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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Late post

actually meant to be written like 3 days ago.. but since my internet was REALLLYYYY slow at that time, i can't help but to just post it now.

I cut myself!!! as in my pinky finger..
I was trying to open a pack with a bread knife (bcus it's really sharp and it cuts really well), and i accidentally slice my finger too! It's only a little wound but it's pretty deep.. I tried to take a pic of it but i can't see anything but a small red dot. U can't see how deep the wound is...
Anyway, i'll still post it:

Oh and i'm sorry for my face expression, trying to send this pic to my sis and whine abt it.. lol

So my friend, C, she came over to my house, or to be exact, sleep over..
Me and her are cooking tonight's dinner. We made these:
- ayam gule (Indonesian curry chicken)
- chicken (it's her speciality)
- Korean spicy stir fry squid.

Well.. it turns out pretty good... except for the ayam gule that she maseh... =_='
Oh and the chicken that she made.. i was so shocked with the fact that she cooked it with 3/4 L of Coke!!! I'm like WTF!!!
Coke is not healthy.. and she cook it with that.. i can understand if it is with wine..
Even so.. it tasted wonderful!
Here are the pictures!!! Excuse my low quality phone camera... i'm still saving to buy a camera.. hehe

left: ayam gule
right: chicken + coke
bottom: spicy squid

The spicy squid that i am making is exactly the same as Hyori's cooking in Family Outing, except that i didn't put much veggies in it..
i didn't seek for the recipe, all i do was watch what she put and tried it.. it turned out similar.. yey!
So here's the recipe...

Hyori's Family Outing trademark dish!

- 2 tbs gochujang
- onion
- spring onion ( cut it diagonally)
- chilli powder (up to your taste, i like it spicy so i put heaps. lol)
- 1 tsp sugar
- 1 tbs soy sauce ( i use Kikkoman)
- 1 carrot (slice thinly)
- small bowl
- spoon..
- oil (if u want to)

1. in a small bowl, mix gochujang + soy sauce + chilli power + sugar together.
2. Heat the frying pan, and wait until it is hot (if you put a spring onion, it would sizzle)
3. When it is hot, put the spring onion and sizzle it for a while.
4. add squid, stir fry for a while
5. add carrots + onion and other veggies that you want, quickly pour (1) into it as well.
6. stir fry for a while (not too long because the squid will be hard)
7. and done!

I'm not a pro in giving recipe, so yeah.. just ask.
if you want to post this somewhere, better credit it even though i know saying this will me useless....


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