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Friday, December 17, 2010

Score: 10/10!! this is my next fav animation after Shrek :D

Plot: who cares abt reading the plot..? Watch the trailer:

There's alot of factor in this animation that will make you laugh: the jokes and even the random moments. 
It started off comically, but later it became more.. urgh.. dramatic..? no, more like it went from the target of MA audience to younger audience.. Shortly, there's a moral in it.

Truthfully, Dreamworks did a really good job with this animation. Out of all animation that i've seen, the dubber and the animation goes very well. Like the mouth movement, expression, FITS VERY WELL.
Shrek too, but not as good as this.
The animation was done very well. It really makes the character comes to live.. (lol at this expression..)

All i can say about this is that... GO WATCH EM! 3D IS WORTH IT! It actually works well with 3D.

Monday, December 13, 2010

 The fans of Otome Game are in action now. There have been a few forum / website here and there that are working on translating some otome games. 

So far, here are the otome games that have been translated:

Some other famous Otome Games that are under progress:
- Blood Of Bahamut
- Tokimeki Girl's Side 2nd Kiss
- Summon Night X

You can find Will O Wisp, Ouran, Hiiro no Kakera on the lists too, and many others!!
Anyway, go and check out the sites :)

Team OGE (They are the one who translated Starry Sky in Spring, but they can't be contacted nor identified..) but  

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yeah, i'm still not over it..

I'm still disappointed and shocked..

JJ.. *sigh*.. guess ur not my no1 again.. hahaha

and i still can't get over the fact that Junsu is wearing an apron in the MV...

what's with JJ's running at the beginning..?

and Micky's hair.. is unforgiveable.. but if it's his style then go for it.. BUT.. BUT..


I seriously can't stop thinking that JYJ should go back to SM for the sake of their career!!! I'm saying this for their own good! I know it's gonna be tiring and eveything, but come on.. NO PAIN NO GAIN.
I know that it's an extreme pain but.. It really is for your best.
If they kept on going like this and relying much on their big fanbase and famous artist/producer name, sooner or later they will decline for fame.
I'm not kidding.

I do think JYJ relies on their fans too much.
See, you guys even failed to secure a concert in America.. and gave it out free.
I'm being serious, that is the most ridiculous thing that ever happenned to a company. Securing a place for concert is like the most basic thing a company/event organiser should be able to do.

and i saw a petition/donation that has the intention of collecting money that JYJ should've got from the America concert. I know that it is with a good intention. But if i were them, i'll feel pathetic and embarassed.
I know it's good and all but, my pride would fall.


ye ye i know u guys will say that 
"then stop looking at the video biatch!"
then DONT WORRY. I WILL STOP LOOKING AT THAT MV! but not the others.. ;)

or maybe..  
"how could you say that u want them to go back to SM when SM treated them like shit?! You don't know how hard they work but never got what they deserved!"

ok so.. Do you know? Do YOU really know how SM treated them like shit? U mean not giving them the right wage, making them work like 24 hours and all? Do you even know the reason why SM did that?
Come on, i used to think that SM was wrong too, but when i look at both sides, what SM did was alright even though it is wrong. It is for the sake of gaining their money back from TVXQ that they used to train them before. It takes alot of money i tell ya.
I'm the type of person who if my friend is wrong, i'll tell them that it is wrong for their own good. Of course it depends on my friend as well. If they are the type that: "who the fuck is she to tell me that i am wrong..? so she's my enemy these whole time, she's not siding on me." then i won't fucking tell you and go suffer.

anyways, here's the MV that made me LOVE them.. ;)

Making decision is really hard these days.
I mean, at my age now, making a decision is really critical for your future self. 
Different step leads you to different paths, where there won't be another path in the future that enables me to gain 2 different goals. 
Damn but if i were to use my real ability.. Maybe i can.
But even if i wanted to do so, there is something that is missing that i still don't know what it is.


Things didn't go well these days..

I mean come on, i did try my best in my study and all this time, but i don't think my sister would take that.
She will 'sue' me for having fun and playing around like I usually does.. OMG! Last semester i cut down my slacking time and even going out with friends. Been pretty anti-social.. hahaha

But i guess she won't trust me.. sigh.. =_=

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yup so i bought B'sLog, and it came with a bonus poster, and a book for a game called TOKYO BOYS.

sorry my scanner broke down! ;(

The calendar is from an Otome Game called 遙かなる時空の中で (Harukanaru toki no naka de).
and um.. The bonus collection book of TOKYO BOYS kinda left me feeling greasy. Just look at the cover boy's pose. Gosh, i barely see models these days did that pose.. =_='

no wonder it says that he's the Prince type.. 
but he's not a prince to me, a narcissist..

There are a few other characters, and the drawing was fine, but very girlish, even the boys. 

Personally, i have to consider playing this game because i am one of those people who plays game depending on the art. ;)

Out of all the characters, the 4th guy from the right catches my attention. Here's his page:

But if i see this kind of guy in real life, maybe i would've run for my life. hahaha 
normally bad guys in game are moe, but in real life they are scary..

