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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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Left hand, right hand

Yesterday, during the conversation session in my Japanese tutor, we were talking about palmistry. せんせいがちょっとわかります。。
and she looked at my palm, and tell me things that she knows. Later, i searched the rest in the internet.
It was interesting when i found out that the lines in my right hand are different from the lines in my left hands.
Sensei told me, we can just picture it as theory and practice.
The right hand is the theory, how my life supposed to be. Left hand is the practice, how my life is now.

Heart line:

determine, what kind of lover are you or sth like that. we have a term in Japanese called いちず(ichizu), which literally means that you will only love that one person / loyal.
Mine, both right and left are the same + I'm a いちず. it really didn't change at all, the level of the depth nor how long the line is. It stays the same, which is good!
    In palmistry people who spot a curved heart line are believed to be more romantic. They also are of a more aggressive nature with love, they will demonstrate in ways to prove that they are in love.◎
    People whos palms show the straight heart line are more passive in their romance, and they are most content to be the receptor of love, tending to dwell in their love rather than wearing it out on their sleeve.
    If a person has a heart line that has a steep curve that ends below and between the middle and index finger, it is most likely that he or she has an intense sexual desire.
    If the heart line ends under the index finger, most probably the person is really choosy about who they want to go out with. ◎
    It is uncommon to see people with heart lines that end under the middle finger. People who spot this heart line are most usually consumed by their need for love. ◎◎
    People with this heart line usually have no romance, and are mostly consumed with a crude sexual drive.
    People with this heart line usually tend to be good welfare
    workers, as they have a heart for those unhappy people.
    Two or more branches show that the person has a number of different emotional sides in their nature.◎

Head line:

simply indentifies if the person is smart or not.. whether you are interested in education or not.
Pay attention! Of yours start below the index finger, it means that you have an excellent brain!! Mine does, but somehow i'm really bad at maths..
    This head line is most commonly found in a person with thinking that is simple and direct to the point.
    Most commonly found in people who thinks and give a lot of thought before taking action on anything. ◎
    Most commonly found in people who values and practice clear concentrated thinking. They are also happier when things are handled and solved practically.
    Most commonly found in people who like to create and put into use new ideas. These people tend to be more creative. ◎
    Usually found in people who are highly strung emotionally as well as intellectually.
    A forked head line indicates that the person has the ability to see more than one point of view.
    Usually found in people who have a carefree and couldn’t care less attitude. They just go about doing whatever they like, not caring about what other may think of them.

Life line:

This line does not determine how long you will live, but tells you how your lfie is: easy, relax, hard, many obstacles, etc.
If your life line has branches, that might means your life has so many obstacles, doesn't run smoothly.
  • A person who does not have a passion for life often spots a life line that runs close to the thumb.
  • A person passionate about life and who lives life to the maximum often spot a life line that is curved.
  • If the head line is more visible than that of the life line, it indicates that the person is more mentally active than physically. ◎opp
  • People who have a delicate health often have a chained life line.
  • A person with a heart for travel often has life lines that are swinging outwards.
Fate line:
In they didn't provide a detail explanationf or this. But after reading so many websites, what i understand from this is that, it determines your life goal and dreams. For example, i have a dream i wanted to watch TVXQ concert (please let's just use this as an example..).
If the fate line is thick and clear, it means that you are on the right way to reach your goal / your goal is not impossible / you can reach your goal.
But if the fate like is barely visible, it might mean the opposite.
  • Straight line
    has an independent start in life. A person who has his/her own views of the direction they would like their life to take.
  • Diagonal line
    A person who has this may be influenced by a dreamer vision they always had. It could be a model like teacher, friend, lovers, artists who might influenced their life path. A person who has this line normally a person who loves to be the yes of attention.

  • Fate line touches Life line
    When they touched, it means that the family play quite a large part in influencing the person's life path. For example, taking over the family's company for family tradition or having some kind of step up from the family or a particular family member. It can also sometimes hint at some kind of restriction as a result of family circumstances, especially if the fate line begins in a central position in the palm, only to veer across to touch the life line as it moves up the palm

Apollo line

This line determines an individual creativity, fulfilment, success, fame and fortune. Some people might not have this line in their palm, so i think it is normal to not have one. I don' have this line on my right hand but i do have one on my left..
Simply, the stronger and longer the line, the more the person attempts to use his soul’s inner expression in every aspect of his life.
The expression of the inner self naturally leads to fulfilment and contentment so that if a person asks if he will be happy with his life, the appearance of this line will tell you yes, he is happy. Not because he is lucky, but because he is looking within himself to find the true happiness which can only come from his own inner expression.

(from now on, just click on the title to see where to look for the line)
Marriage line:
if you see the side of your palm next to your right finger, you will see some lines on it. This line according to my sensei is the number of person you will love, but to a website it is sth that i still don't understand but they told us to not realy on that lines anymore..
They also mentioned these.
That line is the realtionship of our partner and ourselves, how close they are etc.
  • The longer the line, the longer that person stays in your life, and can be considered to provide back up and support for you for at least the length of time the line remains.
  • The closer the influence line appears to the life line, the closer the relationship. Therefore if a line runs very closely to the life line, it indicates a relationship such as a close partner. Any lines appearing further away from the life line may represent close ties with parents, grandparents, etc.
Mine one is VERY long.. so i'm ichizu and i'll love my partner deeply. WOW.

Those are the major lines that i think i should post in here. There are many more but i'm to lazy to post it and summarize it since the posting system in blogspot is a bit annoying. You know how when you insert a pic, it ended up at the top and u gotta bring it down... it's really annoying.

Anyway, just to go this website:

だから、 私にあなたの妻になる!teehee~


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