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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another beautiful day where i stayed up until the morning again.. and fell asleep at 8 till 3..
anyway, i supposed to be watching The Hangover today, but it seems that i left my phone in my workplace yday and i didn't get any call about when and where we're watching the movie. Good thing, it turns out that they are not watching it today.. mwahaha so at least i still have someone who hasn't watch it yet.. hehehe

Oh, and pretty much.. I'm staying at home after i retrieve my cellphone, gotta rest.. i got work tmrw.
And as usual, checking out more news on Kpop...
Found how crazy the fans are... well they are not THAT crazy.. if i were them i would do that as well.. haha like if you see those gorgeous banner of Beyonce or Mariah Carey wouldn't you take the picture???
TVXQ, you really are too famous now.. =.='
I think u'll make a history..

Another thing that i came across today is TVXQ first ever CF in Japan!! with Aya Ueto!
hahaha i love the lyrics!! I am sure this song would fit the best for ppl who work in an office and has those same problem~

(DaeSung.. ur crying too much.. Hyori too)

Ok, and i also watch Family Outing the farewell episode for YeJin and ChunHee..
T^T man.. i am sure i would miss them in the show.. I love savage lady Park YechungbanJi and Chunderella. I teared up when they were watching the video footage back then.. hmm.. thanks to the song and Hyori crying.. hahaha
The new member would be Park ShiYeon and Park HaeJin. ShiYeon.. truthfully.. i don't really like her, but not hate.. but we'll see what will happen. I also didn't have the chance to watch the episode where HaeJin is in as the guest, but i'm watching it soon.. hahaha
Even so, i had a feeling that they would do well.. But ppl will still miss YeJin and ChunHee.. maybe they will gain 10% of anti-fans for those who are crazy of Family Outing. Yet, they will always be compared...

Fiuh~ Staying at home is always the best, but i am hoping that something thrilling would happen to me, like what? Hmm winning a huge amount of money or sth.. Like fanmeeting with TVXQ? hahaha
k enough of that.. Even my own bro and sist are sick of me talking abt TVXQ. i am 100% sure that if i show my mom TVXQ songs and their faces, mym mom would love them as well.. But i guess it would not change my sist and my bro's mind.
what kind of siblings are youuu!! Ur supposed to support this little sist of urs!!

1man: got nothing to say.. just asking you to come here.


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