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Saturday, September 12, 2009

“Being young and foreign, you had to understand the hardships faced” The disappointment is expressed by many.

Caught in the whirlwind of his comments about Korea, many Koreans living outside of Korea were shocked when hearing so.

Being nineteen at the time, he was the 3rd generation of a Korean living overseas, they said that it was to be understood of the hardships and loneliness he faced.

Allkpop (, a news source of Korean artists, had Koreans living abroad express themselves through a report made of Jaebum.

Going by the username ru4real, one commented “Jaebum was only a child when he was thrown into an environment completely different from the one he grew up in” and also said “Right now, if we picked one of those angry Korean netizens and kept them in the States, would they be able to say anything when we wish for them to die based on the comments they made years ago while living here?”

Another user going by the id love_3 asked if the Korean netizens were happy once Jaebum left and said “If those people faced what Jaebum had, they would say the same things as he did.

Irrelevant information ommitted.

Yeah.. i think i did mentioned that in my previous posts...
Seriously, if i have to put it simply, isn't JaeBum's post an everyday conversation with his friend?
It's like me back then when my friend in Indo asked my how's life in Melb.
I don't really like it, so sometimes i'd reply with, "Nah.. I hate it. Especially the weather. Melbourne's weather sucks, you can't trust the weather report."
Ok so, if i were JaeBum, am i gonna get bashed for saying that 'the weather sucks' and 'can't trust the weather report'?
I guess the netizens will tell me, "If you hate the weather and everything, why don't you just go back to ur own country! Fuck off!!"
Like that?
I think 90% netizens who bashed JaeBum (there should be a fancafe for bashing ppl like Japan's) are ppl who NEVER studied aboard.. =.='


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