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Sunday, September 20, 2009

GYAH!! Please be mine!

It's been pretty long since i have followed TVXQ news.. i've been searching news about JaeBum more than them.. lol

Anyway, and i saw their previous videos like Stand By You, Doushite, Share The World..
Now i am eager to see their new song!! Of course all five of em.. I haven't listened to Melody and Harmony yet.. i only listen for the 1st 1 minute and i closed it.. hahaha

the guy who thinks that the guy in the pic below is him..

Would you please gather up with your member mates and start producing a new ballad song? I'm missing you guys!!
and please make sure it is a ballad song that will sway my sister.. since i still need to convince her that you guys are GOOD, like extremely good!
Both of us, fighting!

missJacQk who rants too much in this blog.


Hinasan said...

it seems like you are having a hard time with your sister!

Anonymous said...

You should watch the video till the end! Don't stop!

ilovejaebum said...

Gosh.. i love TVXQ's songs!

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