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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Winglin bashers


bfore.. just happenned to go into winglin again.. and i saw 2 bashers' account.
the amount added up.
1 -
Mallica - selfproclaimed. bashing her own story, and idk why.
2 -
rotinthehell (sthlikethat) - bashing YAOI fans, idk why.

these two really.. aiya.. really need a place for ranting + attention aren't they?
That's why they should get a blog! hahaha
that's one of the reason why i named this blog

anyway.. i don't have much to say to
Mallica.. since yea.. nothing to argue abt, all she wanted is attention. not bcus i have nothing against her.
oh wait! i think i do.
she did say that she would leave winglin if ppl wants her to.
i have to agree with 1 comment by '?'
If she leaves, it doesn't change anything since she might showed up with a different username. ahaha
(i might get a bashing by saying this, but it's okay, i'm used to it alrdy - thx to my other kpop news blog)

Yaoi.. i swear, many ppl must've been saying this over and over again.
"if you don't like yaoi, then why you read it?"
There's a reason behind it!
since i myself 'hate' yaoi story, i think i should be sharing 1 of our (?) general reasons.. hahaha
simple, it's bcus i'm curious on what it is like! XD
but if i really don't like it, i'll just swallow it~
not to the point that i would spend my time making an account and writing all my rants there.
unless you have this kind of blog.. hahaha
the thing is,
if 2 boys are gays, i don't mind.
but if 2 boys
originally are not gays, but ppl are trying to make them gays, me don't like~ not to the point that i would hate it as much as rotinblablabla does. (why does she have to make such a long username??! damn! maybe i should make an account in winglin ranting on her username. haha)

anyway, while we are on the topic here on winglin,
just wondering..
you know how these usernames are friends with each other and all?
like cyber-friends.
just curious, are they actually keeping in contact through email and everything? or only in winglin for the sake of getting in into a 'apply' story? hahaha
or some of them might really are seeking for friends,, which is good ^^

Arghh~~ i have so many things to type here as well.. but it's too much, yet complicated. so i'll just stop here.


Shakkie said...

Naw, most of us are friends outside of winglin.
and we keep in contact with each other through aim / email / yahoo / msn . and various others.

someone sent me a link to your blog. I couldn't help but laugh.

JacQk said...

wow~~ that's good then ^^
someone really sent the link? omg.. i'm embarassed somehow.. haha

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