One Piece は も すき!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


I feel envious seeing his LV bag there.. I WANT THAT BAG!! T^T

the guy who thinks that it is him in the photos..

Hi, i am one of ur fan.
But i feel jealous and envious seeing you owning the same bag that i really wish to have.
So, since i am a loyal fan (lol), can u give me that bag?

With love,
you loyal fan who wants your LV bag.

However many times u give this kind of letter to him, i think he would just ignored it + he would never give it to u.. haha
Or if he is interested he might ask YooChun to translate it for him. ^^

YUP YUP saving up money againnnn.. Bagsss cameraaa wait for meee

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm thinking bout you..
One, you are like a dream come true.

two, i just wanna be with you..

three, boy it's plain to see that ur the only one for me and
four, i'll repeat steps one through three.
Five, make you fall in love with me.

You know, you speak and it's like a song.

Maybe it's my intuition?
I see my future in an instant..
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But, I knew i loved you before i met you
I think i dreamed you into life.
I knew i loved you before i met you
I have been waiting all my life.
Why are you so far away?

But boy, you know i'd walk a thousand miles
If i could just see you

Youre my sunshine after the rain
Youre the cure against my fear & my pain

i love you.

It then continues to be like that. I should've realised this faster. Maybe i did but i just don't want to admit it. I'm sorry. Loving you is just make me a fool who doesn't know the real world around me. 523564

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Epik High - Fan [t]

similar but same.

Oh! I know I can't have you
But you're always in my head
Even though I can't touch you
It's just wishful thinking
I can't say it
Watching from far away
You know I do
I love you
Even though you don't know who I am

Oh baby, don't you know?
You don't know my name
I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of you

Oh so beautiful
Grasping the photo I took of you in my hand
My love for you is buried under the world's love for you
You're not listening I will never be allowed to
In the next life we would live seperate lives
I want you so much, I can't go back
Thoughts of kissing you tonight, I hold my pillow tighter

Today would be the first time we met
You say that to everybody you meet
I always talk to you with your back facing me
Even the familiar "hi" seems so awkward today
If we blocked everybody's ears
I'm hoping you would listen to only what I had to say
Seeing you walk away makes me go into a trance state. Shake me from it
From far away, you become a dot
Where can I see you? (Tell me..)

Oh! I know I can't have you
But you're in my head
If I can't touch you
It's just wishful thinking
I can't say it
Watching from far away
You know I do
I love you
You don't know who I am
But you're in my head
If I can't touch you
Even if it's just wishful thinking
If I can't tell you
Watching from far away
You know I do
I love you
Even though you don't know who I am

Why aren't you smiling today?
I hope nothing's wrong
I can't face to look at your worried face
I wish I could take your pain away, but I can't
And that saddens me
Just today - if I can ask you how you are doing
Would you answer me - hug me
I can't reach you, touch you, hold you
I'm going to meet you in my dreams again tonight
Even in my dreams people disaprove
They say I'm crazy - if I erase the world
That makes you mine. Why would I lose you to anybody else
I can never understand that.
I'll make it so that you'll only look at me
I'll give you everything when we kiss
I'll give you everything
So that you can never leave me.
I'll keep you in my cold heart
You are my star
I'm your number one fan
Baby, please, take my hand

Oh! I know I can't have you
But you're always in my head
If I can't touch you
Even if it's helpless wishing
If I can't say it
Watching from far away
You know I do
I love you
You don't know who I am

You're in my head
If I can't touch you
It's just wishful thinking
I can't say it
Watching from far away
You know I do
I love you
Even if you don't know who I am

Oh! I know I can't have you
You're in my head
If I can't touch you
It's just wishful thinking
If I can't say it
Watching from far away
You know I do
I love you
Even though you don't know who I am

You're in my head
If I can't touch you
It's just wishful thinking
If I can't say it
Watching from far away
You know I do
I love you

If you've fallen in crazy love
Boys and girls say 'Oh! Oh! Oh!'
If you've fallen in stupid love
Boys and girls say 'Oh! Oh! Oh!'
If you've fallen in helpless love
Boys and girls say 'Oh! Oh! Oh!'
If you've fallen in love like me
Boys and girls say 'Oh! Oh! Oh!'
Even if you don't know who I am

The Secret Code
this is the beginning.

Is it love when you see someone,
your heart is beating really fast and you can hardly breathe?
Gdragon's Breathe is th perfect song for this.
But i still couldn't find out whether it is love or not..
if it is love.. people would think that i am crazy and i should get back to the reality, but what if it is for REAL?

I think i love u..
이런걸 보면 아무래도.
I`m Falling For You..
난 몰랐지만- Now I Need You~
어느샌가 내 맘 깊은곳에
아주 크게 자리잡은 그대의 모습을 이젠 보아요..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

IDK why.. i seemed to be interesed in these kinds of things... palmistry.. dream meaning.. and now psychology tests.. =.='

Simply these questions ar etaken from a radio that i was listening to but nothing was interesting, so i'll only out 1. hehe

Question is:
'the store's worker behavior is poor. in what way do you think their behavior is poor??'
My answer was: if they are rude
whatever you are answering, this is the meaning:
that's the personality of urs that u have to fix.

