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Monday, September 7, 2009


K, so this happenned yday.
I was chatting with my sis, talking abt what i was doing last Sat, and i told her that i was hanging out with my HS friends back in Indo.
Well.. technically.. NO.. I did go with my HS friends but some of their friends too.
And there is this one guy that i found the most OK one out of all the Indo boys i've met.. not exactly.. but yeah..
I just think that he is OK when i was talking to my sis..
So i show his fb to my sis.
My sis said that he is not 'that' good looking.. he's like abang" cina. Which if i tried to translate in english would take me 5 paragraphs. So search those words in google, k?

While i'm talking to her, i would log into my fb and reply some post as well, i was replying to his post telling me that he would beat my score in guitar.
and 2 minutes later, i recieved a message from him in my inbox.
He asked me about my friend who came along that day.. and from the way he asked me, i have a feeling that he likes her..

oh and he's not exactly my 'crush'.
He is just my interest. I just don't know how to put it in english. soz.
peace YO!


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