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Sunday, October 31, 2010

This really cracked me up.
Another random funny stuff on KHR.


I kinda wished that i could get the 25 years old version.

I assumed that purchasing Dino's unit along with Hibari's unit will be VERY safe.

Purchasing him won't be such a bad idea since i do need a math tutor.

He'll make my perfect maid except that i gotta be aware of his followers.. =_=

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Throughout watching KHR (currently in ep 83), i noticed that many characters in KHR are similar to many other anime/ manga characters, or vice versa.

Anyways, here are the few that i noticed:

1. Rokudo Mukuro & Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

Maybe it's their hair that makes them look so similar, even though Sebastian's hair is not really pineapple-like..

In terms of awesomenes... I... just can't choose... =_=

2. Yamamoto Takeshi & Morinozuka Takashi (Ouran High School Host Club)
 Yamamoto is more cheerful and friendly compared to the stoic Mori.

 3. Sawada Tsunayoshi & Sena Kobayakawa (Eyeshield)
  I don't know much about this but i came across these two often.

4. Gokudera Hayato & Ritsu Kasanoda (Ouran High School Host Club).

Similar? No?

I just think the only different is their hair color. Personality..
hmm Kasanoda is the successor of his family's mafia business, and they both looks scary to some people.

5. Superbi Squalo &  Ayame (Fruits Basket)

Ayame is more girly and more annoying.. lol

6. [older] Hibari Kyoya & Orihara Izaya (Durarara!)

Just the fringe!!!
But if these two work together, they might overrule the world!
Izaya the brain and Hibari the action
(but Izaya must be able to make Hibari follows him which i tihnk will be a simple task for Izaya)

Wait. Add Sebastian and they can overcome all those previous scary leaders aka Hitler, Kim Jongil, etc..

6. Dino & Heiwajima Shizuo (Durarara!)

7. Xanxus & Kurogane (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

and for couples...

Hibari x Dino & Izaya x Shizuo

Don't you think..????

Except that the personality is abit mixed up.
Dino is more of the prankster like Izaya
while Shizuo is the one who gets angry/pissed off easily like Hibari.

I'm not really into Yaoi pairing but i use the pairint terms to mention the duo that i like.

Friday, October 29, 2010

SHINee's Goodbye Stage for 'Hello'

Isn't Jonghyun's smile brighter than usual?


he must be singing this song for Shin Se Kyung.


So i took a trip with my friend today to Pakenham to get my Halloween Costume! 
I purchased it in Ebay and i'd prefer to pick it up rather than they send it to me because i'm in a hurry.

Oh, i'm dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood!


Apparently i won't be able to receive it in time so i had to get the other one:..

Isn't the 1st one a lot better than the 2nd one?? I love the darkish red color!!! ARGHHH 
but it costs me $80 not including the postage while the 2nd one is only $40.
Oh well.. It's not a big party anyway..

Anyways.. About Pakenham, my destination is A.

The two blue squares is the station, and my destination lies exactly between the two, but i decided to get off at Pakenham station and somehow get a taxi.


So i have no other choice but to walk there.

The main story starts before i arrived in Pakenham.

So me and my friend were three stops away from Pakenham. and then while we were talking the people who were sitting in front of us are looking backwards, so we too, look backwards but there was nothing interesting.

Then this one lady with a kid says, "I think she needs help." Referring to an old Indian lady with a big luggage and a market bag. So obviously me and my friend got up to help her get off the train. But before we were able to get off, the train has already moved again, thus we get off at the next stop.

I helped her to carry the luggage out of the train and put it there assuming that me and my friend will go inside the train and she'll take care of the rest later.
But she said, "I also need to go and get a taxi."
Which indeliberately asking us to get a taxi for her.

So okay.. 

We leave the train and help her to get a taxi. Since she can't walk really well, she was walking really slow. So i told my friend to carry the luggage while i ran out of the station to get a taxi.