So i just talked about Palmistry in my previous posts, and now is my STALKER session!!! hehehehe
I'll try to do everyone's palmistry, but i can't guarantee if it is going tobe true.

so first of all, WARNING!

  1. I'm not an expert in palmistry
  2. I'm looking at theirs based on the theory i've gathered
  3. I'm not responsible if it is wrong
  4. Since i am not directly seeing their hands, i can't really see the lines, so i can't give a very detail observation.
  5. This is just for fun
  6. You can post it wherever you want but please credit (even though i know saying this will be useless...)
Uknow YunHo

Heart Line:
he has a straight and long line which means that he is more passive in their romance, and he is most content to be the receptor of love, tending to dwell in their love rather than wearing it out on their sleeve. However, he is a good welfare workers, as they have a heart for those unhappy people. (YunHo often volunteered right?)

Head line:
i can't really see his.. sorry..

Life Line:
It's curved and wide. He is very passionate about life and who lives life to the maximum. This person has warmth, sympathy, plenty of stamina and endurance and a passion for life in general.
I can see so many other messy lines in his palm, so i think he will/already has gone through some hard times in his life.

Fate Line:
i can't really see either.. sorry..

He has the Girdle Line (above the heart line), it's broken but doesn't have so many girdle lines. Girdle lines determine the emotions and affections or nervouseness. Obviously when nervousness and heightened sensitivity are added to heart felt emotion the person becomes highly strung and over sensitive to such an extent that every casual remark or criticism is taken to heart. It relates to emotional intelligence and the ability to manipulate. It denotes highly-strung, nervous temperament, and when unbroken it certainly gives a most unhappy tendency towards hysteria and despondent.

Choikang ChangMin

Heart Line:
ChangMin's is a little bit curved so he might has a little bit of romanctic sense. His line is also long, flat and ended up in the middle of the index finger and the middle finger, this indicates that he has a strong sexual desires and a thinker.

Head line:
Since it is long, it means that he thinks alot before he takes an action. It is curved downwards means that he is creative. All in all, he is smart.

Life Line:
His line is curved and less visible than the head line which means that he is very passionate about his life. He will live to the maximum. He is also more physically active than mentally.
(isn't he very strong? Pretty baalanced isn't it? A deep thinker, and physically active..)

Fate Line:
can't see.. sorry..

as opposed to what we know about ChangMin so far.. According to his fingers, his thoughts processed really quick. He prefer to listen to his intuition and he gets bored of things really quick. People who has hiskind fo fingers will get bored thinking about detail, it is so laborious and tedious! So they prefer to think and act quickly, and are able to take things in very swiftly and can get an overall view of situations in an instant. They also find it easy to stick to deadlines, but you will miss out some detail if necessary. very quick as a flash in getting to the point.

Micky YooChun

Heart Line:
Micky's line is curved thus he is a very romantic person. His line also shows that he is very emotional, like really rich in emotional. Often described as exciting, unpredictable, and energetic, expressive people are fun to be around. The down side is that while expressive individuals tend to be more "me" people than nurturers. In a relationship, this means that they focus more on themselves than their partners, which can create friction.

Head line:
love to create ideas and put it to use. It seems that the head line is connected to the life line at the origin point. It says that the person will be reasonably cautious and careful, will value others views, values and experiences, and will generally keep within the bounds of expected behaviour, while at the same time, retaining independence.

Life Line:
very enthusiastic of his life, both mentally and physically active.

Fate Line:
i seriously can't see any of the fate lines... again.. sorry..

i think Micky's fingers are not that long or not that short.. so i am not sure about his personlity based on his fingers. Since he is both mentally and physically active, he is the combination of both short and long fingers personality. Sometimes he will be really fast in finishing tasks, sometimes he'll be slow at it since sometimes he will take more time in thinking and making decision.

Xiah Junsu

Heart Line:
it seems that it ended up below between the index and the middle finegr, so Xiah is choosy about lovers and has a strong need for love.
I'm not too sure though bcus i reallyc an't see where it actually ended up.

Head line:
Most commonly found in people who thinks and give a lot of thought before taking action on anything.

Life Line:
He has so many messy lines in his palm, i think it is like YunHo's. Has/will gone through many hard things. He has warmth, sympathy, plenty of stamina and endurance and a passion for life in general. both physically and mentally active.

Fate Line:
He relies onhis family the most. So it might take stime for him to find independence.

YoungWoong JaeJoong

Heart Line:
He has/will gone through of some difficulty in his love life.

Head line:
Many head lines are slightly joined at their point of origin with the life line. Here the implication is that the person will be reasonably cautious and careful, will value others views, values and experiences, and will generally keep within the bounds of expected behaviour, while at the same time, retaining independence.

Life Line:
i can't find much about this part, but seems like he will/has gone through difficulties.

Fate Line:
He is very independent at the start of his life. (is this when he ran away from home to audition?)
His family also plays a large prt in his life.

