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Thursday, July 23, 2009


It's pretty rare for me to go buy groceries at 11am in the morning.
I bought so many things, and i hope these will last for 2 weeks.. hahaha
I bougth some snack as well..
Like what i menationed yday, i really want the chocolate mushroom snack (Kinoko no Yama)

But it was kind of upseting bcus there's none in the asian grocery - where i normally found it at.
So in exchange to that, i bought a similar snack: Kinoko no Kiri Kabu
I have to say that i love the mushroom one a lot better than the wood one. The wood one, if you eat it, you'll get sick of it really fast.. Because the amount of chocolate is excessive, yet the biscuit is not as good as the biscuit in the mushroom.

Other than that, i bought my Oyaji snack. Wasabi Kaki no Tane
The green one is Wasabi (which i bought)
and the red one is chilli.
I like the green one better since the taste is YUM!
Maybe it's bcus i consumed chilli more often than wasabi, almost all of my food contain chilli in it. So sometimes, i found spicy food not really spicy..
But i do recommend the green one tho~

Other than those snacks, i bought other normal food for the next 2 weeks. I'm trying to start my diet program with Bento. It's damn healthy and it really can help you lose weight.

On my way back home, i saw an accident. Car accident, or to be precise - Taxi accident.
The taxi bumped onto the traffic light pole. Seems like nobody was hurt. The taxi driver looks doomed tho~ He might have to pay the price for the taxi repairs etc. Police was there as well.
The accident happenned just right next to my apartment. haha

Seoul dream has another competition!! Man i'm eager to join but has to idea what video to submit...
it's asking for talent. But even until now, i can't figure what my talent is.. bad mouthing? lol


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