Okay, enough talking about this new game. But if you want to know more, then go HERE.

Here's the monthly ranking. Again, I'msorry about the quality, my scanner broke down..

Hakuouki been leading these past few months, even this time!!
All the characters are sitting on the top 6! and my Hajime is no 1. Woot woot!!!

As expected, CLOCK ZERO is placed 2nd for the most anticipated games. Yeah, i'm anticipating it too~

Hell yeah!

It's been a while since i played Rune Factory, be it the 1st or 2nd. 
I'm actually quite impressed with myself that I actually defeated the bosses in Rune Factory!! 
I don't know why but in the 1st and 2nd, even before I defeated the 1st boss, i got sick of the game, and quitted. 
But man... Rune Factory 3 changed my gaming history.. lol

Plot: Compared to the 1st and 2nd, this one was mehhh... Like so so. 
I mean, it is still the same concept, lost memory. 
Gosh, Natsume, time for you to recruit new workers for fresh ideas. I got sick of a 'lost memory' concept. 
Also their other normal game like Grand Bazaar and stuff, stranded into an island..? =_=

Characters: Ok, I'm gonna talk alot here.

Micah (the main character aka us playing)

For me, he's the GIRLIEST hero in Rune Factory. See the development:

I like Kyle. Haha 
simply because of his simple hairstyle and it's Maaya Sakamoto who voiced him. 

Raguna was alright, he fits those ancient era with his hair and clothing. 
But imagine if Raguna is in Kyle's haircut...hehe.. 
He might be my next fav after Kyle! 

Well he already is..

What amused me about Micah is that he can turn into a Wooly, he's half monster half human.  
But to me, the original Wooly (right) is still cuter.

Now now, I kinda hope that Rune Factory would give us a chance to choose who we wanted to play as, a girl or a boy. Because there are a number of cute guys in Rune Factory! 

Well they did gave us a choice in the 2nd one but it's only when we go to the 2nd generation..

Gosh.. Rune Factory 3 made me think like this, i didn't think about this in the 1st or 2nd, because Gaius and Zaid are cute!!!

awww~~ believe it or not, even though i'm playing a boy, i actually raised my friendship with these two as if i'm trying to marry them. 

I'm sorry Micah, I turned you into a bi ;)

Shit! There are alot of bachelorettes here.. damn.. Micah is one hell of a guy..

My favorite girls are:




I really don't have a tiny bit of reason why i like these three.. =_=
They just caught my attention.. hahaha
But i was kinda disappointed that they didn't include Shino as one of the bachelorettes. She's beautiful and reminds me alot of Felicity from Rune Factory 1.

Some of you may complain why i didn't include Shara or Raven there.

Shara reminds me of Manna and Mist ALOT.. Except that she's smarter and normal-er.. 


For Raven.. I encountered this type of Tsundere alot in manga/drama/anime/movie that i got sick of it and not really interested. But she's one of the girl that i'm aiming to get. But actually.. I'm aiming everyone.. haha so at the end i'll just choose either. ;p

The other girls are so so to me, but the one that catches my attention the most is  
Man this girl is weird.
Yes i know that she's pretty.. (I almost consider her my no 1 bachelorettes)

Yes i know that she's a mermaid..

But the funniest thing:
What the f is she using to fight? A big fish???

and sometimes in most of our conversation, she seems to be a bit childish and dumb.. so i'm like ""

- WTF?? I never knew that Rune Factory 3 has a limit when it comes to planting!
I have alot of crops plated and i was sure that the next day will be when it will fruits. But guess what..? 

There was NO hurricanes, 

NO storm, 

NO rain whatsoever, 

and when i woke up on the next day, ALL MY CROPS ARE GONE!
Well.. There are couples.. like, one or two .. 
That pisses me off.
I mean, normally u paid 290 for a bag of seed which can cover 9 tiles, but here you paid 140 for a bag of seed that only cover ONE - FREAKING - TILES !!!
So guess how many loss i've got now.. 


Yipeeee!!! Gotta do a post today to celebrate my good results!! Damn even though it came out good, for some reason i wasn't satisfied because one of the subject is just P.. T^T and i'm announcing this to the whole world.. this is sad.. =_=

Anyways here is the anime that i'll be reviewing today: KAIDAN RESTAURANT

Summary: is a Japanese children's storybook series. The books take the form of horror anthologies, edited by Miyoko Matsutani and illustrated by Yoshikazu Takai and Kumiko Katō.

Score: 6/10  but worth watching

Plot: 8/10
This is similar to xxxHolic, if you've watched the anime. Like telling different scary stories in each episodes.
There are three stories per episode, and they present it as if they are serving a food in a restaurant. Like, the scary story is the food. They've got appetizers, main, and dessert. 

Dessert is normally a short story but most of the time the ending doesn't satisfy me. I mean, they wanted to keep it mysterious but sometimes it can't be kept so. It's hard to explain but if you watch it you'll understand. 

