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Monday, September 7, 2009

JaeBum, i forgive you. ;)

Yup yup..
a lot of u must've heard about his recent scandal aka his post in his myspace.
I forgave him not because i like him in 2pm (lol) but because i understand his feelings back then.
the comment was from 4 years ago. I repeat, 4 YEARS AGO!! Which fans that has no life would go through all his post in myspace till 4 years ago? i'm like wtf? This fans must be bored enough.
It was kinda JaeBum's fault as well for not making his myspace profile limited to some people.

His apology was very.. good? Is that how i'm supposed to put it?
I mean, there aren't many idols who would make such a long and pretty deep apology.
He gave out so many reasons which made sense and almost in every 3 sentence, he would put the word 'sorry'.
he did mentioned how when he came to Korea, he doesn't know a single word.
Whereas, when i came to Australia, i did learnsome of em, but still finding communicating with the locals here abit difficult.
When JaeBum came, everyone are Koreans, not many of them came of US or anything. I think Taecyeon and Nichkhun came like a year later? Maybe by that time, he still not close with JoKwon yet?
Meanwhile, me being in here, even though i can speak english.. it was kinda hard for me to talk to the locals.. =.=' they weren't nice enough to me.. hahaha
maybe i wasn't used to the western culture yet, i men like how they like to communicate etc etc.

JaeBum wasn't used to the culture yet too. I am sure of that.
See him in Mnet Hot Blood, when he came he was very cold yet quiet. Maybe he wasn't familiar with everyone there or upset??
I heard he was meant to debut as a solo, but being 'thrown' to boyband by JYP. But he doesn't regret it now..
Look at him.

At that time, i sensed the ABC vibe in him.. lol

Oh well, posting this here wouldn't help him anyway, hahaha.
I didn't intend to help him either, just voicing out my opinion about this.
But this matter, We won't be able to understand the Korean netizens decision because we aren't Korean. Maybe for Korean, talking bad about them is a BIG BIG BIG problem. For us maybe.. it's just.. mehh.. who cares?
You know how in Asian countries, idols are being pushed to be perfect?

Anyways anyways.. I'm just glad that JaeBum in the end found friends in Korea aka 2PM and he's happy with it.
Oh and i'll just sit down and always be the audience. I don't want to get my hands on all these..


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