He has a quick thinking. He also trusts people really fast, so he has to be careful not to be fooled.

So again and again i am sorryif it is not detailed enough.. =.='
Just read the real prediction from A REAL FORTUNE TELLER.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Some part of this post is referenced / taken from

Left hand, right hand

Yesterday, during the conversation session in my Japanese tutor, we were talking about palmistry. せんせいがちょっとわかります。。
and she looked at my palm, and tell me things that she knows. Later, i searched the rest in the internet.
It was interesting when i found out that the lines in my right hand are different from the lines in my left hands.
Sensei told me, we can just picture it as theory and practice.
The right hand is the theory, how my life supposed to be. Left hand is the practice, how my life is now.

Heart line:

determine, what kind of lover are you or sth like that. we have a term in Japanese called いちず(ichizu), which literally means that you will only love that one person / loyal.
Mine, both right and left are the same + I'm a いちず. it really didn't change at all, the level of the depth nor how long the line is. It stays the same, which is good!
    In palmistry people who spot a curved heart line are believed to be more romantic. They also are of a more aggressive nature with love, they will demonstrate in ways to prove that they are in love.◎
    People whos palms show the straight heart line are more passive in their romance, and they are most content to be the receptor of love, tending to dwell in their love rather than wearing it out on their sleeve.
    If a person has a heart line that has a steep curve that ends below and between the middle and index finger, it is most likely that he or she has an intense sexual desire.
    If the heart line ends under the index finger, most probably the person is really choosy about who they want to go out with. ◎
    It is uncommon to see people with heart lines that end under the middle finger. People who spot this heart line are most usually consumed by their need for love. ◎◎
    People with this heart line usually have no romance, and are mostly consumed with a crude sexual drive.
    People with this heart line usually tend to be good welfare
    workers, as they have a heart for those unhappy people.
    Two or more branches show that the person has a number of different emotional sides in their nature.◎

Head line:

simply indentifies if the person is smart or not.. whether you are interested in education or not.
Pay attention! Of yours start below the index finger, it means that you have an excellent brain!! Mine does, but somehow i'm really bad at maths..
    This head line is most commonly found in a person with thinking that is simple and direct to the point.
    Most commonly found in people who thinks and give a lot of thought before taking action on anything. ◎
    Most commonly found in people who values and practice clear concentrated thinking. They are also happier when things are handled and solved practically.
    Most commonly found in people who like to create and put into use new ideas. These people tend to be more creative. ◎
    Usually found in people who are highly strung emotionally as well as intellectually.
    A forked head line indicates that the person has the ability to see more than one point of view.
    Usually found in people who have a carefree and couldn’t care less attitude. They just go about doing whatever they like, not caring about what other may think of them.

Life line:

This line does not determine how long you will live, but tells you how your lfie is: easy, relax, hard, many obstacles, etc.
If your life line has branches, that might means your life has so many obstacles, doesn't run smoothly.
  • A person who does not have a passion for life often spots a life line that runs close to the thumb.
  • A person passionate about life and who lives life to the maximum often spot a life line that is curved.
  • If the head line is more visible than that of the life line, it indicates that the person is more mentally active than physically. ◎opp
  • People who have a delicate health often have a chained life line.
  • A person with a heart for travel often has life lines that are swinging outwards.
Fate line:
In they didn't provide a detail explanationf or this. But after reading so many websites, what i understand from this is that, it determines your life goal and dreams. For example, i have a dream i wanted to watch TVXQ concert (please let's just use this as an example..).
If the fate line is thick and clear, it means that you are on the right way to reach your goal / your goal is not impossible / you can reach your goal.
But if the fate like is barely visible, it might mean the opposite.
  • Straight line
    has an independent start in life. A person who has his/her own views of the direction they would like their life to take.
  • Diagonal line
    A person who has this may be influenced by a dreamer vision they always had. It could be a model like teacher, friend, lovers, artists who might influenced their life path. A person who has this line normally a person who loves to be the yes of attention.

  • Fate line touches Life line
    When they touched, it means that the family play quite a large part in influencing the person's life path. For example, taking over the family's company for family tradition or having some kind of step up from the family or a particular family member. It can also sometimes hint at some kind of restriction as a result of family circumstances, especially if the fate line begins in a central position in the palm, only to veer across to touch the life line as it moves up the palm

Apollo line

This line determines an individual creativity, fulfilment, success, fame and fortune. Some people might not have this line in their palm, so i think it is normal to not have one. I don' have this line on my right hand but i do have one on my left..
Simply, the stronger and longer the line, the more the person attempts to use his soul’s inner expression in every aspect of his life.
The expression of the inner self naturally leads to fulfilment and contentment so that if a person asks if he will be happy with his life, the appearance of this line will tell you yes, he is happy. Not because he is lucky, but because he is looking within himself to find the true happiness which can only come from his own inner expression.

