009


It's pretty rare for me to go buy groceries at 11am in the morning.
I bought so many things, and i hope these will last for 2 weeks.. hahaha
I bougth some snack as well..
Like what i menationed yday, i really want the chocolate mushroom snack (Kinoko no Yama)

But it was kind of upseting bcus there's none in the asian grocery - where i normally found it at.
So in exchange to that, i bought a similar snack: Kinoko no Kiri Kabu
I have to say that i love the mushroom one a lot better than the wood one. The wood one, if you eat it, you'll get sick of it really fast.. Because the amount of chocolate is excessive, yet the biscuit is not as good as the biscuit in the mushroom.

Other than that, i bought my Oyaji snack. Wasabi Kaki no Tane
The green one is Wasabi (which i bought)
and the red one is chilli.
I like the green one better since the taste is YUM!
Maybe it's bcus i consumed chilli more often than wasabi, almost all of my food contain chilli in it. So sometimes, i found spicy food not really spicy..
But i do recommend the green one tho~

Other than those snacks, i bought other normal food for the next 2 weeks. I'm trying to start my diet program with Bento. It's damn healthy and it really can help you lose weight.

On my way back home, i saw an accident. Car accident, or to be precise - Taxi accident.
The taxi bumped onto the traffic light pole. Seems like nobody was hurt. The taxi driver looks doomed tho~ He might have to pay the price for the taxi repairs etc. Police was there as well.
The accident happenned just right next to my apartment. haha

Seoul dream has another competition!! Man i'm eager to join but has to idea what video to submit...
it's asking for talent. But even until now, i can't figure what my talent is.. bad mouthing? lol

Food Craving

Omigosh.. i'm craving for so many foods..
Recently, i've been cooking myself and i tried to lower the calories and everything, i'm on diet atm, but not a routine one.
Thanks to that, my craving is even bigger than usual now.
Now i understand that when u do diet, you shouldn't push urself.

Today, i had the biggest breakfast i ever had.
2 Bacon and Egg rolls - one with Spicy tomato sauce.
1 hash brown
1 hotcakes

Japanese food!! I'm craving for uuuu~~~
I want grilled salmon..I also want some onigiri and sushi..
I want chocolate truffles
I want korean spicy baby octopus
I want some sandwich
I want some bread
I want mochi!

Oh and found some other good blogs for cooking, and they mostly specialising in Bento.
main masak-masak
This one is basically doing Asian foods - concentrating on Jap, and partially Chinese.
She tells you so many good stuff, like homemade tofu, etc
This one tells you so many basic stuff of Bento-making.
For example, how to make a rabbit apple, etc.

I'm not good in explaining stuff but u guys really should check them out ^^

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Again and again i'll be talking abt the game that i am playing atm, Rune Factory 2!
I won't talk much abt how to play etc, but i'll just talk abt the characters there.

Kyle: i named him Ryu, haha.
Anyway, i really love Kyle out of all the other Rune Factory main character.
Raguna in the 1st Rune Factory, i gotta say i don't really like him~ as in his appearance. I don't really like his hair..
Don't you think that Natsume made all the main character very bishonen?
Same as the 3rd Rune Factory, which should be out soon.
The main character is even.. more.. bishonen like.. i can't even identify if it is a girl or a boy until i see the flat chest. hahaha Yet the rough sketch, their hair seems like an ice, so stiff and everything. I gotta say i love Kyle out of them all.

Mana: i like this girl, i do.. but it's just that.. Natsume made her as the pretty-but-dumb-at-the-same-time. She seems to be a fun person and easy to be bullied. Typical friendly mother. However, she made me putting her as the second last option for marriage bcus somehow there's sth missing.

