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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If JaeBum comes back..

Have you guys actually think about this?
All the fans have only been whinning and requesting to let JaeBum come back..
But have you guys think what are the consenquences?

Remember, NETIZENS. Some netizens are obviously an antifans.
These crazy anti fans, won't only bash the artists onthe net but also in real life.

Have you actually thought the possibility of JaeBum being bashed by them?

Even more than 10000 people forgive him, the 5000 people who won't forgive him might consists of these crazy antifans.

If JaeBum comes back, i know we all will be happy.. but i am asure he won't feel safe and he won't totally be happy.
He will b
e haunted by his fear of antifans.
When i was talking about JaeBum's case to my sis, she told me that if my bro or any of our family member was a Korean star, my parents or family would ask him to quickly comes back to us, not staying in Korea any longer. It might put his life in danger. I know that i might be very hyperbolic in here, but it's the reality.
What if your siblings are in JaeBum's shoes? Would you tell them to stay and fight the antifans/netizens?

If you are trying to say, "SNSD can overcome their antifans, why JaeBum can't?"
Ohmyemtothegee.. these two are different matters...
Why SNSD got antifans?
- Tiffany's bad behavior
- they are close with TVXQ, SuJu, SHINee, etc etc..

While JaeBum's is where he said that he doesn't like Koreans (or so i interpreted it as). I know that it was from 4 years ago. And i know that he was still a brat. and I DID FORGIVE HIM. read my previous post.

Anyway, Let's look back at some previous horrific cases happenned bcus of Netizens. Not only netizens, ANTIFANS. (some Netizens are part of antifans too..)

Remember the drink accident? A 17 year old antifan gave him the posion? She mixed a bottle of juice with super glue and give it to YunHo.
She pretends to be his fans and gave the juice directly to him (backstage?).
Good thing is that YunHo quickly spit it out before he drank it down his throat.
Even so, he still being sent to the hospital.
If YunHo actually drank it, the super glue will stuck on his throat and he won't be able to breath. Death is just minutes away from him.
But thank God, he's safe.
I am sure this creates a trauma on him.

Comedian No HongChul.
I don't know if you guys have heard of his stories before. He was attacked by a man (which i am sure is an antifans) who carried a knife, in front of his apartment.

The man waited for No to return home before assaulting him. No, who sustained a cut to his left ear, was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The motive behind the attack hasn’t been established. I’m betting the dude is just crazy; there are loads of people like this out there.

Not only that, he also has another experience. He was going down the elevator of his apartment where a resident enters the elevator as well. All of a sudden, the guy just punch and kick him a few times. When HongChul asked him why he did that, the guy simply answered because HongChul's face annoys the heck out of him.

g.o.d member Yoon Kye Sang's mother g.o.d. member Yoon Kye-sang received a poisoned drink. While he didn’t drink it, his mother helped herself to it and was subsequently taken to the hospital to get her stomach pumped.

Yoon EunHye
An anti-fan shot Yoon Eun-hye in the eye with soy sauce and vinegar during her Baby VOX days. It resulted to a scratched cornea.

Super Junior's KangIn's fan

The girl who appeared in Star King, showing her amazing lose weight. She took a picture with Kangin putting his arm around her shoulder, cause the netizens to get jealous. The netizens bashed her constantly to the point she decided to suicide.

Now, considering all of these, wouldn't you think the possibility of JaeBum getting bashed is pretty high?
5000 haters is not a small amount even if you compare it to the 10000+++ fans. 500o is big enough.
If you think that the fans would protect the artist from their antifans, let me ask, HOW?
Even if it comes out from the fans' mouth, i don't think they will do it.

All in all, I THINK, the possibility of JaeBum coming back is low.
Considering the antifans, etc.
Moral? Maybe to some ppl.
Group? sigh.. idk.

Remember that this is just my opinion.
We better just wait until JYP voices his decision..
And i hope JaeBum won't read this blog, it would only saddens him even more.. haha T^T


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add that the man that attacked No Hong Chul with a knife was suffering from schizophrenia.

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