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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

JYJ's fate?

It's been quite a while since the last time i posted things abt Kpop.
and of course, after so long, the first thing i'm going to write about is my fav, Jaejoong~~!! but it's not gonna be a good post.

So this afternoon i saw the release of JYJ's new album in Allkpop..
Their collaboration with Kanye West..
I'm not gonna say anything about Kanye West since the only impression i have on him is him being a bastard to Taylor Swift, but i gotta admit he has talent.


I've had enough of all these TVXQ and SM contract problem. EVERY single article about them is always about this issues and it really is not making me happy..

I want the old TVXQ back, damnit!

I'm not their hater, they are my fav kpop group, like.. seriously.
I mean, no matter how much you like a person, doesn't mean you gotta always agree and compliment them right?

So as much as i love TVXQ, let me complain on two stuff:

What the hell with that get up?!?!?!
I know that you guys are trying to revert to a new self / changing.. but this is just.. a NO.


*clears throat*

Except for that one..

Anyway, is this the image that you guys have always wanted to potray all these years? I mean, come on.. There are an extent at which you can/cannot pull off a look. Well you guys did well in pulling out this look, but this is just not it!

I think this is because i've stuck with your past images of a ballad singer.. but.. T_T

2. SM vs JYJ

This is one of the biggest thing that i want to complain about.

The first time i heard about this issue, i was really pissed at SM. I mean like they really are overworking TVXQ and not giving them much of a freedom.


After understanding more of SM, i now understand the reason why they are doing so.

Ok, so SM has spent a lot of money for TVXQ before and during their debut time, and TVXQ does not have to pay for almost anything like: plane tickets, accomodations..
So the only way for SM to get a return on their assets is by taking it from TVXQ sales. 
You should be thankful enough that they are also giving TVXQ enough money from their album sales solely.

I know it's too much how they took 90% of the sales and 10% for TVXQ, but come on.. TVXQ fanbase is ridiculously BIG BIG BIG! 
Do the math!

800,000+ and one CD costs like $40 or more.. times those and take 90% off, then divided by 5

It is still a big amount! Big enough to feed you for 3 years at least..

I know as a human, you won't be able to handle that kind of crazy working hours, but this is to maintain your popularity.
More popularity = more album sales = more profit.
Popularity is vital for every singer, no?
Sometimes the manager is abit harsh like Hankyung's story about when he was in hospital.

I'm sure JYJ has been holding back these few years to get out of SM and seek freedom in their career and they've waited until the right moment.
What is their 'right' moment? 
Until they have a solid fanbase, which they did!
See, even though they are now separated, JYJ still can maintain 'normal' activities. They can even reach their international fan better.

To me, the reason why SM has never let Jaejoong or Yoochun to lead in a drama is because of their lack in acting.
Jaejoong in Sunao ni narenakute: he did well but not awesome, for someone who got a high expectation from his fans. 
You guys may have think that alot of people has praised his acting but there are some who does not think so, and i am one of them.
Being a fan i am, i actually watched the drama until ep 6 but i stopped since it's kinda boring.. and Jaejoong's acting is not as i have expected.

Yoochun in Sungkyungkwan Scandal: He did well too but not much of an expression. Alot of people are disappointed in his acting.
I'm sure SM does plan on making them debut as an artist, but they are not ripe YET.

Admit it, SM really does make EVERY EACH of their artist famous. Take note of TVXQ, SHINee, Super Junior, SNSD, F(x).
Majority of the famous ones are them, TRAX now has slowly entering the limelight too.

sigh.. i've only typed up that much but my fingers are tired..

At least i've voiced out half of my complain and i feel a lot of better now.

Some of you might hate me for what i've said but.. i don't care anymore since it is my opinion.
Do not worry, i am still supporting them.

fuck off you bitch! after all you said you wanted to support them? we don't need you to support them!

If that's what you are thinking to say to me, then i'll reply: who are you to decide for me? i have the freedom to choose whether to support them or not. =p

Rice has already turn into gruel, there's no way of turning it back into rice now.
but yeah, i'll still support TVXQ and i hope one day they will stand on the stage as 5 again :D

How many times have i told you guys that i'll come to Korea and i'll beone of ur concert's audience?? and is this your answer? can' even wait? sigh!!!!!!
oh well it's not like they knew about this =p


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