Barrett: he's a tsundere! haha and i kinds love this type of guy in manga and games. I love his seiyuu in Japanese better than in english tho~
He seems like the type of riends who would always look for you and support you no matter what. He seems to be a very loyal friend. That is why i really like him and my friendship with him is at the same pace as me chasing after the bachelorettes' heart. hahaha
Dorothy: I have to say that she's one of the least bachelorettes that i want to marry. The thing is that, when i play game it ried to see it as if it is in real life (i know i'm weird). She seems to be a bit unrelieable. She loves her doll - Fern - so much, what abt her child later. haha
but she is abit like me. I have a doll as well called Babanie and i treasure it as much as Dorothy loves Fern. hehe ( call me unreliable as well, but i hate kids.. haha )
Jake: The most annoying elves that i ever encountered in my whole life..
When i first saw him in the game, i was like, "Whoaa.. Kakkoi ja~" but then i got fed up with his trademark word aka 'Ningen' which means 'human'.
Sometimes i feel like slapping him. hahaCecilia: She is the bachelorettes that i want to marry. I don't know why. I kinda like her. haha
But then, when i hear her voice in Jap.. urgh.. i kidna don't like that kind of voice which trying to be sweet and everything~ But hey, she's still cute. I am still considering whether i should marry her or not. hmm...

Max: At first, i don't really like this character because he reminds me of those spoiled rich brat who doesn't want to do anything. This is what i felt after finishing his 2nd quest..
He reminds me of Tamaki from Ouran.. his face.. and seems like he's a narcissist.
However, recently i kinda changed my mind. He really adored his sister to the fact that he helped her alot. He's very caring. ^^
Julia: I like her ^^. She's abit too concerned abt herself. She always wanted to be loved by ppl, and scared of being hated and gossiped abt. Gosh.. Her clothes reminds me of harajuku tho~

I don't really want to talk abt the others.. since it's tiring for me moving down every pic that i inserted.. (if u know what i mean)
Anyway, i don't understand the 2nd generation stuff.
I mean.. WHAT IF i marry Dorothy, my child is a guy, and he can chase after Cammy, which is his aunt at that time?! WTF is Natsume thinking?!!?!
And Cammy reminds me of Melody from Rune Factory. Melody was my fav. ^^


bfore.. just happenned to go into winglin again.. and i saw 2 bashers' account.
the amount added up.
1 -
Mallica - selfproclaimed. bashing her own story, and idk why.
2 -
rotinthehell (sthlikethat) - bashing YAOI fans, idk why.

these two really.. aiya.. really need a place for ranting + attention aren't they?
That's why they should get a blog! hahaha
that's one of the reason why i named this blog

anyway.. i don't have much to say to
Mallica.. since yea.. nothing to argue abt, all she wanted is attention. not bcus i have nothing against her.
oh wait! i think i do.
she did say that she would leave winglin if ppl wants her to.
i have to agree with 1 comment by '?'
If she leaves, it doesn't change anything since she might showed up with a different username. ahaha
(i might get a bashing by saying this, but it's okay, i'm used to it alrdy - thx to my other kpop news blog)

Yaoi.. i swear, many ppl must've been saying this over and over again.
"if you don't like yaoi, then why you read it?"
There's a reason behind it!
since i myself 'hate' yaoi story, i think i should be sharing 1 of our (?) general reasons.. hahaha
simple, it's bcus i'm curious on what it is like! XD
but if i really don't like it, i'll just swallow it~
not to the point that i would spend my time making an account and writing all my rants there.
unless you have this kind of blog.. hahaha
the thing is,
if 2 boys are gays, i don't mind.
but if 2 boys
originally are not gays, but ppl are trying to make them gays, me don't like~ not to the point that i would hate it as much as rotinblablabla does. (why does she have to make such a long username??! damn! maybe i should make an account in winglin ranting on her username. haha)

anyway, while we are on the topic here on winglin,
just wondering..
you know how these usernames are friends with each other and all?
like cyber-friends.
just curious, are they actually keeping in contact through email and everything? or only in winglin for the sake of getting in into a 'apply' story? hahaha
or some of them might really are seeking for friends,, which is good ^^

Arghh~~ i have so many things to type here as well.. but it's too much, yet complicated. so i'll just stop here.

The path

(If you were this teddy bear, i will not make you wait for too long)

Give up


Give up


wake up






i'm making my way there.

confidence? yes. but not full.

stay there, don't move.

