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Monday, September 7, 2009

2PM JaeBum quits?! Why?!


Hell No!

Why the fuck are u quitting?!

even though i am not your big fan, but i just still find this wrong.. i do enjoy watching u on TV, u did a good job and i know u love doing this job!

Is it just bcus of the antis?
or bcus u think that ur comment was so bad to the point that you have to quit??

What's with ur 4 years worth of training now?!?!?! I hope u'll come back..

Why are u going back to Seattle so soon for?
Is it bcus the staff has predicted that u might have get antis attack?

fuck those antis!

k, i'll say sth bad abt koreans now. i just think that 'korean antifans' are just a bit too much.
I thought the world is democratic (in some part), so i can voice out my opinion right? But if i do, i'll get bashed and everything..

The thing is..
if someone said sth bad about ur country.. i know some will be mad and some won't care.. but to the people who are mad:

are you really mad bcus u love ur country?
or u just do ur obligation as a resident of ur country?
or u just want to create sensation?

ok. this might creates war in internet. so i'll stop my opinions here.. ;)
i'm normally a peaceful person.. what.. lol

Maybe saying that 'korean is gay' really put ur career down.. but what's 2pm without JaeBum?
I mean.. really!

Ok, since i am the master of blaming someone, let me blame the fans who exposed those comments!!

See. there are 3 probabilities.. it might be the fans or the antis or the friend.
I mean who else would spend their time reading through the whole comments till 4 years ago..? fans? possible.
antis? possible.
friends? possible.

Fans - i know you might say that fans are loyal and everything, it's impossible blablabla.. but heck no!
For example, if you found those comments and you know it's going to be a big hit around the world, wouldn't you be tempted to post that?

If i were that person and i did post it, i would feel extremnely bad.. i mean.. maybe i did gain popularity and my post became famous but i ruined someone's career and life..

Antis - i don't think i can post anything about this anymore.. i mean.. what can i say abt antis? it's already obvious of what to say abt them..?
But i really can't believe antis would go that far.. maybe not as far as what happenned to YunHo (the drink accident), but it is still bad.. oh well.. i guess i could only wait till these antis die and i'll laugh seeing them being tortured in hell.. ohh what a moment.. and of course i just want to see not actually see 'it' when i died.. =.='

friend - betrayal...? isn't this the same case as 'fans'? Nothing could've been more hurt than being betrayed by friends.. even tho i dont have those experiences.
If i were JaeBum.. I might say, "oh yeah.. i forgive them blablabla.." but when i found who's the person.. i will so beat them up to death.. like what happenned to my stolen wallet ;) (tho i havent found the culprit in my workplace yet..)

All i could hope is that JaeBum will just take this as a 'break', i'm hoping that he would come back.
All the best for you..


Jae-bum Fan~ said...

totally agree :) Jae's quitting too soon, if he gives up this quickly, he shouldnt have been the leader of 2PM from the beginning. But he has such a vast amount of talent that he shouldnt forfeit the battle so easily. If he was forcefully told to quit, thats another story... but hopefully he'll have the courage to find his place in the entertainment industry again, because it's where he belongs and what he's good at. There will always be trouble as a celebrity, but after overcoming this obstacle, he can stand back up again and do his best one more. Hardships will come and go, but he'll definitely mature from them!

Anonymous said...

THE KOREAN NETIZENS ARE SO UNREASONABLE! THERE JUST GO TOO FAR! to the point where they started a "jaebum should sucide" petition!

WHAT IS THIS? im surpised that they can even do that. Even though jaebum did write those things on his myspace it was written 4 years ago! think about it! ALOT CAN CHANGE IN 4 YEARS! jaebum i feel really angery for you!

i do not like the way they are treating you this is bullying! cyber bullying! IM SO FRUSTRATED!

please dont leave 2pm Park Jaebeom! T__________T

ilovejaebum said...

i posted my opinion baout this post in 2oneday forum, just have a look at it. I'm too lazy to copy paste it here.. haha

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