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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yes, KimBum changed.

I wasn't surprised when i see the article on Allkpop about people saying that 'KimBum changed after he got famous'. YES PEOPLE IT'S TRUE.
He did not only changed just when he's done Boys Over Flower, he already changed before that.

I can say so because i was his fan in 2006 and my friend's cousin was in the same highschool as him(idk if KimBum is in Uni or High school now, i didn't check him that much now).
Ok so, i was his fan during the day when he got a role in
Rude Woman . I found out about him not because i watched the drama, but me and my sister just came across the thread for this guy in soompi.
Back then, he wasn't that famous, but it is good enough that he got a role there.

Soon, he got a role in HighKick, even though he wasn't the main character, again, it's good that he got a role.

So then i told my friend about how i like him etc, and she told me that her cousin who's in the same school as him said that he CHANGED.

Her cousin said that KimBum used to be like what other boys normally like. You know.. kind, fun, innocent,etc.
but once he got a role in Highkick, he became arrogant.
He would change his girlfriend really fast, and didn't treat them really nice. Remember the girl in Mnet Scandal with Nichkhun? Nichkhun asked her if her exbf treated her bad, she didn't say anything but Nichkhun took it as a 'yes'. I took it as a 'yes' too.
I got another picture of his exgirlfriend back when he still posts alot of picture in his cyworld (before he was THIS famous).

As he got more role like East of Eden and Boys Over Flower, he became more and more arrogant. I can't really describe how he was arrogant because my friend told me about this like 2 years ago, and my brain memory is low.. lol i did remember clusters of it tho~

But i'm not really his fan now~ haha i'm stuck to my hubby JaeJoong! LOL
but yeah, his appearance changed as well.

For me is his chin, it's wider.
he does change tho~ but both are still cute ^^


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