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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rune Factory 3 gaming!!!

Hell yeah!

It's been a while since i played Rune Factory, be it the 1st or 2nd. 
I'm actually quite impressed with myself that I actually defeated the bosses in Rune Factory!! 
I don't know why but in the 1st and 2nd, even before I defeated the 1st boss, i got sick of the game, and quitted. 
But man... Rune Factory 3 changed my gaming history.. lol

Plot: Compared to the 1st and 2nd, this one was mehhh... Like so so. 
I mean, it is still the same concept, lost memory. 
Gosh, Natsume, time for you to recruit new workers for fresh ideas. I got sick of a 'lost memory' concept. 
Also their other normal game like Grand Bazaar and stuff, stranded into an island..? =_=

Characters: Ok, I'm gonna talk alot here.

Micah (the main character aka us playing)

For me, he's the GIRLIEST hero in Rune Factory. See the development:

I like Kyle. Haha 
simply because of his simple hairstyle and it's Maaya Sakamoto who voiced him. 

Raguna was alright, he fits those ancient era with his hair and clothing. 
But imagine if Raguna is in Kyle's haircut...hehe.. 
He might be my next fav after Kyle! 

Well he already is..

What amused me about Micah is that he can turn into a Wooly, he's half monster half human.  
But to me, the original Wooly (right) is still cuter.

Now now, I kinda hope that Rune Factory would give us a chance to choose who we wanted to play as, a girl or a boy. Because there are a number of cute guys in Rune Factory! 

Well they did gave us a choice in the 2nd one but it's only when we go to the 2nd generation..

Gosh.. Rune Factory 3 made me think like this, i didn't think about this in the 1st or 2nd, because Gaius and Zaid are cute!!!

awww~~ believe it or not, even though i'm playing a boy, i actually raised my friendship with these two as if i'm trying to marry them. 

I'm sorry Micah, I turned you into a bi ;)

Shit! There are alot of bachelorettes here.. damn.. Micah is one hell of a guy..

My favorite girls are:




I really don't have a tiny bit of reason why i like these three.. =_=
They just caught my attention.. hahaha
But i was kinda disappointed that they didn't include Shino as one of the bachelorettes. She's beautiful and reminds me alot of Felicity from Rune Factory 1.

Some of you may complain why i didn't include Shara or Raven there.

Shara reminds me of Manna and Mist ALOT.. Except that she's smarter and normal-er.. 


For Raven.. I encountered this type of Tsundere alot in manga/drama/anime/movie that i got sick of it and not really interested. But she's one of the girl that i'm aiming to get. But actually.. I'm aiming everyone.. haha so at the end i'll just choose either. ;p

The other girls are so so to me, but the one that catches my attention the most is  
Man this girl is weird.
Yes i know that she's pretty.. (I almost consider her my no 1 bachelorettes)

Yes i know that she's a mermaid..

But the funniest thing:
What the f is she using to fight? A big fish???

and sometimes in most of our conversation, she seems to be a bit childish and dumb.. so i'm like ""

- WTF?? I never knew that Rune Factory 3 has a limit when it comes to planting!
I have alot of crops plated and i was sure that the next day will be when it will fruits. But guess what..? 

There was NO hurricanes, 

NO storm, 

NO rain whatsoever, 

and when i woke up on the next day, ALL MY CROPS ARE GONE!
Well.. There are couples.. like, one or two .. 
That pisses me off.
I mean, normally u paid 290 for a bag of seed which can cover 9 tiles, but here you paid 140 for a bag of seed that only cover ONE - FREAKING - TILES !!!
So guess how many loss i've got now.. 



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was really, very, extremely, awfully, greatly, (well, you get the point) disappointed when I found out Evelyn ISN'T a marriageable girl. I mean, she's single, young, and soooo cute <3. And though I wouldn't marry Yue, I strongly believe all single, young girls should be marriageable. As for Shino, I'm not sure how old is she, or if she's married or not, but she is very pretty :}. As for the girls, my favorite is Raven, though I don't think I'll marry her.

Anonymous said...

my fav protagonist is kyle. raguna is all right, but I don't like his shirt :P. and yes, i'd court micah if he wears a dress. LOL.

As fore raven, i really like her, and would like her even more if she's a pro fighter. HEH

Anonymous said...

someone did see pia at the beach? >:P

Anonymous said...

aww my favorite girls was the same as yours starting the game, but then i found that evelyn wasn't marriable, sophia gets annoying with all the opposite talk and daria every time that she opens her mouth scream RAINBOW or her fantasy of micah being her assistant. So i ended with raven the only one with a deep back story and more personality.

