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Friday, July 10, 2009


Awawawa.. another night. i decided to sleep as soon as i can after writing this.
Anyway.. i think bcus of my activity yday - manga-ing - tday as well, i read manga alot, i even downloaded alot of them. The manga that i downloaded tday mostly are one shots and Yoshihara Yuki's. Yup, i love this girl's manga. Even though it goes more to Josei and a bit of a smut, i just love the romance and comedy. Plus, the guys are all good looking. ahahaa..

1. Blanc Marie 10/10

(click on it to get a bigger pic + look clearly at how handsome the guy is! lol)

I don't know what the title actually means though.. the character name is not Marie.. hahaha
I'm not good in making a quick summary but i swear.. this is a must read. u'll go "awawawa.."
Oh Gosh.. the guy is just so handsome and i love how he made the vow to her,
"I vow a thousand, a million times, never to let you leave my side the girl."
Sounds good but plain.. but if you actually read and see the picture.. u'll totally melt.. haha i did.
the girl is pretty as well.. how i wish i could have the same hairstyle as her..
But this really is a must read!!

2. Yoru no Bannin 10/10

This one.. i love is as well.. the guy.. mwahaha *drool*
It's about a girl who work in a secretarial office who always stayed up in the office even though it is the time the lights supposed to be off (she must go), the guard who always shoo her is the guy! I really love both of them together.. but i was pretty dissappointed to see how the girl is like in the future.. if only she would stay the way she is like the picture above.. But the guy still look handsome!T^T she should've just stay like before...

The guy looks the same tho~ still hot.

3. Love Luck 7.5/10
It wasn't that bad either, it's just fun when you read it, you are eager to find out what will happen next.

4. Santa Clause Panic 7/10

This one is just for another reading section.. not so interesting. I mean, it is, but not as interesting as normal. But still love it!

how are you?


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