One Piece は も すき!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Just another random post.

i don't know why...

everytime my sister type the word 'JAEJOONG' in MSN, doesn't matter if she is mocking him or asking or anything that has his name in it, i feel happy.. LOL

Because she doesn't like JaeJoong! And doesnt want to talk about him at all!!
If i mention anythign abt JaeJoong in MSN, she would read it and won't reply or respond about it!!!!!
So i treated it as a miracle if she does responds to it.. hahahaha


Another new girl group..?

Oh well.. i've heard abt this ages ago, but cbf posting it here.
I can't wait to see them debut, so far i like Victoria Song and Amber kinda interests me.

I also can't wait to see more scandals and rumours going around about Krystal and Jessica since they are siblings.. lol i'm being a meanie..
But i'm sure a lot of people are expecting that too~

Sunday, August 30, 2009

it's been pretty long since i said 'that'..

Yupyupyup.. somehow i kinda miss him.. oh well.. never met but miss him.. weird but real. hehehehehehehehehehehe

Thursday, August 27, 2009



Let's talk about bishonens in manga, anime, games, etc etc etc..
i found heaps!!

It started with a boring session where i just finished work, going home, clean up the house, sit in front of the comp and browse for some videos.
Then i encountered some parody of manga or animes of NewS' cm 'Nandemonai dance'.
Here's the original cm:

Even though i love YamaPi, NewS is quite new to me. The boys that i know from the video are:
1. Yamapi
2. Koyama
3. Shige
4. idk but he's cute like a lil kid..
5. Ryo
6. idk too..
Anyway, so here are the parody of manga of this cm..

One Piece!!!

Luffy and Zoro are amazingly looks good in here!!! Kakkoiiiiiiii~~
Nami.. hmm kinda doesn't look like her..
Ussopp.. i think teh hand motion dance fits his personality very well..
Robin.. She's like one of those Bgirl.. or bboy.? haha

Next, Death Note!!

This maybe the first animation of this parody that the author make. It looks stiff and all. But L is the most kakkoi in here!!
I wonder why they put Matsuda in.. They should put one of Near's assistant in it.. the guy with the black hair since i love him.. hahaha
and hey i didn't know that L could stand so straight.. lol


This one is my least favourite of all...
Naruto looks amazingly weird..
The only one that looks OK is Gaara. Mehh.. let's put Sasuke too..

Next, Baccano

Truthfully, i never read this manga before.. and thanks to this parody, i want to read it now.
i mean.. as a shoujo reader, who can resist the appearance of the bishonens in here???
I love the 1st, 3rd and 5th guy... hehehehehe
So far, this is the best. The color and the animation are a lot better than the other 3.

Ehehe and i can't resist Hibari in the pocky cm. hehe even tho i didn't read the manga as well..

and i would love to see Nandemonai dance of OURAN..
If only he's gonna make one.. T^T

Like always, the bishonens from the game will be from Harvest Moon.. and Hiiro no Kakera.. think i've shown it to u all.. but anyway, lets start..
I didn't play all the series, but i see a couple of fanart of Tree Of Tranquality.. and i'm loving the bachelors there.
The only thing that i hate about this version is because they made all the characters round! Round face, pointy nose etc.. i hate it!!
If i see their faces in wii first, maybe i won't like it.
Thank God i saw them in a fanart..
Here are the bachelors that i love and see the comparison!
1. Gill

What i like about Gill is that he seems like a Tsundere.
You know.. the type that most shoujo will like. ^^
I kinda like his type in manga, but not in real person..

