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Thursday, July 2, 2009

My heart keeps on pounding in a deep worry.
It was reported here, that 2 Thai girls died from Swine flu.
It was also reported that they attended a concert (Mirotic concert) during the weekend, but they don't know which day those two girls attended.

I don't understand why TVXQ still wants to held a concert even during this Swine flu season, where travelling around the world is a pretty high risks.
Maybe it's because they love the fans too much that they want to held the concert.
No, i think their real reason is because of that 'dream' they've been talking about: Concert in Tokyo Dome. Yes TVXQ, it's tomorrow.

This is very stupid of me for thinking about this so much.
But my mind just can't stop thinking for the worst case even though i really don't want to think about it like that.
What if they caught the flu?
What if they _____? (i don't want to say the word)
You know like those stories, after their dream come true, they ____.
I don't want that to happen.
At least give us more time.

Hopefully they will always stay healthy.

1 word for today to 'that' person: Please, be safe.


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