Just a little bit more, no, no. Still a long way to go.

But i'm progressing.




patience is my key

patience is your key

doesn't matter if it is important to you or not.


they might think that this is stupid, this is crazy, this is the impossible of the impossible.
But didn't they said that if i put my heart into it, it will happen?
should i keep on believing in this?
or just take it as another stupid beautiful words?
thinking, thinking, thinking hard..
my brain almost explodes.
i need to say this out loud.
But the more i say it out loud, the more people will look at me in the weird way.
is it possible?
am i crazy?
am i dreaming?
am i in the dream world?
will i ever be able to come back?
i want to stay here.
stay with all the good dreams, where i have goals of my own.
Nobody knows, nobody could object.

Dream.. can i stay here forever.. maybe?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Awawawa.. another night. i decided to sleep as soon as i can after writing this.
Anyway.. i think bcus of my activity yday - manga-ing - tday as well, i read manga alot, i even downloaded alot of them. The manga that i downloaded tday mostly are one shots and Yoshihara Yuki's. Yup, i love this girl's manga. Even though it goes more to Josei and a bit of a smut, i just love the romance and comedy. Plus, the guys are all good looking. ahahaa..

1. Blanc Marie 10/10

(click on it to get a bigger pic + look clearly at how handsome the guy is! lol)

I don't know what the title actually means though.. the character name is not Marie.. hahaha
I'm not good in making a quick summary but i swear.. this is a must read. u'll go "awawawa.."
Oh Gosh.. the guy is just so handsome and i love how he made the vow to her,
"I vow a thousand, a million times, never to let you leave my side the girl."
Sounds good but plain.. but if you actually read and see the picture.. u'll totally melt.. haha i did.
the girl is pretty as well.. how i wish i could have the same hairstyle as her..
But this really is a must read!!

2. Yoru no Bannin 10/10

This one.. i love is as well.. the guy.. mwahaha *drool*
It's about a girl who work in a secretarial office who always stayed up in the office even though it is the time the lights supposed to be off (she must go), the guard who always shoo her is the guy! I really love both of them together.. but i was pretty dissappointed to see how the girl is like in the future.. if only she would stay the way she is like the picture above.. But the guy still look handsome!T^T she should've just stay like before...

The guy looks the same tho~ still hot.

3. Love Luck 7.5/10
It wasn't that bad either, it's just fun when you read it, you are eager to find out what will happen next.

4. Santa Clause Panic 7/10

This one is just for another reading section.. not so interesting. I mean, it is, but not as interesting as normal. But still love it!

how are you?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Again... my attempt to change my sleeping curvew failed.. again..
i slept at 5 and planning to wake up at 10 but seems liek my body won't listen.. ahaha

Niwei, i had a dream last night.
Pretty weird and adventurous dream with that actor who play in. hmm.. what's his name... *checking..*
Nicolas Cage from Knowing!!! (at last.. after 20 mnts finding it..)

Yup so.. it's supposed to be 3 of us.. not just me and him, he's the only adults and supposed to be another girl or guy, i think it's a girl. Even though i wish it was a guy and a good looking one.. hahaha
You know how Nicholas always starred in those kinds of movie where the earth is dying etc.. this is the same.. but attacked by a monster.
Pretty much.. idk what happen to my friends and family, i met him by accident with the other girl, and we start our journey of escaping. I remembered that we go through a hole during our escape.
And then after all attempt of running away, we decided that we have to go to other country maybe it is safer, the route is walk - train - helicopter.
Pretty much we are trying our best to hide from the monster while we are running to the train station.

In the train station, there are a few people who's waiting for the train at the same direction. The weird thing is that, the train that came from the opposite direction in other platform, always come with only 1 wagon/caboose. The front one which has the driver. The rest.. Nobody knows where it is.