2. Chihaya

Chihaya, i love this guy because he seems to be so laidback and an easy person to talk to.
You can say you will look up to him as a sempai or brother.
I like this type of guy as well, laidback. He seems to mature and independent too. ^^
For personality, i like his.
Surprisingly, my guesses are pretty much his personality in the game.
If he is a real person. He's the type that i would want to get close with but not for realtionship. I would hate to lose him as my friend or anything. I just want him to always be by my side, no problem, no conflict no anything. I will treasure him like crazy. =p

3. Tao

Oh well.. Tao is an exception.. he looks cute both in the game and fanart.. hehe
This guy looks careless abt the world isn't he? Look at the smile that he always put on his face!
He seems to be a good friend. Seems like you can make him to be involved in any kind of prank you want to set up. hahaha
but as what i read on the guide, he's not all that careless..

Ok.. so those are the bachelors in ToT.
If i have to list all my fav bachelors.. here are they:




Trent (not in MT)
did i miss anyone? lol XD

I think that should be all for today.. I'm considering to buy an NDS...
I don't want to buy the game, just download and use R4 (borrow from friends)
Because playing in computer using emulator is really annoying. I don't mind if it is working.. but no$gba doesn't seem to work very well now. Mine works only 26%.. do you know how annoying it is and how slow it is. Im thinking to buy an nds.. just for harvest moon.. lol of course no.. other games too.

now i don't know which world am i living in at the moment.. hahaha

Friday, August 21, 2009

District 9

I just watched it 3 hrs ago.. and Gosh.. it was a really good movie!!!
I came to watch this without knowing a single thing about it, i haven't even watch the trailer..
My sister's friend just invited me, and yeah so we go.

Ok, let's just get to the point, my rating for this movie is 9.2/10
I love the plot, it's very unique. You have 3 parties which you will know. The MNU (police), the aliens, and the Nigerians. There are times where you will think that the aliens are the bad ones.. when the police are the good ones, and when the Nigerians are the good ones (but i think in this movie, they are potraying always as the bad guys)... The are even times when you will hate the main character!
At first, the main character kinds of potray an idiotic guy, from the way he is talking, yet his mushy appearance.
But i still don't understand how this mushy guy turned out to be a pretty hot fatherly guy.. hahaha

This movie is a bit.. sadist? for some viewers. They showed so much blood and killing. and i am lovin the alien's weapon. When you shoot, the person that you killed will be torn into pieces, breaks into particles. A very clean killing.. haha
But don't worry, it wasn't as sadistic as Saw.

The animation was perfect, it fits well with the color of the settings. Yet you can hardly tell it is an animation.
The camera is good, but in some parts where they run and battle, it's too shaky that you can't really see what's going on. maybe it is one of their 'camera-technique' but it is just too shaky.
I can understand if it is a documentary, but it is not.. it is still a movie.

Talking abt a documentary, this movie starts and end like a documentary. So ppl, don't even think that this thing actually exists in Johannesburg.

The ending was touching yet disappointing.
The alien (Christopher) said that he would come baack in 3 years. He promised.
But the movie only showed the main guy making flower out of metallics/irons and indirectly gave it to his wife.. Damn.. i almost teared up in that part.
He turned 100% to be an alien..
But i was hoping that they would show Christopher came back 3 years later, healed him, and he can come back living with his wife as a human.. Leave it with a happy ending...

wHY the last 2 movies i saw always ave this kind of ending..?

But anyway, this movie really deserves an award.
just be aware that this mvoie is very emotional as well..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oki. (why am i always starting with 'oki'?) I just had thsi thought recently.. Does getting old makes you dislike sweets? I mean, yes you will eat it, but you don't like it to be sweet. In my case, when i was around kids till teenager, if i ordered a coffee, i would always put 5 sugars in it and that's normally the amount of sweet i like. But recently i bought a coffee and when i put 3, it is too sweet for me! Like really sweet! Oh by the way, the sugar that i put in is Equal because in that cafe, they only served that. Maybe Equal's sweetness is more concentrated than the normal one. Not only that, when my friend made a bday cake for her boyfriend's bday tday, i tried it and i said it is sweet enough. But my other friend said it's not sweet. I'm like.. maybe something really is wrong..

