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Monday, October 18, 2010


Yup another manga recommendation.

Shiki (Corpse Demon)
This series is about a village with a population of about 1300 people, and during one fiercely hot summer, many mysterious incidents happened one after another...

Shiki is based on a best-selling horror novel by Ono Fuyumi. Fans may know of her other novels such as Twelve Kingdoms (which has been animated) and Ghost Hunt (adapted as both a shoujo manga and anime). Fujisaki Ryuu is a long-time JUMP mangaka of series such as Houshin Engi (recently released by Viz), and Waqwaq, both of which ran in WJ.

First thing first, the people who are most likely interested in this manga is shonen. Shoujo maybe, but gotta be the type who loves mystery.

Ok let's do it the easy way. If you think you can watch it after seeing the picture below, then it's okay.



not THAT scary right?

Score: 8/10 mainly bcs of the plot.

I really like the plot, maybe because i read all 32 chapters in a day. But it really digs out your curiousity and makes you kept on guessing on the mystery.
There is no much thing i can comment on the plot since idk why why i just can't =_=
Well i can't really tell you guys on what this manga is about whether it's about magician, werewolves, vampires etc, bcus that's pretty much spoiling the story and the whole mystery.

There are alot of characters in here.. because it's a story taken place in a small village with a population of only 1003 (?).
So they introduced the villagers one by one. I doubt that they will show you all 1003, maybe just the important ones.
And there are 2 main heroes. They are both boys :D

my fav!! kyaa kyaa kyaa!!!

The doctor (above) and a boy (below right)
Tooru my 2nd fav! KYAAA!

I do think that they are cool but i'm liking the boy's friend aka Tooru (above left) better. He's too good to die!! ARGH!

Not good.. not crap... it's okay.
The sketch is pretty simple.
But there are some graphic drawings in it. It's not THAT graphic or scary compared to Parasyte.
Like.. urgh.. even at the very very beginning.. there was a drawing of a fly flying (duh..) and landed right on the eyeball of a corpse. I'm like WTF! It's disgusting! (i'm the type who imagine things to reality)
so here here here if you want to see.

I DO NOT recommend you guys to watch the anime. It's on hiatus at the moment i think.
But i tried watching the 1st episodes.. and i cant stand the drawing.. ask why?
The girl's hair is PINK, the boy's PURPLE, etc etc.. those colorful anime hair.. i just cant stand it.
And it was kinda meehhh.. when you watch the anime. I guess manga is better.

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