One Piece は も すき!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Junsu LOL

These 2 days, i've been searching more abt JunSu than JaeJoong.. (sorry JJ.. T^T)
and since he's in charge of gags in the group, i can find funny videos of his very easily.
Idk much abt him, but i think he's eager to learn English since his debut right..
I hope he can learn English like what he wanted to (but he learn Jap instead.. haha), it's funny how he didn't improve as much as i think he would (lol).

He only know simple english!!
but it's so funny when YooChun asked, "... What abt you?"
And he answered, "OK!" so happily.. LOL!! Cuteかわいい cute cute!!
かわいい!! かわいい!! かわいい!!!!!!!!!
(i like to use kawaii better than kyopta, idk why)
and another cute Pronounciation!!

JaeJoong and Junsu this time~!
I have to say it honestly, JaeJoong's pronounciation is better than Junsu there.. But he said 'hate' and 'have'. And i think he finds it hard to spell 'r'.

Junsu is funniest!
"That's rubbin salD in the OOND"
XD XD XD XD Junsuuuu!!!


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