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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yup, at least he does wish to come back.
All we have to do now is just to make all those bashers stop.. haha
and i'm sure all of u ppl have read the post made by his.. cousin?
here's the link, cbf copy paste it here.


Here are my thoughts:

In the car I asked my daughter who is the same age as Jaebum Yuri! What does ‘Korea is gay’ mean?” “It means that Korea is stupid or annoying, we say it when we’re tired or annoyed”.

Even when my daughter and I fought when she went through her teenage years, she used the word ‘hate’ a lot. “Dad i hate you!” Just because she said that would i have to kick her out of the house?

During that time, I believe that Jaebum did not understand the Korean culture, and had a hard time adjusting, while the people who translated what Jaebum said on his Myspace translated in a very wrong way because they don’t know that that is just how teenagers speak in America.

At last! Someone said this! Those bashers (is this how i'm supposed to refer them as?) don't know that that is how American teenagers speak, those FOBS!
These fobs are like me as well.. lol
i mean like, my sis sometimes say that 'JaeJoong is gay', and i exploded as well bcus she said it pretty often.
Then she told me that it is bcus she's annoyed i kept on showering her with all these TVXQ videos while she's working in the office.. lol

Anyways, i'm glad to hear that JaeBum is healthy and happy!! yayy!

On 12th September, Mr. Kim and JaeBum's family had dinner together and he comforted JaeBum. And this was a photo they took together with JaeBum on the right and Mr Kim's son Kim JeongHoon on the left.


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