I saw one, but the taxi completely IGNORED ME. No matter how many times i slapped the taxi and call out.
So i had to call a taxi for her. The weirdest thing is if you know your mother is going to a friend's house and knowing how she can't walk very well, and carrying all those luggage, won't you at least as her son/daughter help her? or assists her???

So 30 minutes after all that, we finally got a taxi for her, and we still need to wait another 15 minutes for our train.

When we arrived in Pakenham and already halfway towards the house. We saw that the house is EXACTLY the opposite of where we are standing. And there is this cliff between us. Going down there and then climbing up would be fine but i'm wearing sandals..

So we desperately trying to find a bridge that we saw on the map but we couldn't. Yet it's already 2pm. We were told to pick up the item before 2:15pm because he needs to go to work. So i called him and tell him that we are lost.. and we have no choice but to go abck and pick it up tomorrow.

So while we are on our way back to the station.. WE SAW THE BRIDGE!
Which is on the opposite way of where we were walking. I WAS SO MADDDDDDDDDDDDDD

And it was such a HOT WINDY DAY. The wind was fine but the sun was really hot. It pierces..

We gotta go and buy a drink before we find a taxi. The kind lady in the shop helped us to call a taxi but it's been 30 minutes and no taxi are coming. So when i saw a taxi, i asked my friend to run and get it while i saw thanks to the lady.. and finally ...


but the problem doesn't end there..

I was worried about my housemate's costume. Because she is in Tasmania and i'm helping her buying the costume from Ebay and the person is sending it from Sydney, and they sent it through express service. But we still didn't receive any card from the post office to pick the item. 
But then thank God.
I told my bro to get the passport and letters and everything as a proof of identity and ask the the post office about it. 
and we finally retrieved it.

and tomorrow we will be there again BUT with a car... :D

Urgh tired..

Yup i just watched this yesterday.

Score: 4/10

No, i'm not giving it a low score because it is scary, it is actually NOT scary. Not THAT scary i must say.

The plot are very easy to guess for me, even though i haven't watch the first one. I think the reason why i can see what's gonna happen is because of my knowledge in this kind of area. I mean for Asian like me, being haunted, and what the ghost will do to scare and all, or the door suddenly shut on its own, it's normal. Like you know what technique the ghost or demon are going to do.

But in terms of 'scary', i must say that it is only because of the sound. Like it was really quiet at night or when the person was alone, and suddenly a big sound popped out, so i was kinda shocked. I actually jumped on the very first surprise moment. But the other next surprise scenes after that were nothing for me.

The plot is connected to Paranormal Activity 1. That's what my friend said. You will see how it is connected when you watch the movie. But.. *spoiler* > how unlucky these girls must be to be the victim of the demon? and they are both blood related sisters too. I thought te demon only want the baby from the younger one, why is it haunting the older one too?

You guys can go watch it, but not at home since the sound effect is what's gonna make you enjoy it - unless you have a home theatre.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The power of Hibari Kyoya on girls..





















Well actually, I'm not that surprised...


I was actually quite surprised how they come clean about it. You know.. SM Entertainment.. They don't allow their artists to date and all.
Or did they also not allowing Jonghyun to date but Jonghyun still ended up coming clean about it for the sake of Shin Se Kyung???/?? (fangirl imagination theater ON)

But i've been feeling a bit weird about this. After SME let Jonghyun revealed his realationship, and now they dropped their injuction against JYJ's The Beginning. What are they planning..?

Truthfully, i don't know much about this girl. She appreared in Allkpop news quite a number of times but i don't really read any of them. But she is claimed to be the prettiest, best body, etc etc.. 
which in conclusion:
 Jonghyun... So this is your type.. hmmm...
But when i saw her picture, i've always thought that she's older than 21! I thought she's as old as Sandara or Hyori.. =_='
She's pretty though! She does look like Lee Da Hae a little bit. Isn't it?
 (Lee Da Hae)

Oh well, congrats! congrats!!!

congrats u lucky bitch...

I hope they last long!

