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Friday, July 3, 2009


TVXQ, ur dream is nearing now.. in just a few hours your dream will come true.
Get a good rest tonight and perform the best out of all the best for tmrw, okay??

Yup, today's topic is blessing. Yes, it will involved TVXQ again. So close the window if you don't want to read it. I've warned you.

So i had this thought after watching 'Kiss The Baby Sky' PV again.
My knowledge of the member's past gave me the idea that these people are given the blessings from God because they've suffered and they've worked hard for it.
Junsu: whose voice changed because of puberity and he totally depressed because his debut being held back.
Micky: whose parents divorced
JaeJoong: run away from home to reach his dream and suffer during the trainee days, both work and love.
ChangMin: I'm not sure, but maybe it must've be something related to his mother.
YunHo: who has to work to help his sister's school fee.
and now they succeed!!!!

I was quite surprised to find the truth behind JaeJoong's ex-gf. Can't remember her name, started with M.

Anyway, i was surprised by how she dumped JaeJoong just because he's not popular and younger than him. Their relationship is on and off as well, she only find him if she needs him.
After they broke up for real, JaeJoong entered SM Entertainment.
then he debuted, and when he became popular, the girl wants him back but he rejected.
The photo below that we've known, the guy is actually NOT JaeJoong. Apparently it was WooJin, an ulzzang that looks like JaeJoong. Netizens proved this by pointing out the difference of their lips and nose. JaeJoong's lips are more thicker.. lol

It was a big surprised to me how this girl that i always thought is innocent is actually a bitch, by finding an ulzzang that looks like JaeJoong, posing pictures with him and putting up the picture to create scandal that she is JaeJoong's gf. She deserves a hard slap.

It's pretty sad though.. like how he actually does love her deeply and unable to forget her. She is the motivation for JaeJoong to be a star since she wants a popular guy, which i can see that JaeJoong is the guy who would do anything for a girl that he really love. But then i don't think JaeJoong would regret his choice for being a star now.. hahaha
i wouldn't if i was him.
JaeJoong, you deserved a better girlfriend.. hope you find one in the future d(^_^)b

ChangMin is sick!!
Please let it be a normal cough... *pray..*


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