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Saturday, August 1, 2009



Yup, it's about hypnotising.
This is my opinion.

It was pretty scary how WooYoung said that it feels as if someone is holding his hand up like that.
But rather than scared, i feel suspicious about this.

When WooYoung kept on saying about someone holding his hand etc etc.. The hypnotizer approach him and hypnotized him to become mute, unable to speak.
WooYoung did try to say something, but it seems as if something stuck in his throat that made him unable to speak.
The thing is, from the action of the hypnotizer, it is as if WooYoung saying the right thing, and he's afraid if WooYoung kept on saying this, people will discover his true trick - using ghost. (who knows,,)
That is why he showed us this trick. Not only for the show, but for his benefit as well.
That's what it looks like to me.

Wheni told my friend about this, he said that the guy is not a 'hypnotizer' but a 'mentalist'.
Don't get it? search in wiki.


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