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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The question is just as written on the title.

Talking about vacation means that we can gain some relaxment and fun, excitement, etc..

Here are roughly the list of famous male group idols in Korea:
( + my opinion)

Who wouldn't want to spend holidays with them?
They are the most wanted boys!

Most people would sacrifice to be able to enjoy a vacation with them.

I would love to spend my holidays with them, BUT i think TVXQ is the type where you have to be close to them to be able to enjoy your vacation. I mean, yeah, some people would say,
"Oh, just being with them is a happiness for me. I'll enjoy my whole vacation."

Yeah.. Just by staring at
I want a vacation where i can enjoy everything with whoever i am going with.
But if you were close with them, i guarantee 100% your holiday will be fun.

2. Big Bang
Spending holidays with them..... Yes...?
TaeYang and Gdragon seems a hard person to be approached.
Gdragon is always shy whenever he is off stage (kinda).
TaeYang seems quiet too, even though i know he actually talks alot. But he talks less with the people he just met.

SeungRi, due to his "look only at me"-byong (disease), i think he will always talk to you NON STOP. He is very talkactive too.

DaeSung, he'll by shy at the beginning. He might talk with you but not alot like he does in family outing. Remember the first couple of
episodes, he was pretty quiet.

TOP. He's a dork, and i am sure you can approach him by talking often with him.. hahaha
I don't think you will enjoy a vacation with them unless you are close with them though.. pretty much the same like TVXQ. They seemed to be more distant than TVXQ.

3. 2PM
I really really want to spend my vacation with them.
I know that it would be fun spending times with them.
No matter if you just knew them or not, i don't think hey will leave you alone.
They will always drags you along everywhere and having fun. These boys are the best.

They can make you laugh non-stop, jokes around, pranking, etc.

4. Super Junior
I think if you have more member in a group it would be fun..? hahaha
Like usual, you have to be close to them first.

But i think the people that won't leave you alone is HeeChul, HanKyung, DongHae, and SungMin (The girls attention seekers).

I think as you get to know those 4 people, the rest aren't impossible.
You can see how they get along with Anya and Eva in Full House really fast.

5. SHINee
These people.. Yes.
They are pretty much around my age, so it would be fine.

Key and MinHo are the same age as me, which makes Onew and JongHyun older than me, and TaeMin younger than me.

Spending time with them will be hot and tiring at the same time.

hot because of JongHyun. He treats girl really well, so i'm sure you will feel that your cheek are hot anytime you are near him.

tiring because of the rest of the boys. You know boys around my age, they still need to be taken care of. Maybe not really for this boys, but i'm sure t
hey still DO.
I guess MinHo is the only one who would lend a helping hand. T
aeMin, you can order him around.. MWAHAHAHA

Onew.. not sure..
Key.. This guy is the last guy you want to deal with to make him help you. haha
he will do sth in his own way.
But spending holidays with them would be great.

6. 2AM
I kinda doubt going with these boys.
I don't really know them, but i guess i would.
Jokwon is amazingly crazy ad funny.

The rests, they are all influenced by Jokwon, so their level of craziness should be near to Jokwon.. haha

But i think i want to!

7. FT Island
I don't really know them.

Maybe fans who know them will want to.

Deciding on what i've seen so far, i don't want to.

These boys might look more outgoing and easygoing than TVXQ or Big Bang, but they might actually be cold.

They are the boys who are in their own world.. or so i think..

8. SS501

I don't know them AT ALL.

HyunJoong.. Since he is JaeJoong and TOP friend, and i've watch him in we got married, he is FUNNY.
The rests, i am sure they are fun as i've watched them in WGM, but i still don't want to spend it with them.. sorry..

Oh well, let's just go to the conclusion straight away.
1st place goes to....







2. SHINee

4. 2AM

5. FT island
6. Super Junior
7. ss501
8. Big Bang

Big Bang is the hardest to approach.
I can't really express why, but my instinct say so.. haha

But it would be the best if 2PM and 2AM are combined. it would be the greatest vacation EVER!
Remember, this is just MY OPINION.


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