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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm talking abt publishing YOUR blog to your friends, not the world..
I mean like, sometimes ur blogs contain stuff that u should not mentioned, yet u gotta keep ur image..
I think i did mentioned in my previous blog abt how my friend published her blog link in our facebook, and all i read in there are mocking people.
oh and an update, she was mocking abt this high school friend.
and the next time i met my high school friends, they told me that those two are fighting.. lol
oh well.. Erin, u gotta learn from this.

Yes i did too in this blog, but mine one is more to private, i don't mind people reading it tho~ i mean ppl that i don't know and they don't know me either.. hehehe


Aya said...

well i think it really depends.. since you know.. maybe like your blog when you rant about your friends.. If they saw it, you are gonna be in a big trouble. But keeping it private is good too ;)

missJacQk said...

yeah.. i don't mind ifmy friends found it by chance or sth, but i'd HATE it so much if they're gonna gossips abt things.. i really hate those kinds of ppl..

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