Anyways, let's just talk abt the SM Town live. I read an article that reported that the fans posted a complaint to the entertainment about the concert.
As you all know, they cancelled it with a reason that with TVXQ current issue with SM, it doesn't make an SM family or sth like that.
So the fans got their tickets back with refunds, but in the complaint they demanded a 10% compensation as well.

This time, i gotta say that the fans are stupid - especially Cassiopeia.

I mean, if they are complaining abt this and SM agrees, SM will put the blame on tvxq.
Who knows TVXQ will feel guilty and decided / pushed to pay for the compensation.

Not only that SM will blame TVXQ on this as well, they might say, "bcus of this contract thing, you put SM and the fans in trouble."
Gosh.. it's bcus Cassiopeia's members must be teens. Maybe older, but most of them will be teen. And this teen doesn't know much things. They only know ho wto swoon over someone spend their shit on these stars, stalk them, and forget abt the education. That'sw hat makes them stupid. I kinda think that, if you want to survive pretty well in korea, you better bcome a singer or sth like that...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Oki, so i had this stupid conversation with my friend.
We tried to use our imagination as best as we can, entering the anime world.. lol

So let's see..

Out of all the famous manga and anime since i was born (One Piece, Naruto, etc..) who do you think would win if they fight?

We came to this conclusion.

If One Piece crew + Naruto and his teammates + Akatsuki + Marine are on the same boat. What would they do?
Of course, OP + Naruto + Marine will work together to beat Akatsuki which we know that they are bad.
After that, if the Marine is targetting for OP, it's impossible.
Combining the power of Naruto and his teammates + OP crews.. They are dead meat! Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Itachi, assume they are still alive.. they might be on the same level as luffy.. hahaha
Ok, so if Naruto and OP work together, Marine will lose.

If One Piece and Naruto have to face each other,


Luffy will win..

Why? because Naruto has its limits - Chakra - yet their attack won't have much effect on Luffy the rubber man. Since i have the passion to find out who will win over Luffy, i suggested more anime characters to my friends

Luffy vs Sailor Moon = Luffy.


(everytime Sailor Moon is in a pinch, tuxedo will come right?)



Luffy vs Tuxedo = Luffy


(All tuxedo can do is throw rose... =.=')



Luffy vs Light!! = Luffy


my friend said because Light doesn't know Luffy's real name. I know it is 'Monkey D Luffy', but what's the 'D'?
But then even if he eventually knows.. if Luffy goes on physical before he was able to write, he's  dead meat.



Luffy vs L = most likely will be Luffy.


(what can L do in this situation? Fight? Asif..)



Luffy vs Natsu = Luffy


(Rubber may lose to Fire, but still..)

Luffy vs Vampire Knight = Luffy


With the power of Bishies!!!!!
VK still lose.. lol

Luffy vs Ouran = friends/ ally (even tho they will be useless..)


Well in here.. Luffy will find another one of his nakama.. none other than TAMAKI!!!
Their stupidity matched each other..

Luffy vs Nura Rikuo = .......... this gonna be a tough fight...


Rikuo's main weapon is his fear and his nenekirimaru. Rikue himself got a really good skill, especially if he used his latest technique of combining himself with his allies' fear...
But I doubt that Luffy is scared of ghost because he's fine with Brook.. So this will all comes to physical fight... and no one knows who would win..
So if Kuroshitsuji's Sebastian joins the fight..



Luffy vs Rikuo vs Sebastian = .......?????...............

This might be the end of the world...

Sebastian himself is the devil..
Rikuo is a.. yokai? So it's under Sebastian, but Rikuo is not obliged to follow him at all..
Luffy will find quite of a hard time fighting Sebastian...


Anyway.. no matter who wins the battle..

i've found the ultimate weapon!!!

whoever wins the previous battle vs Doraemon = DORAEMON


When Luffy is about to launch its' gomu gomu, Doraemon can just take out it's special torch and make Luffy small...

Same case with Rikuo and Sebastian.. Doraemon got all of the stuff to defeat them!