(from now on, just click on the title to see where to look for the line)
Marriage line:
if you see the side of your palm next to your right finger, you will see some lines on it. This line according to my sensei is the number of person you will love, but to a website it is sth that i still don't understand but they told us to not realy on that lines anymore..
They also mentioned these.
That line is the realtionship of our partner and ourselves, how close they are etc.
  • The longer the line, the longer that person stays in your life, and can be considered to provide back up and support for you for at least the length of time the line remains.
  • The closer the influence line appears to the life line, the closer the relationship. Therefore if a line runs very closely to the life line, it indicates a relationship such as a close partner. Any lines appearing further away from the life line may represent close ties with parents, grandparents, etc.
Mine one is VERY long.. so i'm ichizu and i'll love my partner deeply. WOW.

Those are the major lines that i think i should post in here. There are many more but i'm to lazy to post it and summarize it since the posting system in blogspot is a bit annoying. You know how when you insert a pic, it ended up at the top and u gotta bring it down... it's really annoying.

Anyway, just to go this website:

だから、 私にあなたの妻になる!teehee~

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ok, i'm gonna talk abt this not bcus i am defending any singer that has been accused for plagiarism, but since i did experienced it myself, and it brings me great trouble.. haha
Oh well, i'm just trying to build up some excuses.. =p

Ok, so since the case of plagiarism found in Kpop alot, i'll just talk abt it.
So first of all, we know abt the recent news, 'Gdragon got slammed by Sony'. Or to be exact 2ne1 too.

In dictionary, plagiarism means to use or a close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.
Doesn't that mean like stealing the whole damn thing without changing anything about it?
Ppl's trick is to change it a little bit so that it would not sound similar or to hide it.. lol
But think about the number of people that has been living in this whole world, they keep on living and dying.
Of course during the time they survived, they would invent sth. And out of those thousands and millions of ppl, you can't expect them to not be making sth similar to it.
An original new creation is something that is pretty rare to find.. unless they are talented, in term of music, i'd say 'TABLO'.

Now let's compare it a little bit to the Western part.

Rihanna ft TI - live your life, aren't they using that melody.. i forgot what it is called... 'maia hi.. maia hu..' that one.
Shouldn't they get plagiarism case too? or they did get an excuse? But isn't the orginal song-writer died already? how the hell did they get the permission?
I just think that kpop accussation in plagiarism went overboard.
if kpop copies western, they'll get smashed. If western copies asian (which rarely happens) they barely get smashed...

I'm not really good in writing people to convince, i'm a better convincer if i'm actually using my mouth to talk to them face to face.. (maybe i should consider the career as a lawyer,, lol)
BLAH, let's stop this before my anger rises up again, remembering that stupid plagiarism case.. =.='



私の Reaction:
ohemgee.. wait.. wait.. pause!!! pause!!! pause goddamnit!!! stooop.. stopp!!!!! STOPPP!!!
*runs away*
lols jokes.. that was just for fun.. kk~

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Junsu again..

この子はほんとにかわいくて、 Dorkです。
ジュンスちゃん、 いまはなにをしている??
Contract いいですか???
アアアア たいくつだ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ジェジュンくんであいがほしい!!! いい?? へへ

Youtube をみました、 貴方のvideoだ!


정말요, 너모해??!

I haven't gone back to my hometown for the whole 3 years since i came to Australia..
Sucks eh? I know.. =.='
Oh well.. there are just too many things going on.. f u!

So i was browsing through some blogs in blogspot and i found this interesting blog.

Pretty much.. She's introducing heaps o
f Indonesian snacks, restaurants, and foods which i already know.. and resulting me in a dilemma.. haha

Oh and Selby, thank you so much for posting up so many pictures and infos about indo foods.. i'm missing it so much!! It's a really good blog for Indonesian who are overseas, like MOI! hehe..
and yea.. it will be good if you could give some more recipes so i can make the foods here, i'm officially a PRETTY good cook.. lol

and ppl, please oh please.. don't be decieved by the look
of it... the food are amazingly superbly wonderfully heavenly tasted like HEAVEN!


Gwah.. i have to start paying attention to my
swear words, capital letter, short-terms, and grammar in my posts.. blah!
cbf to screw around with it tho~

For my sakes! I hate GRAMMARS!!!

That's my major enemy in my whole world, after cockroach.. tee-hee~

i don't care e e e e e if it is grammar in english, jap, korean, thai or wtv it is.. grammars just pissed the heck out of me..
But when i'm learning japanese, particle pissed the heck
out of moi!
Korean.. oh well.. there are just too many vocabs to learn, yet the sentense SPO are so complicated..

So who's here with me? WE HATE GRAMMARS!


Moving on to the stuff i'm doing yday with my friend who ca
me over from SYD.

First of all, I'M SO SORRY MY FRIEND!

cus we didn't plan where to go so yea.. it's abit of a mess.. hehe but i'm sure it's a good experience for u~
Here are the funny quotes by my friend:

1. We were eating in Ying Thai, Lygon, and we ordered that minced me
at with basil. Like the picture below.

WHile my friend innocently asked,
"Ini oncom ya?"
which if being translated becomes, "Is this oncom??"
Oncom is the food on the right, it's an Indonesian food.
You guys might not find it funny but it's brings a big laugh to us.... ok, LOL.