Our train comes, and it is just like other normal train, with multiple wagons. But we decided to get on the front, betting our life in it after me saying it. Another weird thing is that, the driver always has their own room at the very front of the wagon right? But our, is in the middle.. =.='

So the three of us sit there, only Nicholas sit on the driver seat, me and the other girl just sorround him. At first, we wanted to sit at the very front.. but there are 3 fat guys who look abit dangerous and might took time to deal with them.. so yea..
Nicholas pretends to be the driver by taking out the cash register and sort it out, we found few money in there, Nicholas hesitates to take the money or not for future need. But then i took the money from him, like the whole thing and keep it in my pocket. I told him that at this time we shouldn't hesitate.

The time then comes when our train passing by the monster. Some passengers don;t know the monster existence and just staring out on the window, thinking that it may be for a movie or something. Once the monster spotted the train, it sweeps the train with its right gigantic hand, from the 2nd wagon till the end, the 1st wagon is safe, where we are. The most simple guest is that.. the passenger might died.. or majorly injured.

After that, all the people who are safe in the 1st wagon hurriedly trying to get out of the train, 3 of us too. Some of them run in different direction. But us heading straight towards the helicopter.
There are some other people who are trying to get on the other helicopters and fighting with the driver + security. But we just sneak in and try to get into one.
Once we are in and ready to fly. Nicholas and us realise that if we fly now, the monster would obviously notice us and kills us in an instant. All three of us had the same mind at that time, to sacrifice someone. NOT US!
We waited until a person succeed getting another helicopter and fly. When it fly, we slowly followed him. The monster obviously attacked that helicopter and yeah.. as you know the result.. haha
But us.. i don't know what happenned next bcus i am awake.. at 4..
ARGHH~~ Why does it have to be this kind of dream?? I want a romantic or sth better.. pls.. =.=

!#!@#!@$! my plan got messed up again tday... damn...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looking back..

Hello againn!!
Omg i'm still awake even tho it's 5:41am here in Melbourne.

Anyway, i have another work yday.. 4-11pm.. but i ended up staying back until 1:30am. Wonder why? Bcus my manager offered me a good deal.
If i stayed back, i don't have to work tmrw.. which will be a loooonggg busy shift that i know i will lose my temper anytime.. ahaha

But yeah.. it wasn't that bad today. And i found out that my friend decided to move out from his parents' house and find own apartment which located exactly behind my apartment!!
Yey.. i can borrow more One Piece from him.. mwahahaha manga freak time~

Talking abt manga.. I realy
.. don't have any manga to read.. My reading list so far are:
1. One Piece

2. Psyren

3. Nurarihyon no mago (mind thinking if i am a guy or after seeing my 3rd top list? XD)

4. Chocolate Cosmos

5. Fairy Tail (k ppl.. it really is 'tail' not 'tale')

6. Faster than a kiss
Any other
good recommendation? hmf.. yes, i haven't read Bleach.
I did read Naruto but i stopped since i think it gets boring.. One Piece is better FOR ME. OKay?? So don't start cursing me off.. haha
and a little sneak peak of my manga folder....

As you can see i have One Shots and OnGoing folders. The one with ♥ means that it is complete. I don't care what genre the manga is and for boys or girls, i will read it as long as it is good. Same as music.

Talking about manga + anime, i gotta talk about Fanfictions! I started looking back at those time.. around 2006.. where i fell in love with Ouran High School Host Club (picture above) to the point that i make a fanfic myself. It was also my first time reading fanfic.
I started off writing it using 'you' as the point of view bcus of what i read first. I'm pretty much the type who will stick to whatever i've learnt FIRST. Call me old-fashioned.. haha Anyway.. i LOLed so much when i read my fanfic again, i had so many grammar mistake. Seriously! I wrote that fanfic during those times where i came to Australia. And omg i really have a bad grammar. Surprisingly my readers are giving me pretty good comments. (
I can understand why they love my story (not being cocky), i mean during the 15th, it's the time where my brain works really well with imagination. And i do have lots of ideas and i poured it all into the story without hesitating. Sometimes you would think that "Oh.. if i put this. the readers might not like it", but me just keep on writing and writing. Yet sometimes i overdid it. Thanks to my fangirling over a character in there, Kaoru (the one on the left, he has a twin).

