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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oyaji gags

this really made my day again..

Love this oyaji gags, not bcus it is Junsu who said it, but i love this gag:

僕はたまごものきみも好きです けどきみも好き。
(Boku wa tamago mono kimi mo suki desu kedo kimi mo suki)

The 'kimi' after tamago means the egg yolk, and the 'kimi' after 'kedo' means YOU.
So if being translated, become:
I like the yolk in the egg, but i like you even more.
lol XD

But maybe partiallu it's bcus of the way Junsu said it, he actualy point to the audience and his expression was priceless.. lol

Also, JaeJoong's gag is my fav as well.

person: どうゆこと? (douyokoto)
JaeJoong: しょうよこと。(shouyokoto)
Douyukoto means something like "What's going on?"
Shouyokoto means "That's whats going on." which sounds like shouyukoto, or SOY SAUCE!!!
not sure if 'shouyo' alone means soy sauce, if it is, it's gonna be "soy sauce business" LOL

Arghh.. and today's lesson in my Japanese tutor.. omg.. so many kanji that i have to memorise.. damnit.
next week.. have more vocab and verbs to do...


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