In Melbourne, we have this new tram, where
the seats are folded. You gotta pull it down to seat on it, and my friend was like, "Can i seat??"
We were all laughed at him, i mean.. come on.. obviously u can seat on it, why not??

3. He was calling with his dad, telling him how to buy the tram tickets, he was like:
"Beli tiketnya di atas tram, koinnya kasi aja ke drivernya."
"Just go and
buy the ticket on TOP of the tram, and pay it to the tram driver."
That really was silly! I mean, there's nothing on top of the tram but a cable.. and we gotta buy the ticket on a machine provided in the tram.. lol at this friend of mine..

It's been pretty long since i have followed TVXQ news.. i've been searching news about JaeBum more than them.. lol

Anyway, and i saw their previous videos like Stand By You, Doushite, Share The World..
Now i am eager to see their new song!! Of course all five of em.. I haven't listened to Melody and Harmony yet.. i only listen for the 1st 1 minute and i closed it.. hahaha

the guy who thinks that the guy in the pic below is him..

Would you please gather up with your member mates and start producing a new ballad song? I'm missing you guys!!
and please make sure it is a ballad song that will sway my sister.. since i still need to convince her that you guys are GOOD, like extremely good!
Both of us, fighting!

missJacQk who rants too much in this blog.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Late post

actually meant to be written like 3 days ago.. but since my internet was REALLLYYYY slow at that time, i can't help but to just post it now.

I cut myself!!! as in my pinky finger..
I was trying to open a pack with a bread knife (bcus it's really sharp and it cuts really well), and i accidentally slice my finger too! It's only a little wound but it's pretty deep.. I tried to take a pic of it but i can't see anything but a small red dot. U can't see how deep the wound is...
Anyway, i'll still post it:

Oh and i'm sorry for my face expression, trying to send this pic to my sis and whine abt it.. lol

So my friend, C, she came over to my house, or to be exact, sleep over..
Me and her are cooking tonight's dinner. We made these:
- ayam gule (Indonesian curry chicken)
- chicken (it's her speciality)
- Korean spicy stir fry squid.

Well.. it turns out pretty good... except for the ayam gule that she maseh... =_='
Oh and the chicken that she made.. i was so shocked with the fact that she cooked it with 3/4 L of Coke!!! I'm like WTF!!!
Coke is not healthy.. and she cook it with that.. i can understand if it is with wine..
Even so.. it tasted wonderful!
Here are the pictures!!! Excuse my low quality phone camera... i'm still saving to buy a camera.. hehe

left: ayam gule
right: chicken + coke
bottom: spicy squid

The spicy squid that i am making is exactly the same as Hyori's cooking in Family Outing, except that i didn't put much veggies in it..
i didn't seek for the recipe, all i do was watch what she put and tried it.. it turned out similar.. yey!
So here's the recipe...

Hyori's Family Outing trademark dish!

- 2 tbs gochujang
- onion
- spring onion ( cut it diagonally)
- chilli powder (up to your taste, i like it spicy so i put heaps. lol)
- 1 tsp sugar
- 1 tbs soy sauce ( i use Kikkoman)
- 1 carrot (slice thinly)
- small bowl
- spoon..
- oil (if u want to)

1. in a small bowl, mix gochujang + soy sauce + chilli power + sugar together.
2. Heat the frying pan, and wait until it is hot (if you put a spring onion, it would sizzle)
3. When it is hot, put the spring onion and sizzle it for a while.
4. add squid, stir fry for a while
5. add carrots + onion and other veggies that you want, quickly pour (1) into it as well.
6. stir fry for a while (not too long because the squid will be hard)
7. and done!

I'm not a pro in giving recipe, so yeah.. just ask.
if you want to post this somewhere, better credit it even though i know saying this will me useless....

I'm talking abt publishing YOUR blog to your friends, not the world..
I mean like, sometimes ur blogs contain stuff that u should not mentioned, yet u gotta keep ur image..
I think i did mentioned in my previous blog abt how my friend published her blog link in our facebook, and all i read in there are mocking people.
oh and an update, she was mocking abt this high school friend.
and the next time i met my high school friends, they told me that those two are fighting.. lol
oh well.. Erin, u gotta learn from this.

Yes i did too in this blog, but mine one is more to private, i don't mind people reading it tho~ i mean ppl that i don't know and they don't know me either.. hehehe

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yup, at least he does wish to come back.
All we have to do now is just to make all those bashers stop.. haha
and i'm sure all of u ppl have read the post made by his.. cousin?
here's the link, cbf copy paste it here.


Here are my thoughts:

In the car I asked my daughter who is the same age as Jaebum Yuri! What does ‘Korea is gay’ mean?” “It means that Korea is stupid or annoying, we say it when we’re tired or annoyed”.

Even when my daughter and I fought when she went through her teenage years, she used the word ‘hate’ a lot. “Dad i hate you!” Just because she said that would i have to kick her out of the house?

