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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ok, i'm gonna talk abt this not bcus i am defending any singer that has been accused for plagiarism, but since i did experienced it myself, and it brings me great trouble.. haha
Oh well, i'm just trying to build up some excuses.. =p

Ok, so since the case of plagiarism found in Kpop alot, i'll just talk abt it.
So first of all, we know abt the recent news, 'Gdragon got slammed by Sony'. Or to be exact 2ne1 too.

In dictionary, plagiarism means to use or a close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.
Doesn't that mean like stealing the whole damn thing without changing anything about it?
Ppl's trick is to change it a little bit so that it would not sound similar or to hide it.. lol
But think about the number of people that has been living in this whole world, they keep on living and dying.
Of course during the time they survived, they would invent sth. And out of those thousands and millions of ppl, you can't expect them to not be making sth similar to it.
An original new creation is something that is pretty rare to find.. unless they are talented, in term of music, i'd say 'TABLO'.

Now let's compare it a little bit to the Western part.

Rihanna ft TI - live your life, aren't they using that melody.. i forgot what it is called... 'maia hi.. maia hu..' that one.
Shouldn't they get plagiarism case too? or they did get an excuse? But isn't the orginal song-writer died already? how the hell did they get the permission?
I just think that kpop accussation in plagiarism went overboard.
if kpop copies western, they'll get smashed. If western copies asian (which rarely happens) they barely get smashed...

I'm not really good in writing people to convince, i'm a better convincer if i'm actually using my mouth to talk to them face to face.. (maybe i should consider the career as a lawyer,, lol)
BLAH, let's stop this before my anger rises up again, remembering that stupid plagiarism case.. =.='


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