One Piece は も すき!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Ok, when we are talking about dream, it means dream as in our aim, not dream at night.. hahha
kk, back to the topic.

Seriously, everytime i read recent TVXQ's news about their mirotic concert, i am so amazed by their accomplishment for this long.
How they started from scratch to be an artist in Japan, and how they dream of being able to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome (is it really that hard to gt one in tokyo dome?), and how their dream performing in Tokyo Dome is nearing. Which means that it will come true soon.
Thanks to that, i kept on thinking about my own dream. Do i even have one?

Maybe i do, but even if i want to reach that, i kept on being reminded about the real world, how my dream wouldn't be able to support my life, and it's a long way for me to be successful.

k, forget that.

Just wondering wth is Junsu doing on the 1st pic??

Yes, and please replace me with the doll there.
But not in that form, just my form would be good.
my normal human form.
my normal human abilities etc.. hahahahaha


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