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Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweet potato rice, YUM

My morning (12pm)
started with my version of bento..
i made sweet potato rice.
It's supposed to look like this:
But mine ended up like this:

It's supposed to look yum and brighter, but thanks to my webcam , it makes it looks gross..
I'm amazed how the sweet potato in Australia are sweet~~
and and.. what i like abt this rice is that, the rice tasted normal, but the sweetness only stays in the sweet potato.

Here's the quick recipe:

It's pretty much the same like how you cook rice, but u add some sweet potatoes in it + a pinch of salt. and cook it like normal.

hahaha pretty useless recipe..
But you can create a colorful rice for bento with sweet potato too. It will ended up like this:


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