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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This girl..

Yup. I have been thinking about this for a long time but never actually had the intention to write but oh well.. i think it's better to write it just to get rid of this stupid feelings.

First of all, i love her acting.

second, i don't hate her.


Somehow whenever i saw her photos or videos in a non-drama/movie, during a press conference or whatever it is.. I just think that she's fake.
Listen, i know that she's casted in a drama with JYJ Micky, but it's not like i'm jealous or anything about it. It just reminds me of her and made me think about this again.

She seems to be the type of girl who's pretty but weird (personality wise).
This thought came up when she withdraw from East Of Eden by saying that she can't get in depth to her character. Ookaayy.. i can accept that but i can't either. I found it weird. It's just as if she's 'oh.. acting is all i have!'
Kind of like a drama queen or as if it is so dramatic..

So now she finally appear in another drama with Yoochun. I'm sure she's taking advantage of it too. She knows that being in the same drama as Yoochun will increase her popularity..
But oh please.. If a fangirl attack you, don't imagine that Yoochun will protect you and start all this actor-actress forbidden love 'scandal'.

Well i hope my impression of her is false..

But i love her more when she haven't done her plastic surgery.

But this picture.. made me think about my impression again.. sigh.

LDH: Isn't it..?? Tee hee hee... *cutely*
YC: Yeah.. whatever..

Like that.

But i can't wait to see her acting again :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Well i know that it's been a few days..
i wanted to post a lot of things about this but nah.. maybe not.. i was too shcoked as well.. some of my Jap friends are suffering there.. ;(

For a second, i was thinking about jj once too.. =='
I was hoping that he won't be there at that time, and yeah thank God he wasnt.

I'm not gonna say much here but i hope the people in Japan will stay strong.

[TRANS] 110320 Jaejoong's Studying For The Future

>> Monday, March 21, 2011

With regards to Jaejoong's new drama offers, he said, "I've received many new acting proposals, so everything's currently in the midst of fervent discussion."

He also added, "I'm also taking acting, English, golf, and other classes that I'm interested in. Spending my time on studying, it adds to my experience and will become an aid to my future activities."

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Gosh! go boy!!!

Go and learn English!! English is a very universal language!! 

actually, it's good bcus i might be able to talk to u comfortably in the future then.. HAHAHAHAHA
 or you can learn Chinese, so you can talk with my mom more comfortably too.. HAHAHAHA

ok scratch all those. I'm sure i'm not the only happy fangirl here!! hehe..