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Thursday, July 30, 2009

annoyed again..

Girls girls girls girls..

If my patience (from reading manga + movies to keep me entertained) is not exist now, i would've cut ur fucking throat already..
Just.. Could you stop yapping and laughing, you fucking crows!
ARGHH! your laugh and so-full-of-accent-english hurts my dear ear!
Yes, your country does use english alot more than my country.
I mean like, if i go for a vacation to your country, i can speak english like almost everywhere, anywhere, and anytime. It's like english ruling over your country already..
Your grammar is better than us, but your speaking is far poorer than us?
I mean, your accent.. Even though i am not supposed to say this bcus englishis my 2nd lang.. i swear, i can't stand your accent.
Hearing those everyday.. urgh.. makes me wanna puke..
I just hate those laugh of yours, squeals, and shriekes..
Seriously, i really feel like i want to cut your throat.. or maybe i could mute it with a 'throat remote control', i wish doraemon exists and able to give me this...


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