Amazingly most of his fans kinda accept this, even though some who are die-hard doesn't. But i guess it's because they know that Jonghyun is the type who can't live without a girlfriend. Like a casanova? or a playboy?

But we will see how the die-hard fans going to react about this.. =_=

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another new anime i'm watching!!
This one has been going on for a while.. and the anime is completed on its' 204th episode.
Yet i'm still in the 19th episode.. T^T

I'm not sure whether it has its 2nd season but so far i'm watching it, i kinda hope there is.
Even though catching up 200 episodes is abit long.
Imagine! 200 episodes is about 20 minutes long for each episodes! so 4000 minutes in total.

There is 24 in a day.. which i think i'll spend 8 hours of it to sleep.. so.. 16 hours.
4000 divided by 16 equals 250 and then bla blablablabla..

which if we put it in another word: simply, it will took me more than a week to reach the 204th episodes.

I can't comment much about this anime since i havent done it yet.
But here are my review so far:

Suggestion in watching the anime / reading the manga:
If you people are trying to start going into this story, i suggest you watch the anime instead of reading the manga.

I like manga better but the manga is REALLLLYYYY long!
And i realised that at the beginning the anime summarised like 2 chapters in an episode, so it's faster.

Plot so far:
As i reached the 18th episode, i'm getting pissed of Tsuna.
He really is a no-good-Tsuna.
I mean come on! Stop relying on the bullet and start gathering up your courage and train to be a real mafia. All he did is just complain, cries, asking for help, and he relied on the bullet a lot.
Reborn should consider giving him a lesson on it (i hope Reborn will at the later episode).

and yeah i'm sure there will be alot of cute and funny moments to see in this anime.
I can't really find the cut scene in youtube but yeah.. there are heaps.
But the cutest moment is when Ipin gave Hibari a Valentine Chocolate. That is just SUPER CUTE.

Apparently, Hibari acted very bery nice to her, unlike how he usually acts.
I guess he has soft spots for animals and kids. :D

As for the characters, I love it how they all have distinct weakness that you really can tell.
I'll just introduce the characters so far without spoiling much. I'll just tell you guys the weaknesses:

1. I-pin
She's soooooooooooooo cute!!!!
doesn't matter if it's the young version or the older version! She's sooo cute as both!!

It's funny how when she's shy there will be a timebomb appearing on her forehead and countdown before it explodes, which adds more trouble when she has a crush on Hibari (she became shy).

2. Hibari Kyoya
My major bias in this anime!
i was kinda disappointed at first on how the art of the anime made him look so ugly. I can't remember which episode it was exactly, i think it was 5 or 6. It was a scene where he and Tsuna met for the first time. Man, just when he turned around or move a little bit, his hair could be short by 5cm! and then it became long again. FAIL MUCH?

But the animation gets better.

3. Yamamoto Takeshi

I was laughing so much when i heard his name. Because my friend has EXACTLY the same name as him. I know that 'Takeshi' and 'Yamamoto' is a very common name in Japan, but even so encountering it in anime is just hilarious.

I love his personality, how he never actually takes everything that's happening around him as a joke. Like a bomb, he thinks that toys for kids these days are great and getting better. Also, his baseball obsession.

For some reason, i don't get sick of this joke.

4. Lambo
No matter how cute he is when he was small, i just think that he is a bit annoying at times. Like i know that he's a bratty kids, but i think he really needs a GOOD lesson on it. Shall i be the one in charge? I'll give him a very good lesson... *smirks*

His seiyuu is Junko Takeuchi who also voiced Naruto. His voice is what makes him so adorable too!

and when he said, 'ga~ma~n...' everytime before he cries. awwww~


This character is just hilarious!
He is so cool and reliable when his subordinates are around, but when they are not..
I suggest you people to NEVER rely on him and go save your own life.. haha
He's very useless without his subordinate.

6. Gokudera Hayato

Hmm.. Nothing speacial about this guy except that his loyalty is very hard to find in this era. And lol at how he always got stomachache whenever he saw his sister.

