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Friday, October 1, 2010

Based on Idea Factory's romance adventure game: Yukimura Chizuru has come to Kyoto looking for her father, a doctor who has gone missing. While there, she witnesses a fight between Rasetsu and the Shinsengumi. Taking her into custody, the Shinsengumi debates on what to do with Chizuru when they discover that she is the daughter of the doctor they are also looking for. The Shinsengumi then takes Chizuru along on their search after the missing doctor, from adventures to adventures.

Finally finished the whole episodes in a few hours, yay! There are a total of 12 episodes in total. I'll put the review below the video since it will be a big spoiler. and here's the link if you guys want to watch it:

WARNING: These are highly concentrated super handsome Bishies!

Episode 1 (You can find the rests of the episodes with eng sub on the related videos)

Score: 7/10 mainly because of the bishies.

It is interesting, for me. I like history, so yeah...
but this one is not the real history since they kinda changed some of the real facts but the characters name in there are all REAL names from the history. 

I suggest you guys to not open wikipedia and look at their photos because you won't want to stare at ajusshi (aka oojisan) after looking at the bishies ;p

I'm sure when you watched the first episode you might not like it because they focused more on the history instead of romance. And since this was originated from Otome Games, some scenes involving different guys are inserted but the main love interest here is Hijikata

Like some love moments in the game with Okita, Saitou, etc etc are inserted as small segment. I was kinda upset since because of that, there aren't that many scenes of Saitou there.. ;(
But i'm glad he didn't end up with that annoying b*tch.. =_=

I was kinda upset how each of the bishies turns to be an Oni (aka devil) one by one. In the story, Chizuru's father created a potion to turn a human into an Oni, and his father is on a run because of this creation. Apparently Kazama is unhappy with this because Kazama himself is a pure-blood Oni while these people are just fakes. Anyway, drinking the potion will help them in healing wounds really fast and better moves etc etc.. but everytime the bishies are down, they always ended up drinking it.. So far it's only Souji, Sannan, Heisuke, and Hijikata who drank it. I think Saitou will soon too at the 2nd season..

Well.. they are all handsome.. but.. let me complain about the heroine, THIS IS A MUST.

If you guys actually read the comments, alot of people are complaining about the heroine in almost every episode.
I just hate the fact that she is being really useless there!

Okay, on the 1st episode, she claimed that she can use the short sword she owned and carried with her. Saitou wanted to make sure of it thus he asked her to go at him all out, however, she was easily defeated within a few seconds.

It was okay for me.. I mean, no matter how good you are in handling sword, going against the Shinsengumi is already impossible to win, this refers to you Chizuru (protagonist).

I thought that at least she would draw her sword when an emeny attacked her. but guess what she did?

she screamed..

Yeah, she screamed..

just that..

nothing else...

and almost at every minute, one of the shinsengumi will come to help her.

I mean, you have that fuckin sword, USE IT for damn sake!!!!!

Well there is a time when she almost draw her sword.. but it was ruined by Oni at the last episode..
=_= I would make up my mind about her if Oni didn't stop her.
It's her time to prove to the viewers that she's not as annoying as heck.

and and.. and at the last episode where they are going to towards a headquaters asking for a reinforcement, they were betrayed. A soldier shoot a bullet on them. Gen, who went with her, pulled her hands to run away.
Guess what she did?

She was still asking, "B..But the reinforcement.."

Oh.. my.. gosh... Chizuru.. Hello??? someone just shot a bullet on you.. and you are still thinking about reinforcement?

At this moment, i kinda hoped that the heroine was Haruhi from Ouran. *thumbs up for Haruhi!*
How epic would that be? Her cold attitude and all.. and i'm sure she will be brave enough to at least protect herself. She will try to.

Episode 12 was awesome except that some parts are ruined by Chizuru's scream.
I gotta say that i hate it when the anime girls are shouting, i can't stand their voice. But so far, the only seiyuu for anime girls that i can stand is Maaya Sakamoto. Does that name ring a bell?
Just search it in animenews network.

Okay that was long for Chizuru.

I'll introduce one by one.. or either you BETTER go here to read the full review of the characters.

Toshizou Hijikata

Yup he's the protagonist's love interest in the anime. :D
He's charming in both anime and game for me. But i like him a lot with short hair!

Kazama Oni
(he's HOT..)
Isn't he just so so so so so HOT for an antagonist!!!??!?!
Well, he's one of the bachelor in the game.. I like him in the anime even though he's not bad. His intention is to just take Chizuru back since Chizuru is an oni.
Even though he acted that way, but i had a feeling that he's not THAT bad.. and seemed the type that will protect you no matter what,
So Chizuru, he's the man for you.

Saitou Hajime (*My bias!!)
Do i still need to state you the reason why he's my fav?
Apparently, i found out that most ppl tend to like him as well.. i think in popularity ranking he's the first, then followed by either Hijikata or Okita.

