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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Again... my attempt to change my sleeping curvew failed.. again..
i slept at 5 and planning to wake up at 10 but seems liek my body won't listen.. ahaha

Niwei, i had a dream last night.
Pretty weird and adventurous dream with that actor who play in. hmm.. what's his name... *checking..*
Nicolas Cage from Knowing!!! (at last.. after 20 mnts finding it..)

Yup so.. it's supposed to be 3 of us.. not just me and him, he's the only adults and supposed to be another girl or guy, i think it's a girl. Even though i wish it was a guy and a good looking one.. hahaha
You know how Nicholas always starred in those kinds of movie where the earth is dying etc.. this is the same.. but attacked by a monster.
Pretty much.. idk what happen to my friends and family, i met him by accident with the other girl, and we start our journey of escaping. I remembered that we go through a hole during our escape.
And then after all attempt of running away, we decided that we have to go to other country maybe it is safer, the route is walk - train - helicopter.
Pretty much we are trying our best to hide from the monster while we are running to the train station.

In the train station, there are a few people who's waiting for the train at the same direction. The weird thing is that, the train that came from the opposite direction in other platform, always come with only 1 wagon/caboose. The front one which has the driver. The rest.. Nobody knows where it is.

Our train comes, and it is just like other normal train, with multiple wagons. But we decided to get on the front, betting our life in it after me saying it. Another weird thing is that, the driver always has their own room at the very front of the wagon right? But our, is in the middle.. =.='

So the three of us sit there, only Nicholas sit on the driver seat, me and the other girl just sorround him. At first, we wanted to sit at the very front.. but there are 3 fat guys who look abit dangerous and might took time to deal with them.. so yea..
Nicholas pretends to be the driver by taking out the cash register and sort it out, we found few money in there, Nicholas hesitates to take the money or not for future need. But then i took the money from him, like the whole thing and keep it in my pocket. I told him that at this time we shouldn't hesitate.

The time then comes when our train passing by the monster. Some passengers don;t know the monster existence and just staring out on the window, thinking that it may be for a movie or something. Once the monster spotted the train, it sweeps the train with its right gigantic hand, from the 2nd wagon till the end, the 1st wagon is safe, where we are. The most simple guest is that.. the passenger might died.. or majorly injured.

After that, all the people who are safe in the 1st wagon hurriedly trying to get out of the train, 3 of us too. Some of them run in different direction. But us heading straight towards the helicopter.
There are some other people who are trying to get on the other helicopters and fighting with the driver + security. But we just sneak in and try to get into one.
Once we are in and ready to fly. Nicholas and us realise that if we fly now, the monster would obviously notice us and kills us in an instant. All three of us had the same mind at that time, to sacrifice someone. NOT US!
We waited until a person succeed getting another helicopter and fly. When it fly, we slowly followed him. The monster obviously attacked that helicopter and yeah.. as you know the result.. haha
But us.. i don't know what happenned next bcus i am awake.. at 4..
ARGHH~~ Why does it have to be this kind of dream?? I want a romantic or sth better.. pls.. =.=

!#!@#!@$! my plan got messed up again tday... damn...


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