7. Bianchi

Gokudera's sister. She's cool and all, but her cooking are not cool.It will 100% kill you.

8. Reborn
Even though Reborn is one of the main characters there, i don't seem to like him THAT much.
Like my impression of him was just: "Ah, so thats reborn."

Yup thats all so far.


oops.. i forgot to introduce the main character itself, none other than the NO GOOD TSUNA
Seriously Tsuna, this is why i forgot to introduce you, bcus u've been pissing me off for being such a *****.
no good
relying on the bullet too much.
etc etc etc.

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's here folks!!!

Well, it's already aired since 3 weeks ago, but i was busy watching other animes and kpop.

Anyways, here are the link to the 1st episode with ENG SUB of course!
the torrent download for ep 2 and 3 are already out but i'd rather watch it online.

OMFG Saitou kills me!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



OMG excited!

Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun got twitter accounts now!


*click following*

but.. i'm not really using twitter though.

Like I'm following them but i'm sure i'm not gonna open twitter at all and look at their updates..

Now i wonder why did i open a twitter account in the first place?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Another late review of anime.. =_=

In 1711, a group of alchemists and travelers gain immortality by summoning the elixir of life. Two hundred years later, many of these individuals have scattered across the world in a range of occupations such as normal pedestrians, terrorists and members of the mafia. These forces along with many others are about to come together on the streets and in a train. With the stage set, let this debacle begin.

Score: 10/10 i think so far this is the only anime that i've given a full score.

Since it is by the same author, so the plot is as interesting as Durarara!!, except that this one has more violence.
I actually got a bit confused when watching this since it kept on going back to the past and then back to the present.. then future.. then past.. present.. future.. and on and on and on...
I got attached to this anime since the very first episode. I think i've found my ideal genre of anime.. hahaha
What i like about the plot is how it relate sto the reality, how cruel the world is and all.. let's ignore the supernatural part. But the supernatural part is what makes this anime even more interesting!

I'm satisfied with the ending.. 
Seeing Czes crying melts my heart..

aww~ didn't realise i actually have a soft spot for kids.. (even though he's actually 300+ years old..)

I totally skipped the ending music since it sounds so depressed yet the dark bluish video makes it even more depressing...
But i love the opening song.

If you EVER found another OP that introduces each character in it, then it must have been from the same author. Durarara is also like this.

Same as Durarara!! each character has distinct personality and the anime is potraying it very well. The seiyuu fits them very well too.
I don't think i have to introduce the characters again since you know how in every character part of my review contains spoiler and not to mention the OP itself already introduces them.
But anyway, i'll just introduce you to my top 3 favorites:

1. Czeslaw Meyer
Idk. i just think he's cute for a kid.
and his character as a evil kiddo with horrible memories just suits him very well.

2. Firo Prochainezo
I don't think i need to tell you guys my reason for this.. *coughbishiescough*

3. Luck Gandor

I think he's the oldest anime/manga character i have ever liked.
For no reason he just caught my attention since the OP from the 2nd episodes.

I just think he's somehow charming, cool, calm, collected, yet reliable.and i can't believe who he turns out to be at the last episodes!

4. Claire Stanfield

cus he's AWESOME! 

I know he's evil and a psycho when it comes to killing people. But man! He's just amazing even though he's a villain there!
He's like the 2nd Izaya! But idk in term of brains.. Izaya is still no.1 in my heart.. hahaha

last but not least..
5. Isaac and Miria
I found their voices annoying at first, like they totally ruining the whole anime, but as i kept on watching, they become likeable.
And i just cant forget their trademark:

Miria: Nee Isaac..
Isaac: nanda Miria??


and btw, there is a character that annoyed the heck out of me, it's Jacuzzi Splot!

At the first 6 episodes (6? 7?) this guy has been such a crybaby and it's pissing the heck out of me. Maybe it's because of his voice when he is crying.. but ohmygod.. i just cant stand crybabies.
But i forgive him for being brave enough in thelater episodes.. =_=
Thank God he didn't stay as useless as the heroine in Hakuouki..