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Friday, July 31, 2009


Busy day tday..
i woke up earlier than i thought i would be bcus of my hsmate and her friends giggling in the morning.. =.='
2 missed calls on my phone, i didn't pick it up.. too sleepy + cbf..
Yet the 3rd call is a private number and i know surely who would it be bcus the only one who would call em so early in the morning is either my workplace.. or my manager: eric (since he got so many morning shifts)

I had the premonition that i will be asked to work (always).. but still i picked up the call.
I told him that i can't bcus i have Jap tutor at 12 but later i accepted his request to help him at the store for 1 hour since he told me it is very busy.
Hahaha funny to know that he actually is not working as well, it is his day off, but the manager this morning panicked easily.. She said it's busy even though it is only 5 customers in each line.. =.='
So then, i have to get ready in 10 minutes and get into his car (one way) and go straight to maccas and start helping them. I'm not helping them serve or cook.. but sorting out the deliveries we received.. MWAHAHAHA

What makes me (slightly) mad is bcus the amount of the deliveries is not as much as i thought it would be or as what she told us.. we finished it within 30 minutes.. Then Erci and me heading towards the food court for breakfast... Since we both just woke up + DAMN hungry..
I ate Seafood curry laksa.. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
I love seafood!!!

after that he sent me to state library for my Jap tutor bfore he went home... and so my jap lesson proceed!!
That's my day activity for tday.. I supposed to be going clubbing tday.. but cbf..

Anyway, i read "Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu" looong time ago, and i just read the latest 2 chapters..

Man idk why i am pretty addicted to this manga, but it is not my favourite manga list. I mean, the story is pretty much.. I can predict what will happen next.. The girl's behavior is kinda annoying sometimes..
But i think what makes me like this manga is bcus it is a first-love story..
Her first time having a boyfriend etc.. it is such a good manga for someone like me who never had a bf bfore.. haha (for those who had as well)..
where's my future bf?? lol

I'm going to start making the video tmrw.. and hope all the best for me.. Maybe i should drink a little bit so my shyness will be gone (even though i never feel ashamed..)
Wish me luck (or not).

Closer.. closer.. closer.. no!


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