Ckckckck.. in the end.. Doraemon wins. as long as there's no mice..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let go (let go) let go (let go) let go...
I know I gotta let go
Let go (let go) let go (let go) let go...
I know I gotta leave my past behind and let go
Let go (let go) let go (let go) let go...
I know I gotta be strong


ARghh, i just don't know what to do.
to think big?
if i am not thinking big, i'll just stay like this. The way i am now.
It's boring.
I want something new.
I'm seeking for adventure, like how i seek in love. But still, i haven't found one.
But if i am thinking too big and it is not happening, the one who will got hurt the most will be me,
even though i never felt what being hurt is like.. sigh..


Oki, oki, oki, oki..
Just let me go to the dream world for a whilt and talk 'trash'..
Like what i've mentioned sometimes before, some of my dream has come true, or more like nearly alike.
Then i dreamed about me being Junsu's girlfriend and yeah..
Today, at work, my manager told me taht he dreamed about me.
He said that the two of us were sitting on a bench and a guy was standing inf ront of us.
I kept on telling him how much i like that guy, and he kept on telling me that he's ugly! LOL
But then i won't listen to him and kept saying that i like him. In the end, the guy just left us.

When i asked him what he look like.. He can't really remember. He remembered that i am wearing a white top with mini skirt and the guy was wearing jeans..
Too bad he didn't remember who the guy was.. tsk!
If only it was JJ.. mwahahahahahaha

Btw, could this be a sign?? I mean like i had so many dreams that had connection with TVXQ..
Could it be that..? 0.0
Oh well.. Let's not get my hope too high for now..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seriously, i feel like crying now.
I still can't submit my entry for the competition.
I know that i sound so desperate and I AM!
I want to at least enter and see how i go, lost? win? runner-up?
If i win, that will be a dream come true..
free tickets, free accomodation, and even meet tvxq. Fuck! Who doesn't want that?! (i know some of you dont if you dont know them or are not their fans)

fuck fuck fuck fuck.
I feel like cursing and throwing things right now.. omg..
But if i throw things it's gonna be messy again..
and if im shouting, i'll wake my hsmate up..
damn damn damn damn..
Please.. please.. please.. i'm so fucking desperate right now!
i even sent a message to the username. I dont care what they are thinking, just as long as they take look at my damn video is good enuf.



What to dooo?!?!?1
I've made the video for the Contest, but somehow i can't submit it??!?!
Is it bcus it's 12 now?
Is it bcus it's the due date?!?!

Please, please, please..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nothing much happenned today..
just chilling in my house, getting ready for another hectic day for tomorrow.

And yeah, i'm happy because of a good news about TVXQ and M-Flo!
OMG, two of my fav band group will be featured~
Heard that JaeJoong and Micky will be in their song - Been So Long - i wonder how it will be like since 'Been So Long' is such a good song.

I love most of Mlfo songs.. like:
'Miss You'
'The Love Bug'
'Come Again'
KYaaaa!!! I just can't wait for their next album to be released (with JJ and Micky in it).

Saturday, August 1, 2009



Yup, it's about hypnotising.
This is my opinion.

It was pretty scary how WooYoung said that it feels as if someone is holding his hand up like that.
But rather than scared, i feel suspicious about this.

When WooYoung kept on saying about someone holding his hand etc etc.. The hypnotizer approach him and hypnotized him to become mute, unable to speak.
WooYoung did try to say something, but it seems as if something stuck in his throat that made him unable to speak.
The thing is, from the action of the hypnotizer, it is as if WooYoung saying the right thing, and he's afraid if WooYoung kept on saying this, people will discover his true trick - using ghost. (who knows,,)
That is why he showed us this trick. Not only for the show, but for his benefit as well.
That's what it looks like to me.

Wheni told my friend about this, he said that the guy is not a 'hypnotizer' but a 'mentalist'.
Don't get it? search in wiki.