Heisuke Todo

Doesn't he so much better with short hair? I can't stand seeing his long hair during the Edo period.. He looks so much mature as well with the short hair. Btw, he's the shota type. Keisuke Yamanami (Sannan)

This guys is creepy in the anime. He's like those good guys gone crazy because of stress.. He really freaks me out. I sensed that if i will EVER stayed around him, i better run.. =_= It's like he could turn you into an Oni or eat you up..

Harada Sanosuke

Don't know much about this guy...

Shinpachi Nagakura

He's the active and prankster type i guess? Very talkative and hyper throughout the episode.. and loves to show off.

Okita Souji

Soujiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!! My 2nd fav! Just by seeing his picture, you can tell what kind of guy he is right?
Yup, it's those playboy but nice type.
I really like him however.. he's got TBC.. which means that he will die... T^T

I seriously love him because of the game, especialy the ending..
Okita: ……どうか忘れないで。僕は、いつだって君の幸せを願ってる。 [... Please don't forget. I am always hoping for your happiness]
[So believe me. Even if I have to leave you, my heart is your's forever]
*Okita closes his eyes*
Chizuru: ……総司さん?
NOOO!! I don't think he died though... well apparently he was just sleeping.. BETTER BE! He cannot die that fast yet!!!

Season 2 should be out like tomorrow or anytime soon this OCTOBER.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree wif u hating de heroine...shes jz TOOO USELESS...she hv a sword but wont use it always ALWAYS d guys muz come save her URGGG HATE HER!!!

Anonymous said...

d only reason im still watchin it bcz de guys r hot @_@ hehehe

Anonymous said...

i agreee!!! haruhi will be even better!

Suzu said...

Okita really said that? my... he is my favorite too and I can't accpet his death D'x
he and chizuru is so sweet in that picture. is that from anime or game?

Anonymous said...

Yes I HATE CHIZURU..The MOST irritating female protagonist (including her voice..sorry to say tht)..even worse than Ino and orihime..or whoever..and yeah the only reason that I continue watching this anime is cuz of Souji and harada..during season 2 after both of them died, I find that this anime is really ntg..=.= I dun hate chizuru cuz of she being loved by many bishies..but she is jus so USELESS -.- unlike Haruhi! I like her..hahaha

missJacQk said...

@Suzu: yeah he did, at the end of the game. Gosh.. it's so sweet and sad at the same time ;(

Elizabeth said...

WOAH late comment. oh well. I recently finished watching hakuouki seasons 1 and 2, and I have to say, compared to most female reverse harem protagonists chizuru wasn't that bad. I mean, she's definitely got nothing on haruhi, but still. About the sword thing, quite honestly if I were in her shoes, I'd be afraid to swing a sword around too. So I guess while she's being cowardly, she's being pretty realistic :/
anyways, great review! fun to read, even though I already finished watching. it's nice to hear other people's thoughts xD

MyConcern): said...

I just forced myself to watch finish the anime.
I really don't really like Chizuru to be so useless... Actually i was thinking that if she's a oni and she can heal faster , she might save those guys by giving them some of her blood or something. Like the last scene of Keisuke & Sannan . Maybe some of her blood drip to them then they revived from being Oni or something . Kinda hate that all of them died in the end in the anime >.<

Anonymous said...

Prepare, long comment coming right up:
Ok, so I'm loving this anime, except for... Chizuru of course. To be honest, I don't dislike her as the person she is in the story: she's helpful, loyal and she really cares about the guys, but there are so many things that are wrong with this character, making her a pathetic heroine.
First of all, I have no idea why the creators kept her looking so young all throughout the series. It makes the whole thing creepy to me. It always surprises me to hear people say: Chizuru x Hijikata, or Chizuru x someone else, but geez, the girl looks like she's freaking 13 years old, and Hijikata is like 32 or something. Shouldn't we be crept out by this. I mean, I don't care that this is an anime, THAT sort of pairing is just wrong!! If she would have grown some, then it would have been another story, but nope, she's still looks like a little girl to me.
And here comes the whole damsel in distress issue. I mean, I can understand the historical concept of it all: Women during those times were not warriors. But this is an ADAPTATION people, make her a little more interesting for god's sake. She's been with these guys for years, she could have at least learned basic swordfighting, hand to hand combat or something. Do the writers honestly thought that the female public was gonna appreaciate watching a heroine that's so useless and unispiring. Specially when she's surrounded by all of this courageous and gorgeous men, who go out of their way to constantly protect her. Amd btw, during the period of the series, there was the Women's Army who fought in the Boshin War, leaded by the female warrior Nakano Takeko. So, yes, if women could fight, then so can Chizuru, damn it!

Anonymous said...

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