During that time, I believe that Jaebum did not understand the Korean culture, and had a hard time adjusting, while the people who translated what Jaebum said on his Myspace translated in a very wrong way because they don’t know that that is just how teenagers speak in America.

At last! Someone said this! Those bashers (is this how i'm supposed to refer them as?) don't know that that is how American teenagers speak, those FOBS!
These fobs are like me as well.. lol
i mean like, my sis sometimes say that 'JaeJoong is gay', and i exploded as well bcus she said it pretty often.
Then she told me that it is bcus she's annoyed i kept on showering her with all these TVXQ videos while she's working in the office.. lol

Anyways, i'm glad to hear that JaeBum is healthy and happy!! yayy!

On 12th September, Mr. Kim and JaeBum's family had dinner together and he comforted JaeBum. And this was a photo they took together with JaeBum on the right and Mr Kim's son Kim JeongHoon on the left.

I wasn't surprised when i see the article on Allkpop about people saying that 'KimBum changed after he got famous'. YES PEOPLE IT'S TRUE.
He did not only changed just when he's done Boys Over Flower, he already changed before that.

I can say so because i was his fan in 2006 and my friend's cousin was in the same highschool as him(idk if KimBum is in Uni or High school now, i didn't check him that much now).
Ok so, i was his fan during the day when he got a role in
Rude Woman . I found out about him not because i watched the drama, but me and my sister just came across the thread for this guy in soompi.
Back then, he wasn't that famous, but it is good enough that he got a role there.

Soon, he got a role in HighKick, even though he wasn't the main character, again, it's good that he got a role.

So then i told my friend about how i like him etc, and she told me that her cousin who's in the same school as him said that he CHANGED.

Her cousin said that KimBum used to be like what other boys normally like. You know.. kind, fun, innocent,etc.
but once he got a role in Highkick, he became arrogant.
He would change his girlfriend really fast, and didn't treat them really nice. Remember the girl in Mnet Scandal with Nichkhun? Nichkhun asked her if her exbf treated her bad, she didn't say anything but Nichkhun took it as a 'yes'. I took it as a 'yes' too.
I got another picture of his exgirlfriend back when he still posts alot of picture in his cyworld (before he was THIS famous).

As he got more role like East of Eden and Boys Over Flower, he became more and more arrogant. I can't really describe how he was arrogant because my friend told me about this like 2 years ago, and my brain memory is low.. lol i did remember clusters of it tho~

But i'm not really his fan now~ haha i'm stuck to my hubby JaeJoong! LOL
but yeah, his appearance changed as well.

For me is his chin, it's wider.
he does change tho~ but both are still cute ^^

Saturday, September 12, 2009

“Being young and foreign, you had to understand the hardships faced” The disappointment is expressed by many.

Caught in the whirlwind of his comments about Korea, many Koreans living outside of Korea were shocked when hearing so.

Being nineteen at the time, he was the 3rd generation of a Korean living overseas, they said that it was to be understood of the hardships and loneliness he faced.

Allkpop (, a news source of Korean artists, had Koreans living abroad express themselves through a report made of Jaebum.

Going by the username ru4real, one commented “Jaebum was only a child when he was thrown into an environment completely different from the one he grew up in” and also said “Right now, if we picked one of those angry Korean netizens and kept them in the States, would they be able to say anything when we wish for them to die based on the comments they made years ago while living here?”

Another user going by the id love_3 asked if the Korean netizens were happy once Jaebum left and said “If those people faced what Jaebum had, they would say the same things as he did.

Irrelevant information ommitted.

Yeah.. i think i did mentioned that in my previous posts...
Seriously, if i have to put it simply, isn't JaeBum's post an everyday conversation with his friend?
It's like me back then when my friend in Indo asked my how's life in Melb.
I don't really like it, so sometimes i'd reply with, "Nah.. I hate it. Especially the weather. Melbourne's weather sucks, you can't trust the weather report."
Ok so, if i were JaeBum, am i gonna get bashed for saying that 'the weather sucks' and 'can't trust the weather report'?
I guess the netizens will tell me, "If you hate the weather and everything, why don't you just go back to ur own country! Fuck off!!"
Like that?
I think 90% netizens who bashed JaeBum (there should be a fancafe for bashing ppl like Japan's) are ppl who NEVER studied aboard.. =.='

Thursday, September 10, 2009



each news i've read abt JaeBum really made me feel concerned about him. I hope he is not stressing about this as much now.
If only i were his friend, i would give him a really really really BIG HUG to him. I don't care if he'll cry or whatever, i just feel like giving him a big hug and pat him on the head, like calming a crying kid.. haha..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Have you guys actually think about this?
All the fans have only been whinning and requesting to let JaeBum come back..
But have you guys think what are the consenquences?

Remember, NETIZENS. Some netizens are obviously an antifans.
These crazy anti fans, won't only bash the artists onthe net but also in real life.

Have you actually thought the possibility of JaeBum being bashed by them?

Even more than 10000 people forgive him, the 5000 people who won't forgive him might consists of these crazy antifans.

