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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rune Factory 2 blog


Again and again i'll be talking abt the game that i am playing atm, Rune Factory 2!
I won't talk much abt how to play etc, but i'll just talk abt the characters there.

Kyle: i named him Ryu, haha.
Anyway, i really love Kyle out of all the other Rune Factory main character.
Raguna in the 1st Rune Factory, i gotta say i don't really like him~ as in his appearance. I don't really like his hair..
Don't you think that Natsume made all the main character very bishonen?
Same as the 3rd Rune Factory, which should be out soon.
The main character is even.. more.. bishonen like.. i can't even identify if it is a girl or a boy until i see the flat chest. hahaha Yet the rough sketch, their hair seems like an ice, so stiff and everything. I gotta say i love Kyle out of them all.

Mana: i like this girl, i do.. but it's just that.. Natsume made her as the pretty-but-dumb-at-the-same-time. She seems to be a fun person and easy to be bullied. Typical friendly mother. However, she made me putting her as the second last option for marriage bcus somehow there's sth missing.

Barrett: he's a tsundere! haha and i kinds love this type of guy in manga and games. I love his seiyuu in Japanese better than in english tho~
He seems like the type of riends who would always look for you and support you no matter what. He seems to be a very loyal friend. That is why i really like him and my friendship with him is at the same pace as me chasing after the bachelorettes' heart. hahaha
Dorothy: I have to say that she's one of the least bachelorettes that i want to marry. The thing is that, when i play game it ried to see it as if it is in real life (i know i'm weird). She seems to be a bit unrelieable. She loves her doll - Fern - so much, what abt her child later. haha
but she is abit like me. I have a doll as well called Babanie and i treasure it as much as Dorothy loves Fern. hehe ( call me unreliable as well, but i hate kids.. haha )
Jake: The most annoying elves that i ever encountered in my whole life..
When i first saw him in the game, i was like, "Whoaa.. Kakkoi ja~" but then i got fed up with his trademark word aka 'Ningen' which means 'human'.
Sometimes i feel like slapping him. hahaCecilia: She is the bachelorettes that i want to marry. I don't know why. I kinda like her. haha
But then, when i hear her voice in Jap.. urgh.. i kidna don't like that kind of voice which trying to be sweet and everything~ But hey, she's still cute. I am still considering whether i should marry her or not. hmm...

Max: At first, i don't really like this character because he reminds me of those spoiled rich brat who doesn't want to do anything. This is what i felt after finishing his 2nd quest..
He reminds me of Tamaki from Ouran.. his face.. and seems like he's a narcissist.
However, recently i kinda changed my mind. He really adored his sister to the fact that he helped her alot. He's very caring. ^^
Julia: I like her ^^. She's abit too concerned abt herself. She always wanted to be loved by ppl, and scared of being hated and gossiped abt. Gosh.. Her clothes reminds me of harajuku tho~

I don't really want to talk abt the others.. since it's tiring for me moving down every pic that i inserted.. (if u know what i mean)
Anyway, i don't understand the 2nd generation stuff.
I mean.. WHAT IF i marry Dorothy, my child is a guy, and he can chase after Cammy, which is his aunt at that time?! WTF is Natsume thinking?!!?!
And Cammy reminds me of Melody from Rune Factory. Melody was my fav. ^^


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