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Thursday, September 30, 2010

oh wtf?! not this again...




and again...

너에게 자꾸 돌아가 왜 그런지 몰라 왜 그런지 몰라...??

okay stop.

SHINee is coming to Indonesia!!!
Along with Son Ho young and other artists..

Seriously, why does this kind of thing has to happen to me again..?
Last time it was TVXQ and now SHINee????????
How unlucky can i be..?

Well it's not like i can go back to Indonesia on the 12th.. since i'll be in the middle of my romantic date with my piling up assignments... T^T

This made me think.. okay.. so.. I'm gonna complain...
My friend's lil sis is soon to debut as an artist in Korea (she plays guitar)..

I'll be lying if i said i didn't expect anything from her..
I'll be honest and said that how i hope she would at least know TVXQ or SHINee.

But to be honest again, i really am wishing the best of luck to her. because competition being an idol right now is very fierce. It's like there's no more space for you to become 'that' famous.

So far, all i know is that she met CN Blue.
Apparently when CN Blue met her, all of them bowed to her!
I'm like.. W H A T... she's younger than them and moreover they are the senior.
Later CN Blue said because there are not many girl guitarist in Korea music industry so yea.. they kinda respect her.
It's funny and cute in a way.
I don't really knowmuch about CN Blue.
I only know their song 'love', Yonghwa being in BBF and WGM with Seohyun..

Sigh... can't it be SHINee T^T

oh well oh well.. i shoud stop this kind of thinking now.. not gd for my brain development. :D


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