If JaeBum comes back, i know we all will be happy.. but i am asure he won't feel safe and he won't totally be happy.
He will b
e haunted by his fear of antifans.
When i was talking about JaeBum's case to my sis, she told me that if my bro or any of our family member was a Korean star, my parents or family would ask him to quickly comes back to us, not staying in Korea any longer. It might put his life in danger. I know that i might be very hyperbolic in here, but it's the reality.
What if your siblings are in JaeBum's shoes? Would you tell them to stay and fight the antifans/netizens?

If you are trying to say, "SNSD can overcome their antifans, why JaeBum can't?"
Ohmyemtothegee.. these two are different matters...
Why SNSD got antifans?
- Tiffany's bad behavior
- they are close with TVXQ, SuJu, SHINee, etc etc..

While JaeBum's is where he said that he doesn't like Koreans (or so i interpreted it as). I know that it was from 4 years ago. And i know that he was still a brat. and I DID FORGIVE HIM. read my previous post.

Anyway, Let's look back at some previous horrific cases happenned bcus of Netizens. Not only netizens, ANTIFANS. (some Netizens are part of antifans too..)

Remember the drink accident? A 17 year old antifan gave him the posion? She mixed a bottle of juice with super glue and give it to YunHo.
She pretends to be his fans and gave the juice directly to him (backstage?).
Good thing is that YunHo quickly spit it out before he drank it down his throat.
Even so, he still being sent to the hospital.
If YunHo actually drank it, the super glue will stuck on his throat and he won't be able to breath. Death is just minutes away from him.
But thank God, he's safe.
I am sure this creates a trauma on him.

Comedian No HongChul.
I don't know if you guys have heard of his stories before. He was attacked by a man (which i am sure is an antifans) who carried a knife, in front of his apartment.

The man waited for No to return home before assaulting him. No, who sustained a cut to his left ear, was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The motive behind the attack hasn’t been established. I’m betting the dude is just crazy; there are loads of people like this out there.

Not only that, he also has another experience. He was going down the elevator of his apartment where a resident enters the elevator as well. All of a sudden, the guy just punch and kick him a few times. When HongChul asked him why he did that, the guy simply answered because HongChul's face annoys the heck out of him.

g.o.d member Yoon Kye Sang's mother g.o.d. member Yoon Kye-sang received a poisoned drink. While he didn’t drink it, his mother helped herself to it and was subsequently taken to the hospital to get her stomach pumped.

Yoon EunHye
An anti-fan shot Yoon Eun-hye in the eye with soy sauce and vinegar during her Baby VOX days. It resulted to a scratched cornea.

Super Junior's KangIn's fan

The girl who appeared in Star King, showing her amazing lose weight. She took a picture with Kangin putting his arm around her shoulder, cause the netizens to get jealous. The netizens bashed her constantly to the point she decided to suicide.

Now, considering all of these, wouldn't you think the possibility of JaeBum getting bashed is pretty high?
5000 haters is not a small amount even if you compare it to the 10000+++ fans. 500o is big enough.
If you think that the fans would protect the artist from their antifans, let me ask, HOW?
Even if it comes out from the fans' mouth, i don't think they will do it.

All in all, I THINK, the possibility of JaeBum coming back is low.
Considering the antifans, etc.
Moral? Maybe to some ppl.
Group? sigh.. idk.

Remember that this is just my opinion.
We better just wait until JYP voices his decision..
And i hope JaeBum won't read this blog, it would only saddens him even more.. haha T^T

Monday, September 7, 2009


Hell No!

Why the fuck are u quitting?!

even though i am not your big fan, but i just still find this wrong.. i do enjoy watching u on TV, u did a good job and i know u love doing this job!

Is it just bcus of the antis?
or bcus u think that ur comment was so bad to the point that you have to quit??

What's with ur 4 years worth of training now?!?!?! I hope u'll come back..

Why are u going back to Seattle so soon for?
Is it bcus the staff has predicted that u might have get antis attack?

fuck those antis!

k, i'll say sth bad abt koreans now. i just think that 'korean antifans' are just a bit too much.
I thought the world is democratic (in some part), so i can voice out my opinion right? But if i do, i'll get bashed and everything..

The thing is..
if someone said sth bad about ur country.. i know some will be mad and some won't care.. but to the people who are mad:

are you really mad bcus u love ur country?
or u just do ur obligation as a resident of ur country?
or u just want to create sensation?

ok. this might creates war in internet. so i'll stop my opinions here.. ;)
i'm normally a peaceful person.. what.. lol

Maybe saying that 'korean is gay' really put ur career down.. but what's 2pm without JaeBum?
I mean.. really!

Ok, since i am the master of blaming someone, let me blame the fans who exposed those comments!!

See. there are 3 probabilities.. it might be the fans or the antis or the friend.
I mean who else would spend their time reading through the whole comments till 4 years ago..? fans? possible.
antis? possible.
friends? possible.

Fans - i know you might say that fans are loyal and everything, it's impossible blablabla.. but heck no!
For example, if you found those comments and you know it's going to be a big hit around the world, wouldn't you be tempted to post that?