I want to marry to Gaius!!!!!, i love how micah is all nervous every time he gives Gaius something he love (as platinum) and Gaius ask if there is something he whant to tell him and if there's a special meaning to give him gifts <3
On dates with Raven you can actually tell her you like Gaius.

Anonymous said...

Mana is annoying~ and Shara is so much like her.Uh I wish we could marry evelyn but we can't... anyway nice review, and what about karuna and karina lol no love for them?

Anonymous said...

My brother and I really wanted to marry Evelyn. So sad she can't be... :<

Anonymous said...

I just got this game just to get Evelyn to woo for me but after I learned that she is not potential wife, I just my soul. How come a lovely woman like her who is fashionable and looks like Patchouli is not a bachelorette ?!!!

I'm flabbergasted to the point I got stomachache and I found no point in playing this game.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who to marry, I might just get like six games and marry each one on a different file… To be truthful… I HATE Evelyn, even if she was a potential wife, I would NEVER marry her. I am probably going to marry either Shara (sure she is a little annoying, so what?? I like her anyways), Karina, Raven, or Sophia. My little brother (who doesn't have this game, yet. YAY!!) wants me to marry Sophia, even though I mentioned that she talks in opposites, he still said that I should marry her, my mother says nothing about it, and my dad… I haven't asked him yet. It's a tie between them. I have learned that I am half-monster/half-human and I have told (in order) Karina, Collette, Shara, and Sakuya. I really want to tell Sophia, so I can see her reaction. Karina's reaction was sweet and secretive (in my opinion), Collette was happy that I was smaller then her (I laughed at her statement), Shara's reaction was WAY to dramatic (in my opinion), and Sakuya went into Oddward Valley, and it was sad that she had to be in a place where there were monsters and she was in tears (in my opinion, but I think it's true). It was funny that Sakuya barged in when I was shaving myself to make her happy, but then she ran out and I had to talk to Shino… I got mad at her for that.

Anonymous said...

Pia <3

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

they dont include shino :( but at leat therer sakuya i think she looks pretty and i didnt know u could marry Evelyn cose she dosnt have harts with u she has smiley faces

Anonymous said...

did you remember to water all your crops when you planted them?

Anonymous said...

I think that Shino is not a bachlorette because if you married her, It would make you Sakuya's step father. O_O

Anonymous said...

Oh, Omg Shino does look like Felicity! I never noticed that.

Anonymous said...

I wish Evelyn was a bachelorette

Anonymous said...

If you could marry Evelyn, though, Gaius would get all depressed.

Anonymous said...

I'm married Pia for first file!*///*
She seems dump and stuff, but trust me... she's genius!!(date her at waterfall.. she'll explain how rainbow occur-sounds very smart for all other characters are always talk some random things)
For me..Raven's SO ANNOYING more than Shara.
I'm veeeery annoyed with her " can't get close to you...I'll make you disappear.." thing.
..why can't she be strong and get out from that loop thinking by herself!? ಠ益ಠ

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Karina! Sure she's lazy but I guess I like easy going girls better. ^_^ Too bad Hazel isn't a bachelorette, she'd be the most normal (and best looking) of the bunch in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Well good news for all you, Rune Factory 4 is announced with a female protagonist to play as. [HOLY CRAP THE BUTLER IS HOT] And as for me, I liked Carmen, Collette and Daria. Carmen because she wasn't too girly and was so funny and energetic! Collette was adorable and just funny to watch her react since she always brings up food. Daria I like, well cause… she's Daria LOL an optimistic artist! I loved the fact that she was an elf too :] I agree as well Evelyn should've been an option since I loves her. BTW Micah is adorable <3

For Rune Factory 2, I gotta say… Personally at first i thought Kyle was kinda ugly… but he grew on me and I finally found him attractive! Haha For RF2, I liked almost ALL the girls but really I like Cecillia, Dorothy, and Mana. I liked Ceci since I love returning characters and she's such a sweetie! Dorothy is beautiful, sweet and so shy, its hilarious cause she's like "My name is…… Good bye!" haha! Mana didn't get on my nerves since I like how kind she was, I hate her dad :T making me get a stupid ring!

As for the 1st, Raguna is my favorite protagonist. He's friggin hot to me >3> and I really like Sharron, Mist and Mei the most. Idk why I just like them.

