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Friday, October 1, 2010



Yay to me!

It's called Hakuouki (click here for official site)

How did i came across this anime?
Well i was browsing the Otome Games forum and there's a thread for Hakuouki. Yes, it is a game. But later they make an anime. So no manga.

Did you play the game?
Nope. Since there's no english translation. With my currnet Japanese, i'm sure i'll be struggling alot to understand even a line XD

Did you watch the anime?
YES. I am currently watching it while I'm typing this (i paused it). I only watched it until ep 3 so far.
This is no average anime you girls normally watch. It's a bit of a shonnen, but the ppl who enjoyed it will be shoujo since all the characters are bishies. But i guarantee not ALL shoujo will like it.. Since..

umm.. the plot is kinda boring for girls who just like to all GAGA over bishies and romantic scenes. It's all about Samurai. I'm just saying but i'm the type who pratically enjoy all kind of drama so even if it is boring, i'll keep on watching it till the end as long as there are many good looking boys.. hahaha
and this anime does! If it doesn't, i might just leave it.. But for those girls who preferred bishies and good plot, i suggest you to just look at the pictures and play the games but not watch the anime.

I'm kinda lazy to post the boys pictures here, so i'll just give you the link to the game trailer and the anime.


I'm kinda confused as well as how in games it is set in modern time while in Anime it's in the Edo. I think the story tells about how they can go to the past again or sth?? I'm not sureee!!
I'm not sure either whether the plot is the same. Or it's the 2nd season fo the game. I'll check it again.

The guy that i like if you watch the game SSL one is 0:16 aka Saitou Hajime
but the guy at 0:20 is not bad either.

Here's Saitou Hajime:

Okay! I'm off to watch this again and going all gaga to Hajime-sama! :P


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