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Sunday, September 20, 2009

I haven't gone back to my hometown for the whole 3 years since i came to Australia..
Sucks eh? I know.. =.='
Oh well.. there are just too many things going on.. f u!

So i was browsing through some blogs in blogspot and i found this interesting blog.

Pretty much.. She's introducing heaps o
f Indonesian snacks, restaurants, and foods which i already know.. and resulting me in a dilemma.. haha

Oh and Selby, thank you so much for posting up so many pictures and infos about indo foods.. i'm missing it so much!! It's a really good blog for Indonesian who are overseas, like MOI! hehe..
and yea.. it will be good if you could give some more recipes so i can make the foods here, i'm officially a PRETTY good cook.. lol

and ppl, please oh please.. don't be decieved by the look
of it... the food are amazingly superbly wonderfully heavenly tasted like HEAVEN!


Gwah.. i have to start paying attention to my
swear words, capital letter, short-terms, and grammar in my posts.. blah!
cbf to screw around with it tho~

For my sakes! I hate GRAMMARS!!!

That's my major enemy in my whole world, after cockroach.. tee-hee~

i don't care e e e e e if it is grammar in english, jap, korean, thai or wtv it is.. grammars just pissed the heck out of me..
But when i'm learning japanese, particle pissed the heck
out of moi!
Korean.. oh well.. there are just too many vocabs to learn, yet the sentense SPO are so complicated..

So who's here with me? WE HATE GRAMMARS!


Moving on to the stuff i'm doing yday with my friend who ca
me over from SYD.

First of all, I'M SO SORRY MY FRIEND!

cus we didn't plan where to go so yea.. it's abit of a mess.. hehe but i'm sure it's a good experience for u~
Here are the funny quotes by my friend:

1. We were eating in Ying Thai, Lygon, and we ordered that minced me
at with basil. Like the picture below.

WHile my friend innocently asked,
"Ini oncom ya?"
which if being translated becomes, "Is this oncom??"
Oncom is the food on the right, it's an Indonesian food.
You guys might not find it funny but it's brings a big laugh to us.... ok, LOL.

In Melbourne, we have this new tram, where
the seats are folded. You gotta pull it down to seat on it, and my friend was like, "Can i seat??"
We were all laughed at him, i mean.. come on.. obviously u can seat on it, why not??

3. He was calling with his dad, telling him how to buy the tram tickets, he was like:
"Beli tiketnya di atas tram, koinnya kasi aja ke drivernya."
"Just go and
buy the ticket on TOP of the tram, and pay it to the tram driver."
That really was silly! I mean, there's nothing on top of the tram but a cable.. and we gotta buy the ticket on a machine provided in the tram.. lol at this friend of mine..


imlovinitparaqpapapa said...


That was a really good laugh!!!
Your friend's 3rd quote.. gosh.. that was funny as heck!

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Anonymous said...

drop by to read about tvxq palmistry. and found out that u are indonesian too! lol

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