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Sunday, July 26, 2009

'Milk Club'

I'm copy paste-ing this from my other blog.

Hmm.. Maybe i should join this club created by:
LeeTeuk – president
YooNa – vice-president
TaeYeon – manager

The thing that i don’t understand abt this club is.. What are they depressed abt?

LeeTeuk… maybe it’s bcus u’ve been a superstar for so long and ur seeking freedom.

SNSD, sick of ur anti fans? Then quickly fix that personality of Tiffany. Or moving agency might actually help you a lot.
The reason why u have so many anti fans is bcus of Tiffany’s stupid behavior + ur in the same agency as TVXQ, SuJu, SHINee, etc (fans won’t admit it but it’s the truth).

What amused me is that YOOCHUN actually joined this. Why? idk.

Onew maybe bcus if the incident lately, also tired of his work.

But i can’t think of anything of YooChun. Don’t you guys think that TVXQ is the master of hiding personal things? haha good for them. I’m just hoping that they all would feel better soon, or maybe not until i feel better myself. =.=

(sorry allkpop i’m taking ur pictures)

Next, about this rumours on Waii and 2pm Junsu.. (if it was TVXQ Junsu, i’m sure that Waii would’ve been soul-less by now) no comment. I’m just waiting for the real answer. Not only from JYP (who alrdy did), i’m waiting from the others as well.
When i listen to Waii songs, it’s seems to be good, like RnB. However, not impressive enough to the point that i would like it.
Hope that Waii is happy now that she got more attention from ppl all over the world. I mean, the amount of ppl who hate her is obvious. But out of all those ppl, they might start liking her songs (since it is RNB) (oh, and only apply to die hard RnB lovers). Be happy Waii, your original purpose came true by 10%, nope maybe 5%?

It’s so unprofessional of her to be posting all of her complain in facebook. I mean, why don’t you just get a blog or sth, where ppl won’t know that it is you? Do you really want your friends to know all this? Or let the strangers in ur facebook know about this as well? (You know those chicks who added ppl randomly just to add up the number of friends they have..)
Also, i really hate the way she type in facebook. Pissed me off man..

do u think i wana say tht ur my bf? HEL NO! I already hav too manyANTIS! and so on and so on and so on.”
Waii, it won’t hurt if you type a little bit proper.
‘HEL’ still can be read as ‘hell’ but the thing is..

You almost shorten everything into numbers or 4 letters. My eyes hurt, my head hurts by reading your writing.
Or is it bcus you can’t type for shit?

Oh and you want to say, “if you don’t like it, then don’t read it?”
Isn’t attention what you want from us? So i’m giving you some attention by reading those. Happy? Hope so.


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