Also about the AMNESIA thing, I don't think they should get rid of it since it's pretty much a RF tradition almost :] which i likie along with the ditzy girl that welcomes you to town!

[ASDFGHJKL this is so friggin long!]

Anonymous said...

once that happened to me when i was planting leeks

Anonymous said...

i really really like raven so get the original picture!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol... daria is hot in her swimming costume, and kuruna is... like her most as she isnt a boring person.
I ended up marrying kuruna and marian (marian for lolz, and kuruna... just cause i wanted to marry her).

CoCo said...

Hey guess what?! You know how you were wondering whether or not Natsume's gonna make a game where you get to choose between a girl and a boy? Well they're making a rune factory 4 for 3DS and you get to choose!!!!!!! <3
I heard it's coming out this year in june/july!!! Keep fingers crossed!!! <3

Anonymous said...

you r tight nigga

Anonymous said...

suckka hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
pia is as ugly as hell and its jus a game
you suck big balls
u r forever alone

MikadoRyuugamine said...

My first was RF2, I'm amazed with myself though, I was patient enough to play again after losing my savefile TWICE. But it changed my view on gaming forever. Basically it's like pokemon to me :D. I really like Kyle and Raguna. I never play RF1 but I knew Raguna through RF:Frontier.It was such a nice experience. It was so stunning in every ways. I really look forward to RF4 :D

Anonymous said...

You're so evil with Pia!!!! She just has a passion for fish and water like like daria with art or Maria with healing people!!! And she is soooooo cute! I just got the game but i am definitely marrying pia!!!! so :p

Irene said...

My two cents here. Sorry if I'm a bit hard on the girls, but I advocate for a "be able to marry/ live together with anyone you like, regardless of gender" policy in dating games:

- Someone has noted that Micah gets nervous when he gives Gaius something that he really loves (i.e. curry udon) and Gaius asks if there some hidden meaning. Yes, that's so funny to watch. And I loooooove Rusk's smile and gentle nature. I wouldn't mind pairing two guys - I mean, what's wrong with that? In RF2, I would have killed someone to marry Ray (I even named Kyle's son Ray).

- I also would like be able to marry Evelyn. She is one of the most "normal" girls. - despite her weird ideas in using food for dresses, she actually makes wearable, pretty clothes too (Karina's clothes are Evelyn's works). Besides, there are some hints that she might have a crush in Micah - NOT in Gaius. When inviting her along, she says things like "Oh, are you inviting me on a date? I'd love that" and "I am getting to like you more and more...". So I don't understand why she can't marry the hero. Gaius would be disappointed, so well? In RF2, if Kyle stole someone else's love interest, that guy would simply marry Yue out of pride, so Gaius could marry anyone else too... I think Gaius and Raven make a good match, they even live together and take care the one of the another.

- Finally, I am sorry that this game, like RF2, is actually forcing you to marry to move the story on. I don't really like any of the girls in the game and I would like to be able to finish it without marrying any of them. Karina is beautiful but lazy as hell, with no personality at all; Shara and Pia are childish, immature; Colette has a monstruous voracity; Marian tests her drugs in people (!!!); Raven pretends being a mature, silent lone wolf around Micah but she chats with Karina and Sofia like any other girl; Carmen is too much a bossy tomboy; Sakuya also lacks personality; Daria is lovely and independant but a bit crazy; Sofia is just stupid and has the Diogenes complex for collecting garbage and rotten food; and Kuruna is an arrogant b**** with a horrible horn. I guess that, being Evelyn unmarriable, I'll choose Carmen or Daria as the less annoying of them all... But honestly, I'd rather go live with Gaius or Rusk.

Thanks for reading if you did :)

Anonymous said...

times in this game it so fast,,,,,i cant go outside of a town to search any material,,,,,damn times,could you maked slowly

Anonymous said...

I wanted to marry Gaius as well. ;u;

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I too wanna marry Gaius and have an affair with Zaid. ;D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Shara is smarter and more normal than other default bachelorette lol I couldn't agree more as she is one of my fav girl. Well, you remind me how MUCH a hate Mana from RF2. She tried too hard to be likeable by our character and since the prolog I just like "Ew papa girl I won't marry you and I don't care if in the opening we look like a couple but I'am Ceci's".

Yea, I feel so dissapointed when I found out that Shino isn't eligible. So, well, I raised her FP so a heart icon would apper aove her head and when she's in the tree I just fantasizing that she is my wife eheheh.

Btw, you forgot to mention Carlos as a cute guy ;) all of them are crazy that's why it's so sad you can't marry them.

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