I just love making stories that is unexpected, you can't predict what's going to happen next. That's one of the praises i got from a story reviewer.

I wrote fanfic in Winglin and Quizilla (before).
The thing that i love about quizilla is that, they will show you how many people are reading your story and keep a record of that, like every chapter. Thanks to that, you can see if people will keep reading your stories till the end.
Also, since they don't have a comment section for each chapter, readers who truly loves your story will make an effort to send you a message just to say 'thank you' and tell you how much they love yoru story. I love getting all those messages since i know that they do truly like it.
Unlike in Winglin, some authors will only update the story if they get at least 5 comments (if you now who i am talking about fellow wingliners..)
In other words, they are forcing the readers to give them comment. Sometimes the story is good and since you like it you have to left comment to make the author update the story, and sometimes i can't think of the comment i should left in there since i used it all up + (if) there's nothing great with the chapter. *sigh* Now, i write Kpop fanfic, i noticed that i still have so many grammar mistake (maybe here as well), but at least it is not as bad as that fanfiction of mine.. hahaha

Now i am carving for spicy octopus in Oriental Spoon. I'll try to getone trmw and post the pic here!!

I didn't know what ur doing tday, but hoping that u'll have a good rest and take care of ur health. kk.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's funny how this little boy give WooYoung chips as a gift!!
If i were WooYoung i would remember this boy the best!! It's funny and cute at the same time!!

Kind of true.. hahaha

I would be one of those people on the building.. hahaha
This fellow reminds me of my friend.. because they kinda resemble (sorry!! I'm not being mean.. Well i am mean!)

Another beautiful day where i stayed up until the morning again.. and fell asleep at 8 till 3..
anyway, i supposed to be watching The Hangover today, but it seems that i left my phone in my workplace yday and i didn't get any call about when and where we're watching the movie. Good thing, it turns out that they are not watching it today.. mwahaha so at least i still have someone who hasn't watch it yet.. hehehe

Oh, and pretty much.. I'm staying at home after i retrieve my cellphone, gotta rest.. i got work tmrw.
And as usual, checking out more news on Kpop...
Found how crazy the fans are... well they are not THAT crazy.. if i were them i would do that as well.. haha like if you see those gorgeous banner of Beyonce or Mariah Carey wouldn't you take the picture???
TVXQ, you really are too famous now.. =.='
I think u'll make a history..

Another thing that i came across today is TVXQ first ever CF in Japan!! with Aya Ueto!
hahaha i love the lyrics!! I am sure this song would fit the best for ppl who work in an office and has those same problem~

(DaeSung.. ur crying too much.. Hyori too)

Ok, and i also watch Family Outing the farewell episode for YeJin and ChunHee..
T^T man.. i am sure i would miss them in the show.. I love savage lady Park YechungbanJi and Chunderella. I teared up when they were watching the video footage back then.. hmm.. thanks to the song and Hyori crying.. hahaha
The new member would be Park ShiYeon and Park HaeJin. ShiYeon.. truthfully.. i don't really like her, but not hate.. but we'll see what will happen. I also didn't have the chance to watch the episode where HaeJin is in as the guest, but i'm watching it soon.. hahaha
Even so, i had a feeling that they would do well.. But ppl will still miss YeJin and ChunHee.. maybe they will gain 10% of anti-fans for those who are crazy of Family Outing. Yet, they will always be compared...

Fiuh~ Staying at home is always the best, but i am hoping that something thrilling would happen to me, like what? Hmm winning a huge amount of money or sth.. Like fanmeeting with TVXQ? hahaha
k enough of that.. Even my own bro and sist are sick of me talking abt TVXQ. i am 100% sure that if i show my mom TVXQ songs and their faces, mym mom would love them as well.. But i guess it would not change my sist and my bro's mind.
what kind of siblings are youuu!! Ur supposed to support this little sist of urs!!

1man: got nothing to say.. just asking you to come here.