For me, ep 1 and 2's stories are scary enough for an anime.. 
But the episodes after that are so so. 

Maybe because it is an anime. Scary stories/movies are better if it is a live-action. 
One way to enjoy horror anime / movie is to imagine yourself being in the position of the person.

Drawings can't really scare you. But if it is a manga, it is a different story.   
Example, Ryuk from Death Note

I'll give you the drawing in manga, live-action, and anime, and you can see the comparison of which one is scarier. 


 Shit! I would've jizzed my pants if i saw the last pic in a nearby mart! X(
try staring at it for about 5 seconds.. it creeps you..

Personally, my most favourite story out of all is the sleeping princess, which was in episode 3
It's where a princess died and her coffin is kept in a church, and a guard has to watch over it every night. But one by one the guard disappeared. That is one scary shit if it really happens.. 

Characters: ...../10
 I don't know what score to give for this one.. 
I mean,  when they are telling the stories, they are using the same character to picture it over and over again. 
Always that yellow-haired guy, pink-haired girl, and black-haired girl, and a family..

Komoto Sho
 The 'normal' guy who took alot of interest in supernatural thing.

 Ozora Ako
I can't stand her sometimes.. =_=
but she's pretty without glasses. Girls are always like that.

Sakuma Reiko 

Ghastly Garcon

 I assume he is Mexican? Spanish?
Oh and i heard there's a live-action movie for this:

People are disappearing in Yamazakura City. There's a rumour going around the town that you'd get spirited away if you can't reply an email from the Death correcctly. When Aco's friend Mai goes missing, Aco, Sho and Reiko visits the haunted "Kaidan Restaurant" in search. Meanwhile, Mai's older sister Haru Amano starts investigating the case, trying to figure out the truth behind "Death's email".

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I got bored and i've got nothing to do, so i've been looking, playing, watching, close, search again for some dramas or animes. And FINALLY! I found something good.

I can't really give it a score because it hasn't finished yet but i could give it 9/10 right now.
I really enjoyed it. There's a mix of fantasy, drama, romance, and equal comedy here. and I'm lovin it.

Here's the trailer:
omg! it's the museum where Running Man took place!

Normally, dramas about rich boy and poor girl will always ended up the boy fighting with whoever opposing their relationship and then they ended up together. But this one not really.. I mean like the guy here he couldn't really give up everything for the girl because of his.. pride..? I don't think so, it's more like his personality. So in this drama, what we really have to deal with to see them ended up together is a change in his stubborn personality. Even though he's rude, annoying, and stubborn, i love him! Whatever he says or point out, it always is straight to the point. 

and Hyunbin, i'm so loving your style here!!! From head to toe!!! :DDDDD
*fangirl squeal*

And Ha Jiwon, you too XD

.i love it when they swapped their soul. Both really depicts each other's character very well!






if you keep on staring at me like that...








Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm sure it is right!!!

I guess someone must've noticed it already too.

It's in episode 3, where Oska was practicing his dance.

I recognised this twins because of the earring. One of them always wear that white earring, which totally gained my attention during 2ne1's live.Heard they are called 'Kwon Twins'

Gosh they really started to become famous. It's pretty rare to find twins that are both cute/handsome!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OH MY GOD... what the f am i thinking for not reviewing this manga yet..??

Score: 10/10 no doubt!! idk why but everytime i read the chapter, i go all doki doki. lol

Plot: 8/10
The plot is just like another typical student-teacher love. But what makes it interesting is that how they are married and the teacher always did many perverted things but he always avoids a 'kiss'. The meaning behind it will be revealed in chapter 32. ;)

What makes it interesting and fun to read is the comedy they put there and the MOE moment they insert in almost EVERY chapter. So which is why it makes me go all DOKI DOKI. Like this one:


Gosh there are just too many bishies in here!!!!!!! I love the girl too. I can't complain! I mean, come on! You've got 2 hot siblings!

Kazuma Ojiro aka sensei

Trust me, he's just too perfect as a man.
The reason why i like his character is because he's KIND OF like the man i wanted. When you read u'll understand.

and lol. I always love it qen his delinquent side awakens: 

  The ex-biker gang, Kazuma. 
Now ended up as a teacher. lol

 His half-little brother, 
Shouma Ojiro.

No, don't be deceived. 
Since i like him so much, i tried to put up a picture where he looks nice. 
But this is his true self:

Yup, that blunt, cold icy expression..

But you just gotta love him if you read the manga. He's tsundere type. and yes he got a lot of fangirl around the school!
and you'll love EVERY action, EVERY movement he does! It's just too awesome and unexpectedly romantic!
For example, when Meg tried to 'seduce' Kazuma: 

But i gotta admit, i love Shouma x Meg couple ;)

There are many other characters but these are the two that i love the most!!
I'll make another post later when a new chp comes out! ;)

Btw, for more manga recommendation, go HERE.