If i were that person and i did post it, i would feel extremnely bad.. i mean.. maybe i did gain popularity and my post became famous but i ruined someone's career and life..

Antis - i don't think i can post anything about this anymore.. i mean.. what can i say abt antis? it's already obvious of what to say abt them..?
But i really can't believe antis would go that far.. maybe not as far as what happenned to YunHo (the drink accident), but it is still bad.. oh well.. i guess i could only wait till these antis die and i'll laugh seeing them being tortured in hell.. ohh what a moment.. and of course i just want to see not actually see 'it' when i died.. =.='

friend - betrayal...? isn't this the same case as 'fans'? Nothing could've been more hurt than being betrayed by friends.. even tho i dont have those experiences.
If i were JaeBum.. I might say, "oh yeah.. i forgive them blablabla.." but when i found who's the person.. i will so beat them up to death.. like what happenned to my stolen wallet ;) (tho i havent found the culprit in my workplace yet..)

All i could hope is that JaeBum will just take this as a 'break', i'm hoping that he would come back.
All the best for you..

another one

oh and another one!

Found some of these pictures on the net and i found it funny + true.

Agree about Sandara's singing. Bom's is especially true.
CL.. i am one of thos egirls who found her amazing.. lol
oh well, but i still love them.

It's actually the opposite for me since i am a girl, but it is still the same situation.

I don't understand either! He's not Gu JunPyo for fuck sake u bloody fans!

I'd rather say that it was a big mistake of SM to be putting HyoYeon in this group, she deserves a much better group.

Even though i love TVXQ, but i have to agree with this one.. haha
Oh and maybe their ++++ points for getting so many fans is because they debuted when there weren't as many boygroups.. plus their amazingly good personality.

I love you.. But i HATE you when you are dancing and putting that 'i am cool' face.

Found some of these pictures on the net and i found it funny + true.


K, so this happenned yday.
I was chatting with my sis, talking abt what i was doing last Sat, and i told her that i was hanging out with my HS friends back in Indo.
Well.. technically.. NO.. I did go with my HS friends but some of their friends too.
And there is this one guy that i found the most OK one out of all the Indo boys i've met.. not exactly.. but yeah..
I just think that he is OK when i was talking to my sis..
So i show his fb to my sis.
My sis said that he is not 'that' good looking.. he's like abang" cina. Which if i tried to translate in english would take me 5 paragraphs. So search those words in google, k?

While i'm talking to her, i would log into my fb and reply some post as well, i was replying to his post telling me that he would beat my score in guitar.
and 2 minutes later, i recieved a message from him in my inbox.
He asked me about my friend who came along that day.. and from the way he asked me, i have a feeling that he likes her..

oh and he's not exactly my 'crush'.
He is just my interest. I just don't know how to put it in english. soz.
peace YO!

Yup yup..
a lot of u must've heard about his recent scandal aka his post in his myspace.
I forgave him not because i like him in 2pm (lol) but because i understand his feelings back then.
the comment was from 4 years ago. I repeat, 4 YEARS AGO!! Which fans that has no life would go through all his post in myspace till 4 years ago? i'm like wtf? This fans must be bored enough.
It was kinda JaeBum's fault as well for not making his myspace profile limited to some people.

His apology was very.. good? Is that how i'm supposed to put it?
I mean, there aren't many idols who would make such a long and pretty deep apology.
He gave out so many reasons which made sense and almost in every 3 sentence, he would put the word 'sorry'.
he did mentioned how when he came to Korea, he doesn't know a single word.
Whereas, when i came to Australia, i did learnsome of em, but still finding communicating with the locals here abit difficult.
When JaeBum came, everyone are Koreans, not many of them came of US or anything. I think Taecyeon and Nichkhun came like a year later? Maybe by that time, he still not close with JoKwon yet?
Meanwhile, me being in here, even though i can speak english.. it was kinda hard for me to talk to the locals.. =.=' they weren't nice enough to me.. hahaha
maybe i wasn't used to the western culture yet, i men like how they like to communicate etc etc.

JaeBum wasn't used to the culture yet too. I am sure of that.
See him in Mnet Hot Blood, when he came he was very cold yet quiet. Maybe he wasn't familiar with everyone there or upset??
I heard he was meant to debut as a solo, but being 'thrown' to boyband by JYP. But he doesn't regret it now..
Look at him.

At that time, i sensed the ABC vibe in him.. lol

Oh well, posting this here wouldn't help him anyway, hahaha.
I didn't intend to help him either, just voicing out my opinion about this.
But this matter, We won't be able to understand the Korean netizens decision because we aren't Korean. Maybe for Korean, talking bad about them is a BIG BIG BIG problem. For us maybe.. it's just.. mehh.. who cares?
You know how in Asian countries, idols are being pushed to be perfect?

Anyways anyways.. I'm just glad that JaeBum in the end found friends in Korea aka 2PM and he's happy with it.
Oh and i'll just sit down and always be the audience. I don't want to get my hands on all these..